Is Doom Eternal Cross Platform In 2024? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Doom Eternal Cross Platform

First-person shooters are one of the most popular genres in gaming. If we look back at the history, FPS games go all the way back to the 1990s. Yeah, it’s that old, games like Quake and the Counter strike made it into the mainstream in the late 90s, but even before that, there was Doom.

Doom was first released back in 1993, and it is regarded as the originator of FPS shooters. Fast forward to the present, FPS gaming has now become the standard in multiplayer gaming.

Most Fps games are based on weapon shooting mechanics but what makes Doom so special is the pure carnage this game delivers. Guns are old school, how about you pick up the chainsaw and rip and tear those demons into pieces? That’s what doom is all about, mindless hack and slash fun.

Doom Eternal is the latest installment in the franchise, released in 2020 on various platforms such as PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox series X/s, Playstation 5, and Google Stadia.

Simple and linear gameplay is what makes Doom Eternal amazing, and no doubt it is loved by many. The soundtrack is amazing, and it captures the feel of the game.

Video games like this deserve multiplayer, after all, playing with friends amplifies the fun in any game. However, if your friends are on different platforms, can they join you?. Is Doom Eternal cross platform? Stick around and find out

Is Doom Eternal Cross Platform In 2024?

Doom Eternal, unfortunately, does not support Cross Platform play. For players who were excited to play with their friends, this is disappointing news. If you are looking forward to queueing with players on other platforms, the only option is to switch to the same platforms.

That way, you can enjoy Doom Eternal with your friends. This is not a perfect solution, I am well aware, but there aren’t many options available.

This is the major disadvantage of no crossplay support in games. Nowadays, crossplay is becoming a standard and most demanding feature in newer games.

multiplayer gameplay of doom eternal

Multiplayer gaming fans make up the majority of the gaming population, and every time there is a new multiplayer title ready to release, they are always looking forward to crossplay. And they are not wrong about that.

In most cases, Newer titles are launched on multiple platforms, so it makes sense to have crossplay available, or else there is no point in keeping the fanbase separate and limited to their platforms.

But it seems Bethesda has some other plans for their iconic franchise. They have made it quite clear that crossplay is never going to come, even in 2024. It doesn’t matter if people are demanding and requesting.

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If people were looking forward to some updates, they would be pretty disappointed. But on the positive side, maybe they are focusing on another installment? They could be developing a sequel in the meanwhile.

Crossplay is a daunting task, and it requires hard work, extra time, and financial resources to implement crossplay. This could really hinder the development of any upcoming games in the pipeline.

It seems that expecting crossplay from Doom Eternal is going to be a waste of time, and if you are willing to play with friends, the only choice you have left is to buy another copy of Doom Eternal on the same platform your friends are using

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Final Verdict:

It is true that crossplay adds so much potential to the game, and the overall benefits it brings are undeniable. Your player base will increase, matchmaking times will be considerably lower, and new players will have freedom of choice whenever they decide to purchase the game.

They can choose any platform they want without worrying about their friends. It is a major selling point of any franchise, but I have to be unbiased. I am not the kind of guy who takes sides.

Crossplay (as good as it is) is still a challenge for many developers. Not everyone has the leisure to spend more time creating universal servers for every platform. Every console has its own API and engine, which can cause huge compatibility issues for everyone.

And this is Doom we are talking about, this game does not need crossplay to be enjoyable. It is mindless bloody slashing carnage with a banger of a soundtrack?

I can go on the whole day just killing demons and rampaging through their bases. It’s all about having fun while being badass. Crossplay may never come to Doom Eternal, but you should never stop. Just Rip and tear until all is done

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