Is Madden 23 Cross Platform? (PS5, Xbox, PC)

Is Madden 23 Cross Platform Cover

Playing with friends on Madden 23 is undoubtedly going to make your time memorable, but we don’t exactly know whether the game is cross-platform or not.

Madden 23 is an American football video game series developed by one and only EA Tiburon for EA Sports.

Some of the extra exceptional features the game added are the Field SENSE Gameplay system which turns the game into realistic and unreal graphics; thus, the whole gaming experience gets another peak.

Madden 23 gets so many positive reviews from fans and got more prominent from the feedback of some major media publishers, and brings so much respect from gamers around the globe.

The game got two versions at launch; one is the standard or the base version, and the second is the classic Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition.

It is one of the most extensive video game series in the sports category and has a huge fan base as well.

That’s why the considerable fan base wants to know the exact crossplay situation for the game so that they can play with their best friends in no time.

Is Madden 23 Cross Platform In 2024?

The answer to this question is NO! Madden 2023 doesn’t support the crossplay feature, and you cannot play the game with your friends playing from different gaming platforms.

Even though the game is available on almost six major gaming platforms, which include Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

Sports games should allow the crossplay feature at their launch because, in sports games, the more players compete, the more enjoyable gaming hours you will spend.

Likewise, the game Madden NFL 23 also lacks cross-gen support. This means there is no way players can continue their progress across the platforms.

So, if you have a PS4 and your friend has a PS5, there is no way to counter this, and you can’t play the same game on different generations of the same family of consoles with the same statistics.

In short, you can’t track the progress if you play from one console to another. You quit the game; that’s all. You can do nothing on your secondary console while playing Madden 2023.

Furthermore, the developers and EA have yet to announce this officially. Since there is nothing official, regarding you will not see any crossplay feature in the future.

Gamers already know that EA never added the crossplay to any of the previously launched Madden series, too, and the game lacks the crossplay feature every time they release it.

A quick tip to all the fans if you purchase the Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition, there is an option where you can download the game on two consoles easily.

If you have the PS4 version and you got the Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition, then you can upgrade to the PlayStation 5 easily, and the same is for the Xbox One.

If you have the Xbox One and you’ve installed the game on Xbox One, and you have purchased the Edition, then you can upgrade to the Xbox Series S or X.

So, this way, you can play the game on two different generations of consoles which is still a good deal and bad news for those who are looking to lobby up with their buddies.

How The Cross-Progression Works In Madden 23?

Right now, the game does have any cross-progression across the different gaming platforms. Your account and progress are both handled separately, so there is no way that you can track your progress on other consoles.

For people who are confused and asking about the Dual Entitlement thing, Dual Entitlement means that you can have two versions of the same game for two different generations of consoles at no additional cost or price. I’ve already cleared up this and am again clearing things up for you.

So, there is no cross-progression feature in the Madden 2023, and we can hope they may add the part in the future as there is a considerable demand for this, and it’s been so long since the series released and got no cross-platform feature.

Will Madden 24 Be Crossplay?

It’s frustrating that Madden doesn’t have the crossplay feature so far, but we hope they may add it in the future.

If we look at FPS games, the crossplay may add an advantage to PC players because of the mouse and keyboard.

But there is no real advantage for the Madden players to have the crossplay, so please look at it and hear the voice of the community, EA.

We hope this may happen regarding Madden 24 with cross-platform enabled at launch. Still, right now, after seeing the history and present, the crossplay feature will not happen anytime soon in the future for Madden 24 as well.

Final Words:

Madden 23 is an excellent game and has so many fans all around the globe, but the game lacks crossplay compatibility, and there has yet to be anything announced from the officials. 

The only way you can play with friends is by multiplayer mode, and apart from this, there is no other way you can do multiplayer matches across the gaming platforms.

That’s all about the crossplay compatibility with the Madden 2023. My guide may help in accomplishing something today.

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