Is Among Us Cross Platform? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

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Among Us is a fantastic and unique attempt at the whodunnit mystery genre. The classic mystery trope of finding a killer among your trusted ones is old, but here it feels refreshing and doesn’t come out as cliche and repetitive if you are going playing with your friends.

Originally Among Us came out in 2018, but it was until 2020 that this indie game saw a huge breakthrough and rise in popularity.

Since then, it has been one of the most popular games that people still enjoy, and in the meme culture, it has become immortal.

Among Us with Friends amplifies the experience by a significant margin. This is where the question comes along. Is Among Us cross platform? Because not everyone owns the same gaming console so a crossplay would be huge.

Is Among Us Cross Platform?

Among Us was originally released on IOS and Android platforms, and the PC version was released the following year.

Being a Co-Op multiplayer, crossplay is a must, and Yes; Among Us is one of those games that supports crossplay and allows players to queue up while being on different gaming platforms.

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This includes players on PC, Xbox series consoles, Android, IOS, and even Nintendo Switch. Crossplay helps and elevates the gaming experience with your friends, especially in a game like Among Us which relies on communication and chaotic arguments.

At the same time, everyone tries to figure out who is the impostor. Crossplay is considered a huge selling point in games nowadays because, in this age and technology, everyone has access to multiple gaming devices.

And I think the developers have done a good job covering different gaming platforms and then allowing players on those platforms to interact with each other.

Does Among Us Support Cross Save/Cross Progression?

Cross-Save or Cross Progression is entirely different from Crossplay. Some games offer both crossplay and cross-save options, and some don’t.

In the case of Among Us, it does support cross-progression. This means that any player can switch their platform of gaming, and they get to keep all the cosmetics and in-game items.

If you are buying costumes on mobile and now you want to log in to the same account on PC, you won’t have to buy those cosmetics again. However, stars bought on Nintendo Switch will stay there.

How To Enable Crossplay In Among Us?

Unlike other games, the Crossplay in Among Us is enabled by default. You cannot disable it if you want to. You can join your friends on another platform without any effort.

Invite your friends by providing them with a lobby code. Create a lobby and wait for your friends to join you.

how to play among us with friends

Make sure you are in the same region as your friends (which can be changed by clicking the icon on the bottom right). Once everyone has joined the host, you are all set to go on the murderous adventure.

However, you cannot avoid players on different gaming consoles queueing with you, so make sure your lobby is private, and you have enough players.

Can I Play Among Us With Pc And Mobile?

Among Us provides you with the opportunity to join other players on different gaming platforms, all thanks to crossplay.

Among Us Gameplay image

So yes, you can queue with people that are using PC and Mobile gaming devices. All you have to do is to make sure you are in the same region as your friends, and you are good to go. Crossplay is enabled by default in this game.

How Do I Turn On Crossplay Among Us On Pc?

Among Us does support crossplay which means you are free to play with whoever you want on your choice of gaming console.

And since Crossplay is active in Among Us from the moment you start playing this game, you don’t have to do much about it. You cannot disable it, and you also cannot select what platforms you can queue with.

Is Among Us Cross-platform Epic Games And Steam?

If you want to purchase Among Us on PC, you can either go to the Steam client store and get yourself a digital copy, or you can purchase it from Epic Games Launcher.

This does feel like the player base might be divided between these two gaming clients, but this is not the case here.

Among Us has Steam Client and Epic Games compatibility, which means you are free to join your friends on Steam Client if you are playing on Epic Games Launcher and vice versa.

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Final Verdict:

I hope this short and sweet guide helped you and cleared any tangled thoughts about crossplay. This is a superb fantastic game that allows you to crossplay with friends, and the best thing about multi-platform gameplay is that you don’t have a superior advantage over console players if you are playing on PC.

The controls are well-optimized and comfortable to use on each gaming console. The devs have done a wonderful job, and I hope they keep updating this surprise mega-hit genre-defining game in the future.

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