Is Battlefront 2 Cross-Platform In 2024? (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Does Battlefront 2 Support Cross Platform

Ever since the first movie was released in 1977, Star Wars has become an iconic part of pop media culture. Everyone knows what Star Wars is, even if they are not fans of movies.

Star Wars has spawned several forms of media entertainment and franchises ranging from comic books, Animated series, merchandise, Tv shows, and video games.

Battlefront 2 was released on platforms such as PC, Xbox One, and PS4. As the sequel to the 2004 Star Wars battlefront in 2017. The latest edition in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise was developed by DICE.

Battlefront 2 features epic battles between Sith and Jedi factions, just like you have seen in movies. Players can also choose to play a single-player campaign that takes them on a journey to fight against evil sith lords.

But the main focus of attraction and the topic of discussion in this article is its multiplayer mode. And there is no doubt that the hype for action shooters these days is off the charts.

Combine that with the Star Wars franchise, and boom, you have got the formula for success. A Star Wars shooter that puts you straight into the battle; I mean, it’s a dream come true for Star Wars and Video games fans.

You can invite your friends into battle with you, but before introducing your friends to this gaming franchise, you should be aware of whether or not your friends are on the same gaming platform as you are.

If they are not, then does Battlefront 2 support cross play so you can enjoy this game without any worries. After all, it’s a multiplayer third-person shooter, and we all know how much of a difference cross play can make in multiplayer PVP shooters

Is Battlefront 2 Cross Platform In 2024?

Cross platform mode is getting popular day by day, and it looks like people are demanding more games to adopt this feature. However, battlefront 2 lacks cross-platform support, so you cannot join anyone else on a different platform.

This is quite disappointing, especially when you have a game like this with big maps, planets from movies, and even the exact same scenarios where you can either join with or Jedi faction and fight in huge battlegrounds. How fun can this be if your friends join you in the same lobby.

gameplay image of star wars bf 2

This is a 2017 title that was released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so it makes sense that they didn’t have any cross-platform support on launch but fast forward to today in 2024, cross play is high in demand now.

People are expecting more and more games to release with a cross-platform feature so they can have fun with other people on different platforms.

It’s not unreasonable when you consider that most developers release their games on PC and consoles, so what’s the point of keeping your player base separated and limited to those platforms?

Developers are well aware of the fact that there is demand for cross-platform nowadays, but there are some technical issues that hinder the whole process. It’s not the matter of “what’s the point,” but it’s more of a what resources do we have to make this feature come true.

Battlefront is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox one, so considering all the players on those platforms are active, they need a single platform where every console player can play without any major difference.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crossplay

The experience should be the same, whether it’s the same server or not. PC controls differ from consoles, and unifying all players in the same battleground will be unfair. Then there comes the technical aspect of making this dream come true.

They have to create servers that are globally public for everyone to join, even in those regions where the player base is not dominant in numbers, then comes the issue of latency, geographical location ping difference, and input lag.

It’s a tough road that developers should face before taking a decision. Not only will they dedicate their time and resources to an old game, but any other newer titles in development from Studio will face delays because of lack of attention.

Latest EA and DICE games do include cross play, for example, Battlefield 2042. So cross-play isn’t off the menu unless there is confirmation from developers themselves.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crossplay – What Are The Chances?

Right now, I don’t see any chance of crossplay being introduced to this 5-year-old game. A game of this caliber and huge potential deserves this, but it doesn’t seem there will be a crossplay anytime soon.

You can only compete with people that are on the same platforms as you. Or, if you are really missing out on this game without your friends, you can shift to another platform.

Is Battlefront 2 cross progression

And as we are talking about shifting to another platform, I should inform you that this game doesn’t allow cross-progression either.

If you left your progress on a PC, then you can continue on another device. You would have to purchase a new account and start the grind from zero. Say goodbye to your beloved in-game items on your previous gaming platform.

Cross progression allows you to move to another account on another device without having to start the game from 0 progress.

If you purchase a copy on console and you are shifting from PC, you just have to link your same account on another platform.

That’s it; you can start your same journey on a new device. Cross gen is available, thankfully, which means you can play with your friends on PS5 if you are on PS4 and the same goes for the Xbox console.

That’s all this game offers right now at this moment, but things could change in the future. Developers haven’t confirmed anything related to cross-platform mode, but they haven’t denied it either. Uncertainty remains, and all we can do is stay optimistic

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The Verdict:

Cross-play is missing from battlefront 2, and it shows. Mostly, games are launched with cross-play because when the game is in development, Devs take their time and add the cross platform features so they can test and release a final product.

But Battlefront 2 was released without any cross-platform mode, so there is a high chance that we might not see cross-play anytime soon. It doesn’t affect the multiplayer mode in any negative way.

It is still fun to play, and why wouldn’t it be? There are more than 12 modes that a player can choose from and play with friends, even though no cross-play means your other platform friends will be left out.

What I am trying to say is that cross-play is definitely a plus in any game, but the existence of cross-play doesn’t affect gameplay.

If cross-platform mode is available, hooray, go for it and have fun but if it doesn’t, then you can only hope for the best and look forward to the unknown future.

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