Is No Man’s Sky Cross Platform? (PS5, Xbox, PC)

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Being a space lover, I always look for games that allow me to traverse through the depths of the vast universe. So, entering the world of No Man’s Sky was the ultimate quench of my thirst.

It’s a huge Sci-Fi game with eighteen quintillion planets to roam around for survival; well, that’s indeed a huge number. The most interesting thing is that every planet I explore has different resources, backgrounds, and ecosystems.

The aim of the game is to reach the focal point of the galaxy, which is the center, by navigating the spacecraft. And during this journey, one can also trade required resources with Aliens.

I must say that this time Sean Murray from Hello Games has shown his fine craftsmanship. It’s like invading into an interstellar world as ‘Travelers.’

So, yes, for the time being, I feel I’m disguised as a planetary explorer in a brilliantly created universe discovering creatures, galaxies, and whatnot.

Is No Man’s Sky Cross Platform?

The major advantage of this simulator game is that I can travel in space along with my friends via various platforms.

Yes, you guessed it right, it is a cross platform game that makes it more convenient for me to explore the depths of the galaxy with my friends and family group. Instead of running on different servers for different platforms, it utilizes a single server.

image of four characters in No Man's Sky

So, now anyone can enjoy playing it on PC, PlayStation 4/5, PS and PC VR and even on Xbox One (Series S/X) and indulge themselves in discovering the enigmatic 18 quintillion planets, the vast universe, and thousands of adventurous space bodies.

It also allows to play as a single or as a multiplayer, so I just need to grab a bunch of my friends from different platforms and dive into the gigantic animated universe to meet and examine new species on different planets and interact with the aliens.

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How To Play Cross Platform In No Man’s Sky?

Well, all those who are finding difficulty in adding your buddies to play No Man’s Sky, you can follow my steps to add your gamer friends to get along in your exploration journey.

Firstly, all the players need to install the No Man’s Sky game on their respective platforms. Be it an Xbox, PlayStation 4 or 5, or Windows. Before starting, ask your friends to make sure all of them have got the updated version of the game.

how to invite friends in no man's sky

After launching, you can load a new game or play the already saved game. Next, from the main menu, click on the multiplayer option and send invites to your friends to join in and start playing.

Can You Play No Man’s Sky On Pc If You Bought It On Ps4?

I play this exploration game on my PS5, as I bought the one on it. However, to answer this in short no you can’t you use your PlayStation 4 copy of No Man’s Sky on PC.

To access the game, you ought to purchase another one separately to run the version particularly developed for your desired platform.

So, all those who have purchased No Man’s Sky on whatever device, are bound to play it on the respective one.

Is There A Co-op In No Man’s Sky?

As I mentioned, different planets have different environments, and to survive the hostile ones, you need your friends by your side. You can easily tag in with your buddies to face the encounters in various phases of the game.

I can easily invite my friend to co-op with me on my mission and communicate and share resources as well as construct the bases. Although I play in collaboration, however, the game allows me to retain the players’ progress individually.

Can I Give My Friend A Ship In No Man’s Sky?

During the game, I can share various resources with my friends. However, giving them a ship isn’t possible yet. I can trade a ship or expand it by purchasing the additional accessories but transferring them isn’t allowed in the game.

showing my ship in no man's sky

The ship can be attained by each player by purchasing it or by claiming and mending the vacant ones. So, if you are playing with your friends, you could help them in gaining the points/ currency in the game.

Final Verdict:

As I mentioned, No Man’s Sky is an engaging game that can keep a person occupied for a longer period of time.

The game has been through different fruit full changes from the developers’ end to keep it engaging and fascinating for its players.

Along with its captivating specs and gaming options, the Cross-Platform playing feature has also made it more appealing, and the group of friends can play for hours without getting bored.

I am sure; you would already be feeling the urge to enter the diverse universe of No Man’s Sky after reading my side of the story.

Don’t forget to bookmark, so you can peep through any time for information. So go ahead and start your exploration of ‘Travelers’!

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