Where To Find Fire Slimes In Slime Rancher 2?

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Slime Rancher 2 has a lot of Slimes that you will interact with and sell their plorts for profit. Slime Plorts consist of a variety of categories and are priced accordingly.

One of the Plorts that has a good price attached to it is the Plorts from Fire Slimes. Not only do they sell well at the Plort market, but they are also very useful in crafting certain items in the game.

For this reason, Fire Slimes are sought after; however, you will need to do some leg work before coming in contact with a Fire Slime.

For this reason, I will tell you where to find Fire Slimes in Slime Rancher 2. Follow this guide as I will explain everything step by step to make your journey for finding Fire Slimes and acquiring Fire plorts easier.

Where To Find Fire Slimes in Slime Rancher 2

As the name suggests, Fire Slimes are made of and like fire. They are exclusive to an area called the Ember Valley, overflowing with Lava that gives the fire slimes the vitality to thrive there.

However, going to Ember Valley is not straightforward, and you will need to venture out to find it. Here is how you are going to get to Ember Valley. First, fill your inventory with at least 30 vegetables, the purpose of which I will explain later.

You are going to head first to the conservatory, which will be the start of the journey to Ember Valley. From there, you will need to head west as you move through areas full of pink and cotton slimes.

Crossing them, you will take a right-pointing southwest, where you should see the refinery link machines.

The refinery links will act as the second landmark; as you move forward, you will find an arch that you will pass through. From there, take a left and move along until you find yourself in the company of a pink Slime Gordo.

Now, this huge Slime Gordo is guarding a gateway to a cave, the entrance to Ember valley. You cannot suck this huge monstrosity into your canon, which is where the veggies I told you about come into play, as you will use them to pop it.

the pink gordo in slime rancher 2

To pop this pink slime Gordo, you will feed these 30 veggies to it. Once it has had its fill, it will explode into tiny slimes that can now be sucked into your gun.

Once done with that, you should see a geyser on which the gordo was standing. Stand on that geyser that will launch you above, giving you access to a ledge.

Once you are on that ledge, move on and about as you find a switch which is the button to a teleporter. Press that switch to see a portal being activated in front of you. Move through that portal which is the gateway to Ember valley.

Once you have reached Ember Valley, you will start your journey to find Fire Slimes. The Fire Slimes are located at the end of Ember Valley, so it would help if you had a jet pack. However, you can continue on foot if you do not have one.

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Fire Slimes Location in Slime Rancher 2

You should also explore Ember valley, as it has a lot of things waiting for you other than fire slimes. There are 24 treasure pods which should have stuff like Newbucks and gadget blueprints in them.

This valley also holds unique resources, including Boom Slimes, Batty Slimes, Crystal Slimes, Briar Hens, and Odd Onions.

Now from the Teleporter, you will start your journey toward the west. If you have a jetpack, walk or fly until you are in the hot region.

Keep on moving from there along the pathway until you reach the end of Ember Valley. Here you will notice some new slimes from which you can harvest some plorts.

Once you have found that area, you may see large pools filled with lavas everywhere. In these large pools, you should be looking at Fire Slimes, which are roaming on and about minding their own business. Be careful in this place as you can die very quickly here.

Point your cannon at them and start harvesting as many fire slimes as you want from this region. However, be mindful of a few things while you are there. First, there is no limit to fire slimes, so do not worry about their quantity.

Next, you should know that water is the worst enemy of Fire Slimes and their Plorts. So if you shoot water at them using something like a hydro turret, the slimes will get extinguished, but their plorts will burst, making them useless.

So do not use water while trying to harvest plorts. Also, jumping in the pool of Lava is better as it will make it very easy to collect these plorts.

Final Verdict:

This sums up my discussion on Where to Find Fire Slimes in Slime Rancher 2. Fire Slimes call only Ember Valley their home and cannot be found anywhere.

So follow my instructions to get to the portal for Ember Valley by popping the pink gordo and feeding it with vegetables.

Once you have gone to Ember Valley, go to the far ends of an area where you should now find Fire Slimes swimming in a pool of Lava.

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