How To Complete The Ominous Portent Challenge In Overwatch 2?

Cover How To Complete The Ominous Portent Challenge In Overwatch 2

How often have you found yourself stuck at a particular task in a game and thought if only there was some way to beat this level? Believe me, you aren’t the only one. I myself have gone through many such moments.

When I was a kid, I used to ask a friend or an older brother to help me out with the game if it was too difficult for me. But sometimes, there are some games that your friends haven’t played, and you’d be stuck at that level forever.

Recently, after a very long time, I came across one such situation again. I was playing Overwatch 2 and was struggling to complete the Ominous Portent Challenge. Luckily, a friend of mine had just finished it, so I took help from him in finishing the challenge.

But then I realized I wouldn’t be the only one stuck at this challenge. So I decided I needed to make a guide on how to beat the Ominous Portent Challenge.

So stay with me till the end as I tell you all how to win the Ominous Portent Challenge.

How To Complete The Ominous Portent Challenge In Overwatch 2

For a limited time, the Overwatch 2: Wrath of the Bride Halloween event added a slew of missions and collectible rewards to the shooter.

Players are having a great time trying out the new co-op experience, as well as some of the various challenges that come with it. While some of these missions are fairly simple to complete, others require more tact and knowledge.

Completing seasonal challenges is the best way to get as much XP and free cosmetics as possible during Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event. These mini-achievements cover a broad range of activities.

Many of the challenges are hard because you only have one chance to complete them during each match. This is the case with the Ominous Portent challenge, which appears only during a specific section of Wrath of the Bride.

ominous portent challenge

You’ll need a collaborative (or at least coordinated) squad on your side, as well as a little patience, to complete the challenge and claim the Kiriko voice line as a reward.

All seven of the Banshees that are scurrying around the courtyard must be seen in order to complete Ominous Portent. This is when you’ll need to find the key to unlock the gate, which will initiate the Moira boss fight.

ominous portent challenge unlock the gate

Fortunately, you have an infinite amount of time to find all seven Banshee appearances. Remember, you don’t have to see them all, as long as your squad triggers each of the moments, you’ll finish this challenge.

When you get to the courtyard and are told to look for the key, split your group up and start looking around the area.

Moira will appear in a variety of locations, including climbing on a house’s roof, running by the large, arch choke point from which you entered, clamoring up the walls, and moving behind the gate by the rear building.

ominous portent challenge banshee location

It appears that no one notices the single Banshee sighting in the tunnel on the far left side of the courtyard. You must sprint down the stairs marked above to get to the tunnel where she is concealed because it is below eye level.

Moira will rush toward you and then vanish if you go down the tunnel. Remember that you need to see her 7 times to complete this challenge, so don’t grab the key immediately.

The challenge name will show up on the left side of your screen once you’ve finished the task. If you don’t turn your head, the letters will be easy to spot because they are yellow. Don’t worry if you fail or succeed; the challenge will still be completed.

After completing the Ominous Portent challenge in Overwatch 2, you will receive a Kiriko voice line. Remember, you only have until November 8th to complete this challenge before it is removed.

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Final Verdict:

So I hope this guide proves to be helpful in winning the challenge and gaining the extra XP you are always looking to get.

There are many other challenges that are available throughout the game that you can finish in order to get some exciting prizes and gain a large amount of XP to level up and unlock new and exciting stuff.

So before we finally end today’s blog, let me give a quick recap and a summary of how you can win the Ominous Portent Challenge in Overwatch 2.

Play Wrath of the Bride cooperatively until you are required to locate a key to the castle. It is crucial that you wait to go and get the key until you have seen all of the Banshee moments, even though you will be able to see it nearby.

One of the most irritating parts of the challenge will be getting your teammates to coordinate if you are not in a ready-made lobby.

You can use the text chat feature to communicate with strangers and let them know exactly what you need from them to complete this achievement.

Moving around the map a fair amount and asking your team members to keep an eye out for the Banshee are the two best ways to finish the Ominous Portent Challenge in Overwatch 2: Wrath of the Bride. She will have a purple-white glow all over her, making her easy to spot.

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