Is Black Ops 4 Cross Platform In 2024? (PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5)

Black Ops 4 Cross Platform

Call of Duty is an iconic video game franchise that needs no introduction. From FPS shooters, Veterans to new gamers, everyone is familiar with this brand of video game.

To some, Call of Duty holds nostalgic value, while other people love to play this game on a competitive level. Call of Duty’s original modern warfare trilogy was a huge success, and it is, to this date, known as one of the best gaming trilogies of all time, if not the best.

After the modern warfare trilogy, Call of Duty shifted towards Black ops with different developers at that time. The Modern Warfare side of games was developed by Infinity Ward, and the Black ops franchise started with Treyarch, who claimed that they used a different software engine to develop Black ops games mechanics and graphics.

Black ops 4 was released back in 2018 as the fifth installment in the Black Ops series. Currently, this game is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Black ops 4 lacked the single-player campaign mode, making it the first video game in Call of duty history to release without any campaign.

Instead, it features solo playable short missions based on characters’ backstory. You take the role of specialists and go through backstories in short missions. Solely focused on multiplayer PVP, Black ops introduced Blackout mode, which is a battle royale based on Black ops maps.

While the multiplayer mode is a big part of Call of duty games, it also demands cross-play, which is something every player desires and demands nowadays.

Considering this game was launched on all consoles and PC platforms except the Nintendo switch. Is there any cross-play mode in Black Ops 4, especially in blackout battle royale where players’ capacity in a single lobby is up to 100?

I wouldn’t step into the battlegrounds full of 100 players alone. I need my friends to have my back, but if they are on different platforms? Can they join you in the same lobby?

Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Cross Platform in 2024?

Cross Platform features are in high demand these days as the video game market is being saturated by battle royales and Fps shooters. People look forward to cross-platform mode with the release of any new title these days.

Because they want to play with their friends on other platforms, or they just simply want cross play for the sake of quick matchmaking and lower queueing time.

More players mean you will find a match quicker, especially if you are looking forward to playing 100 players in Battle Royale mode. Unfortunately, Black ops 4 has no availability of cross-play mode.

No compatibility means that you are stuck with Players that are playing on the same platform as yours. PC players can’t join Xbox and PS lobbies. Neither can those consoles play with each other? Everyone is limited to their platform.

bo4 multiplayer gameplay image

Most people blame the lack of cross platform compatibility on skill issues. It is true that PC players will always have an advantage over Console players in competitive games. Mouse and keyboard synergy is strong, and it develops fast-paced movements which are hard to replicate on controllers.

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Controller players will most likely suffer in a lobby filled with PC players. However, I don’t think that this reason alone is enough to justify the lack of cross-platform features.

Cross-Platform is the future of gaming, and when you have players all around the world owning every type of console, or PC, you should allow cross-platform mode, especially if your game is supported on consoles and PC alike.

The Activision account system is another reason why cross-play isn’t implemented yet in BO4. The Activision account system is linked to your system, so you are basically stuck on your platform. which is why black ops don’t allow cross-progression either.

black ops 4 annihilator gameplay

You can’t just switch to a different platform and then continue from where you left. If you switch, you are going to start your in-game progress from zero.

The potential and merits of cross-platform are huge, and they outweigh any negative points you can think of.

Sure, Making a different server so each platform player can join and play is a huge task for developers. The amount of time, resources, and focus they have to dedicate is a lot.

Call Of Duty is known for its annual release schedule, where every year, they release a new title, whether it’s from Infinity Ward or Treyarch.

So I can’t imagine them leaving the development of newer titles and instead diverting their attention to the cross-play development of an old game.

Chances for cross-play are seemingly dim, and you can only hope for the best that maybe someday devs will think to implement this feature in older games as well.

The Conclusion:

Black ops 4 is a great multiplayer experience, and the introduction of battle royale mode is just the cherry on top. You can either go for specialist story missions or jump into battle royale mode to be the last one standing.

The Call of duty franchise has grown so much in all these years. While there is no doubt people are willing to play every game, they release each year, that doesn’t mean fans of older titles should be left alone.

Imagine there is no cross-play, and just to play with friends, you have to switch your whole setup, which is quite ridiculous.

Cross-platform has a huge impact on multiplayer gaming. No one likes to ply to jump down in a sweaty PVP match alone; you always need a friend on your back.

While I respect the decision of developers to provide the same experience for everyone in-game, this still doesn’t outweigh the benefit and fun experience of cross-play alone.

Right now, there is no solid claim from developers that indicates any positive progress towards crossplay, so keep your expectations low. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

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