How To Get More Spell Slots Elden Ring?

Spell Slots In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the ultimate Souls experience, introducing open-world design and mechanics that set the standard for the series and attract more players.

Yet, the idea of socializing in a game is new to many; video game fans have used technology like this for years to stay connected and form online friendships.

Are you hunting for all the Elden Ring spells? The magic in Elden ring is identical to that of previous Fromsoftware games, with a power level that rivals the strong spells of Demon’s Souls.

Meanwhile, Spells are accessible from various vendors and are available throughout the game. Finding memory stones will also raise your memory slots by donning specific talismans that maximize magic.

This article outlines how to unlock incantation slots and more spell slots. As you and I are aware, there are only two spell slots by default, with a maximum capacity of 8 Memory Stones, giving it a total of 10 Spell Slots.

How To Get More Spell Slots Elden Ring

The first question is, What to know about spell slots in the Elden ring?

A more significant number of spells in the various combats, which can be used for both offense and defense, is essential to our performance in the game. The answers to how to get more slots are in this guide.

In the Elden Ring, spell slots are now referred to as memory slots. How many spells a Tarnished One can depend on factors like memory cells. The number of characters’ spell slots might have improved when a specific sign leveled up.

Spell Memory Slots In Elden Ring

Memory Slots are required to maximize combat power for anyone participating in Elden Ring spells. As a Tarnished Spellcaster, a player will have access to a more significant number of spells the more Memory Slots they have.

We know that when the game starts, players typically begin with two slots, so the number of spells that can be used at once is limited.

However, as with the Talisman Pouch, having the right items in the player’s inventory can resolve the issue. In this instance, players seek a Memory Stone to aid their builds.

To raise the number of spells you may choose from, you must collect a particular object in the Elden Ring. A Memory Stone is what it is, and there aren’t enough of them anywhere in the Lands Between.

Image of the Memory Stone in Elden Ring

Elden Ring claims that Memory Stones are dark, sparkling stones that were before valuable to the sorcerers who made them. The stones, according to them, resemble chunks of the dark moon that illuminated the Eternal City.

Memory Stones are essential for many players, particularly those who utilize magic or spells, since they boost their Elden Ring’s spell slots.

Be prepared for any conflict when exploring the Intermediate Lands, it is crucial to gather all available Memory Stones because some spells require more than one slot.

So now the question arises of how to get memory slots in Elden ring; as we know, memory slots are the only way to get more spell slots.

Expanding those memory slots will enable players to have more spells at their hand to combine for more effective strikes. However, developing memory slots will involve some effort from gamers.

In the Elden Ring, there are two ways for players to enhance their memory slots. In Elden Ring, to use the strategies, we must obtain the following objects

  • Moon of Nokstella Talisman
  • Memory stones

Using the Moon of Nokstella Talisman will enhance the number of memory slots you have. By wearing this talisman, you can add two more memory slots.

two items that can increase memory slots

This implies that if you own all the memory stones, have been using all available slots, and are still dissatisfied with the number of incantations and spells you possess, you may increase it by two.

But it would be best to remember only to use this technique when wearing the talisman. The two additional slots will disappear as you take them off, and you will lose two spells.

Meanwhile, memory stones are scattered all across the game map. This implies that to find it, we need a bit of exploring.

Memory Slots typically require more Elden Ring stones from players, but this is only sometimes the case. There are a few ways to get around the mechanics by finding new items, just like everything else in the massive open world.

Memory Stones, on the other hand, are typically the most effective means of increasing combat spell availability, so they should be the primary focus.

A memory stone may also be obtained by paying the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold Hub region for one. Consider buying her products as soon as possible, especially if you are beginning a new spellcasting path.

buy a Memory Stone in elden ring

Given their scarcity and significance, she asks 30,000 Runes for the stone, which is a reasonable asking price. Also, remember that this is the only stone you can purchase in the game.

As previously mentioned, memory stones will allow players to increase the number of memory slots they have collected.

Once the player has acquired the stone, the memory stone will grow independently without requiring more action. Finding and using memory stones should still be a priority among all the other ways to unlock more slots!

Now that you are aware of the significance and purposes of the memory stones in Elden Ring, it is time to explain the areas where each memory stone may be found.

  1. Oridys’s Rise: This Memory Stone will be on top of the Tower. It would help if you went to the eastern side of the Morne Rampart’s Site of Grace. This site will be in the Weeping Peninsula and involve you killing three ghost turtles to gain access to the Tower.
  2. Red Wolf of Radagon: Defeat Red Wolf of Radagon at Raya Lucaria Academy to obtain this Memory Stone.
  3. Converted Fringe Tower: This one is located at the top of the Converted Fringe Tower and can be collected by climbing the Tower
  4. Lenne’s Rise: Inside Dragonbarrow Tower, Caelid, this Memory Stone will be found
  5. Seluvis’s Rise: To obtain this Memory Stone, you must travel to the Three Sisters region, located in Liurnia. When here, you need to slay the two bosses: Caria Manor and Royal Knight Loretta.
  6. Tetsu’s Rise: North of Liurnia of the Lakes, climb the top of the Tower by dominating the challenge to obtain this Memory Stone.
  7. Demi-Human Maggie: Defeat Demi-Human Maggie at the Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir.You will encounter a demanding boss in Hermit Village at a place called Mt. Gelmir. Defeat him to earn a memory stone.
  8. Enia the Finger Reader: Visit Enia at the Roundtable Hold; you can buy this Memory Stone for 3000 runes.

Where To Change Equipped Spells In Elden Ring?

Once a spell is found, you can’t just equip it and use it in the Elden Ring. Before they can be used, spells like sorceries and incantations must be memorized, and one can only learn magic at sites of grace. There is also a stat requirement for each spell.

Rest at any site of grace first before selecting “Memorize spell” from the list of options to equip spells. Several spell memory slots will be available at the top of the screen.

showing how to equip more spells in elden ring

These memory slots determine the number of spells that a Tarnished can carry. By acquiring Memory Stones, the number of memory slots can be increased.

Towers like Testu’s Rise in Lake Liurnia and Oridy’s Rise in the Weeping Peninsula of Limgrave contain these rare stones. The Tarnished can equip one more spell with each memory stone.

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Final Verdict:

In the end, The principles of fighting remain unchanged. It would be best to control your strength by choosing when to attack or flee.

Unlike FromSoftware’s other games, which are set on vanishing planets, Elden Ring gives you the impression that you might be able to rescue this. Maybe a silly dream, but finding out for sure drove us to seek out its far corners.

Instead of watching someone else play the game, you’d enjoy it much more if you played it yourself.

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