Is Hunter Call Of The Wild Cross Platform In 2024?

Hunter Call Of The Wild Cross Platform

It is one of a kind video game that we rarely play these days. Hunter: Call of the wild pretty much gives an idea of what you are going for if you are new to this.

It is an open-world simulation game with beautiful scenery and maps to explore and find yourself becoming a better hunter as you acquire skills, weapons, and gear throughout the journey.

I can tell that this game is being overshadowed by other multiplayer titles. It is a niche but ambitious project that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is damn good.

Released not long ago in 2017, Hunter call of the wild is available for new players on platforms like PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series PS5, and PS4.

Fans who are looking forward to an immersive and thrilling hunting experience will have a blast with this game. Not only that, you can bring your friends on your hunting adventure because this game supports multiplayer. Locations are based in real-world countries like Asia, Europe, and North America.

You are tasked with the job of finding and hunting different animal species using different kinds of weapons in your arsenal. Gameplay can differ if you opt for a single-player mode, but Multiplayer is where the fun begins.

Who would miss out on an animal expedition with friends? Just make sure there is a day and night cycle in-game that can be an important variable in finding animal species.

Also, as we are talking about multiplayer gameplay with friends, I wonder if Hunter Call of the Wild supports cross platform play? You are looking for an answer too. Well, stick around and find out.

Is The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Cross Platform In 2024?

Now to the main focus of this article, the cross platform play is one of the most wanted features that every gamer looks for and demands. Studios in 2024 are releasing new games with crossplay availability because of an increasing number of gamers day by day.

People look forward to playing new games with friends, but not everyone owns multiple consoles right. Some of your friends could be using a PlayStation while you are on PC, and all of you would love to play with each other. Crossplay makes this happen, which in the case of the hunter: the call of the wild is missing.

the Hunter Call of the Wild Gameplay

Crossplay is not available in this game which is a huge disappointment. I mean, look at this game, an open-world immersive experience filled with beautiful landscapes, forests, and green terrain.

You would love to explore the land, hunting for animals with friends. But you can, and this significantly hurts the potential of this game.

Crossplay brings a lot to the table that can’t be ignored. If there is a crossplay, more people would be willing to give the game a try. Not just for the sake of playing with friends, but they will have more freedom in choosing on which platform they should play the game.

the Hunter Call of the Wild

Crossplay expands the game to a wider audience, and most people form a clan that includes players from all platforms. Next time you are looking to go on the journey, you don’t have to find or wait in queue for players; your clan got your back.

Multiplayer games often have high replay value than single-story campaign-focused games. Add the friends to your fireteam, and I can probably play that game forever. That’s the beauty of multiplayer gameplay.

Every match can turn out different; the sense of uncertainty and the unpredictable RNG for Developers makes every adventure new and fun to explore. I wish that in the future, developers can provide some updates about crossplay because this game deserves it, as far as I know.

Final Verdict:

Hunter call of the wild is such an amazing experience, and it is a game worth playing on a great display. The beautiful scenery, green landscapes, mountain terrain, and deep forest make a thrilling environment for players to go on a hunt.

It is a shame that players are separated by the no crossplay boundary, which hurts the potential of the game. Here’s to hoping that developers someday remove this barrier and let everyone enjoy the game without any worries about switching platforms.

It is a tall order, and developer side issues are quite a mess when it comes to creating a dedicated server, but who knows. Maybe one day we will find out. Till then, make friends and continue your journey, young hunter.

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