Is The Callisto Protocol Cross Platform? (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox)

Is Callisto Protocol Cross Platform

If you are a spooky and horror games fan, then you would love the new Callisto Protocol, an upcoming game from Striking Distance Studios. The game was first revealed in 2020, but since then, Schofield has started to lead a unique team of designers and developers who would craft a new horrifying gaming experience.

Earlier, the game was tied with the popular battle royale mythos of PUBG, but now, this is no longer the issue. Instead, the project is now a stand-alone one in its own sphere.

Callisto Protocol will be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC. It is also said that the game will be released on the last-generation system of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Callisto Protocol is the epitome of perfect violence and terror in the game. The game has gone gold and will be available for playing in December 2 2022 without any days.

This means that apart from general fixes and bugs, the game is done with all its development and is wrapped up for release.

As a third-person game, you will experience combat and a story similar to many Dead Space Franchise Games, which we also expected from the creative Glen, who loves preparing such games.

You will play the game as a protagonist Jacob Lee, who will find the core of the issue. The issue is; that on Callisto (a moon of Jupiter), an infection mutates the humans living there and turns them into monsters called the Biophage.

These monsters can be dismembered, but they change attack strategies as they lose limbs, so; you will have to be extra careful while being in combat with them.

This realistic game is going to scare and excite you to the extent that you will remember it for ages. But, when we talk about Callisto Protocol, the question arises of whether the Callisto Protocol Cross Platform exists or not.

Is The Callisto Protocol Cross Platform?

This game is an RPG; you can play it in the third-person from the Striking Distance Studio, which Glen Schofield leads. The good news for all of you is that Callisto Protocol is a cross platform game that allows you to enjoy it with your friends on different devices.

Callisto Protocol gameplay image

Since the game is available only on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC, you and your friends need to have these systems to enjoy the game together. But, the drawback of this cross platform support is that the game doesn’t save as a whole.

This means that you and your friends can’t save the game in multiplayer together, and you will have to do it separately on your systems.

But, we can hope that with the game’s release, the new updates and versions will allow us to cross-platform save. But until then, you should be happy that the game offers a cross play platform.

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Final Verdict:

Now that you have a lot of information on the newest horror game Callisto Protocol, you can prepare for the game, as it will be released in just a few days. We also discussed the development process and what we will get from the game.

Now, there is something for you to look forward to, especially if you are into horror and RPG games. And what fun will it be to play with friends!

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