Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform In 2024? (PC, Xbox, PS4)

Red Dead Online Cross Platform

Rockstar Studios is one of the most iconic and biggest gaming studios right now. They are responsible for the Grand Theft Auto series that doesn’t need any introduction. It’s an iconic gaming franchise and probably the most successful one.

Not only GTA but Red Dead Redemption is also a franchise developed by Rockstar Studios. The prequel Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2019 and was met with huge critical acclaim instantly. Most of the praise was directed towards its gameplay, story, map designs, and highly detailed graphics.

Set in the 1899 American Wild West era, Red Dead Redemption 2 follows Arthur Morgan, a fugitive outlaw who makes his way through the world by robbing banks and setting up heists. It’s a GTA game but set in the 19th century, and there are horses instead of cars.

Following the success of Red dead redemption 2, Rockstar introduced Red Dead Online, which is the multiplayer mode where players can interact and join other players to perform heists.

Red Dead Online is the best experience you can have with friends. Hop on your horses and wreak havoc across the town; there are also law enforcement AI that can be a major pain for your crew.

All in all, it’s good fun but does Red Dead Online support Cross platform? Because if it doesn’t, then there is going to be some issues for people who want to play with friends, but they are on different platforms.

Is Red Dead Online Cross Platform In 2024?

Well, to be the bearer of bad news, Red Dead Online does not feature crossplay. It is available for download on PC, Xbox, Stadia, and Playstation. But it doesn’t matter because players are restricted to their platforms. They are unable to join other players, and this could hurt the potential of Red Dead Online

Cross platform play is often highly requested by the gaming community as it allows them to pair up with other players on different platforms.

Multiplayer games are best experienced with friends, and in most cases, Teamwork is often required, especially in PvP shooters. Red Dead Online is an open-world game that features heists, and mostly, players have to finish tasks so they can set up heists.

red dead redemption 2 online gameplay

Gamers appreciate that they are given variety and freedom to choose whatever platform they want to purchase a game. Cross platform means they don’t have to consider other options to play with their friends.

Crossplay is enabled, go for it. You can queue up with other players, and eventually, your friends can join you in doing the dirty work and terrorizing innocent citizens. But from the developers’ point of view, Crossplay can be difficult to implement, especially in a big game like this.

Technical issues can ruin anyone’s game, and if you are looking for multiple platforms on a single server, there is a major chance that incompatibility issues will arise. Unstable servers, Input lag, latency, and Network errors it’s enough to make anyone mad.

It’s a shame that Red Dead Online is lacking the only feature that can make this game even better and open up doors for new players.

However, Maybe in the future, we might get some updates because nowadays, every major gaming studio is introducing this feature to their tentpole titles. Call of Duty, Fortnite, Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, you name it. We can only hope and look forward to any update or announcement by Devs.

Will RDR Online Have Crossplay?

Looking at the current situation of Red Dead Online, I am not feeling optimistic. Despite being an amazing game, players have criticized it for having a lack of content.

Online multiplayer games need fresh content to thrive, but in the case of RDR online, things are not looking good. Developers are silent on this situation, and we have heard no announcement of any sort from them.

GTA V online suffers from the same issues too. Open World online game but no crossplay and no fresh content. It’s kind of like a pattern that I am observing.

Rockstar studios are not some indie developers. It is one of the biggest gaming studios active right now. Total powerhouse, and you have seen the proof.

RDR 2 online gameplay

GTA V is still popular even after a decade, RDR 2 was critically acclaimed and became a blockbuster success. So if we think about the possibilities, it’s either that Rockstar studios are not interested or they are having financial/technical issues ( which seems highly unlikely ); another guess could be that they are developing a new installment for the grand theft auto series and they are knee-deep in intense production.

It could be any of those reasons, but right now, if I were to give an honest and firm answer, that would be straight no. RDR online may not see crossplay ever. It is hopeless and Grim, but the way things are right now, it is safe to not get your hopes up.

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Final Verdict:

Rockstar studios can’t stop making blockbuster video games, and we can’t stop loving it. But if Rockstar cannot provide a better multiplayer experience, I would say they should take their time before sorting out any issues.

Crossplay is a necessity, and for players who own only a single gaming device, it hurts their chances to meet with other players or create their fireteam of friends who play daily.

I hope in the future we get some updates for our friends on Red Dead Online and some fresh content that will reignite the love for the game because there is no such game like this one.

Western multiplayer with a huge open-world map and terrific graphics? I can play it all day, but without my friends, I am alone and useless. Crossplay will attract new players for sure. We need all the help we can to rob those banks and maybe, a speeding train.

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