How To Level Up In Demon Souls?

Are you ready to conquer the unforgiving world of Demon’s Souls? Leveling up is crucial to survive and triumph in this challenging action RPG.

But how exactly do you level up effectively?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of earning souls, spending them wisely, and becoming an unstoppable force in Boletaria.

  • Defeat the first main boss, Phalanx, in the Boletarian Palace (1-1)
  • Return to the Nexus and speak with the Monumental on the upper floor
  • Talk to the Maiden in Black to level up by selecting “Seek soul power”
  • Spend collected souls to increase desired attributes and stats
  • Farm souls at various locations throughout the game to level up faster
demon souls how to level up

How To Level Up In Demon’s Souls On Ps5

FromSoftware games are widely recognized as masterpieces and can easily be considered one of the world’s best RPG makers.

FromSoftware titles are notoriously difficult and lack hand-holding and tutorials other than basic controls.

If you are playing Demon’s Souls for the first time, it is easy to get lost. The game does not explicitly tell you where you can spend your Souls and how you can progress.

In Demon’s Souls, you will not be able to level up unless you reach a specific checkpoint. The chances of losing your souls increase drastically, which newbies may struggle with.

Souls’ games are tied to checkpoints, stories and require certain conditions to be met for progressing. You are likely at the very early stages of the game and have not progressed far enough.

Here is how you can level up in Demon’s Souls:

Defeat The First Main Boss

The guide is brief and might get confusing. If you have the time, you can watch our YouTube video tutorial but do it at your own risk if you want to avoid spoilers.

Youtube video on how to defeat the phalanx boss in Demon’s Souls

As mentioned, defeating the first main boss of the game, Phalanx, is compulsory. You cannot progress until you have defeated the fiend.

He is impossible to miss, and you can find him right after opening the big gate at the beginning, opening Boletarian Palace level.

No, The Vanguard does not count as a tutorial boss that helps new players to get comfortable with the controls. Now, Phalanx is not a hard boss, but I can imagine new players struggling to defeat him.

Since there is no map, you can get lost, and the fun can turn into frustration in an instance. If you are struggling to find Phalanx’s location, follow the guide below to reach him.

  1. From the start, take the left path after heading toward the castle.go to the stairs on your left in world one
  2. Keep following the path on the left; look for a massive hole in the ground. Then keep to the left until you find stairs.go into this door don't fall into the hole demon souls
  3. Go up the stairs and then through the door. Keep following the path.
  4. Keep going, and after heading outside around the castle walls, you will be able to find a fog gate; it is hard to miss
  5. Go through the fog gate and keep going straight ahead.demons souls going through a fog gate
  6. You will again see stairs that go up.
  7. Keep going and look for a wooden thing ahead.
  8. Attack the wood holding the boulders inside this wooden thing.hit these wooden things
  9. The boulders will kill the enemies in its path, making your life easier.this boulder will kill the enemies
  10. Keep on going until you will reach a bridge.
  11. Look out and find a Red Dragon. You will have to use your skills here and time your run to avoid damage from the creature (just stand for a while to read his pattern). DO NOT STOP!Bridge That Shows How To Level Up In Demon Souls
  12. After reaching the other side of the bridge, keep on moving until you go back inside.
  13. Find a lever inside the door. Pull the lever.Demon's Souls Lever 1 after dragon
  14. A cutscene will start that will show a colossal gate opening.
  15. Now head down another set of stairs and keep on moving.
  16. Then after reaching ground level, pull the lever located at the bottom.Demon's Souls Lever 2 after stairs
  17. This will open a shortcut back to the side where you started.The Gate To The Phalanx Boss Fight In Demon's Souls
  18. Cross the Fog gate and defeat the boss.

How To Defeat Phalanx Easily

You might struggle with the boss, but trust me, it is not that hard. NOTE: Please avoid this section if you do not want any spoilers.

  • Grab some firebombs and throw at him to kill the small slime blobs with shields and hit the boss’s core.
  • If you are out of firebombs, use pine resin to buff up your weapon and kill the small blobs first, Phalanx is fat and slow, so take your sweet time killing the annoying pests.
  • After killing all of the blobs, lay waste to the boss’s core and you are done.

I’ve Killed Phalanx, What’s Next?

After killing Phalanx, visit the Nexus. Head back to the Nexus if you have died before and has already visited the Nexus. If you have not died once, you will be teleported to the world of the Nexus, talk to the Maiden in Black and other folks at the Nexus.

The Maiden will tell you to speak to the Monumental. Find and head upstairs and keep going until you reach the arch you were shown. Head through, and you will narrow stairs found inside. Keep going until you find a small circular corridor area.

Find walls lined with orange candles and bodies of little kids’ bodies on the floor. After talking, head back to the Maiden to FINALLY level up.

A tip: (If you haven’t picked it up at first) After killing Phalanx, you will be teleported to the Nexus. Leave the area and head back to the Boss room where you have defeated the boss; find the Archstone and touch it once to claim the boss’s soul and head back to where you have left.

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How To Level Up Fast In Demon’s Souls (Best Souls Farming Locations)

Souls’ games may be challenging, but these are not unfair. You can make the game easy and less taxing after leveling up your character frequently.

Leveling up requires Souls, and there is no best way to gain Souls besides farming and grinding.

Souls grinding is fun, and I will share a few spots from early, mid and late games where you can farm Souls the most. Without any ado, check them out down below.

TipFind the Ring of Avarice after defeating Phalanx. You can buy it for 50000 Souls from Once Royal Mistress or Former Nobel’s Wife on the 4th floor of Prison of Hope. You will hear her sing in her room.

NOTE: Trying to get the Ring of Avarice is NOT RECOMMENDED for early levels as you might not want to waste your 50000 Souls early in the game.

Best Souls Farming Locations For Early Game

  • The first early game grinding spot is from the Tower Knight Archstone, the Inner Ward. After teleporting, turn back from where you have spawnd.Showing the Inner ward in Demon's Souls
  • Run towards the entrance where you have encountered multiple enemies at the very beginning of the game, The Lord’s Path.location of farming souls
  • Walk slowly and land a backstab on the blue-eyed knights standing right around the wagon.killing the blue eyed knight for souls
  • Once you have taken them out, kill the three crossbow enemies standing. Run back, and keep repeating until it is hard to level up anymore.

Number Of Souls You Can Get, After Each Run And What Is World Tendency?

Make sure to have pure white, or close to white world tendency to gain as many Souls as possible. You will be getting around 1300 Souls for each time. World Tendency refers to your in-game actions, a fancy name for karma.

Right at the start, the world tendency starts with default, and considering the players’ actions, it will either shift to white or black. A good deed will turn the world tendency to white, while evil deeds will turn the tendency to black.

NOTE: Pure white or closer to white world tendency will give you maximum Souls, while black world tendency will yield fewer souls.

Best Souls Farming Locations For Mid Game

The best spot for farming Souls for the mid-game is around The Ritual PathShrine of Storms. You can reach it from the Adjudicator Archstone, World 4.

  • Get a bow and plenty of arrows. If you’re a Magic build you can use Magic as well.
  • After the teleport, head down to the stairs, and on your back, there will be a square opening.Demon's Souls world selecting menu going to ritual path
  • Head inside, keep moving, run past the NPC and find the grim reaper.
  • Snipe him down and kill him while maintaining your distance.souls farming location number 4 in demons souls
  • after killing him go back to archstone and select The Ritual Path you will back and the the reaper will be spawned again.Demon's Souls killing the reaper with arrows
  • Keep on repeating until you cannot gain enough souls for even a single level.

Number Of Souls You Can Get, After Each Run:

Suppose your world tendency is pure white or closer to white. In that case, you can expect to gain approximately 5500 Souls after killing the reaper once.

Best Souls Farming Locations For End Game

The best farming location for the end game is found at the end of World 4, after defeating the King of Storms at The Monolith Forest, Shrine of Storms.

  • Walk back in the Archstone and kill the flying Eagle Ray-looking monsters
  • You can kill the enemies using the Stormruler.
  • You can also use bow and arrows, but that is risky.killing demons in world 4 of demon's souls
  • If you are having a hard time killing the creatures using the Stormruler, get behind the walls and shoot projectiles from the walls.
  • The benefit of doing this is that the walls will protect you from enemy attacks while shooting your projectiles right at their faces.
  • One last thing to keep in mind is the range of the Stormruler, beware of the range, and you should be banking Souls after a few runs.

Number of Souls You Can Get, After Each Run:

The total number of Souls that you will gain will highly depend on your world tendency. Killing these creatures should net you around roughly 20,000 Souls or more at close to white tendency.

Final Words:

Undoubtedly, Demon’s Souls is a challenging game. I would not be surprised if your Google history will have queries like “Demon’s Souls how to level up” or “how to level up in Demon Souls.” Especially if you are a new player.

But trust me, overcoming your fears and foes with sheer dedication and having a chill mind during the game is equally rewarding. It is an experience you will crave in other single-player games but will often meet with disappointment.

I duly hope people on the verge of leaving the game, give it another chance, or if there are people stuck on how to level up in the game, would find this article of great help.

I would be nothing but pleased if it happened. I want every gamer to experience this masterpiece of a game.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1- How do you upgrade your character in Demon’s souls?

You will have to reach a particular checkpoint in the game to level up your character in Demon’s Souls. For that, you will have to kill two bosses, including The Vanguard.

After Killing Phalanx, visit the Maiden in Black in the Nexus to level up. Make sure you have visited the Monumental to unlock leveling up.

2- How do you level up in Demon’s souls PS3?

A very brief summary of leveling up is: after defeating Phalanx, head back to the Nexus, talk to the Maiden in black. Then speak to the Monumental.

You will find him on the top of the Nexus. Talk with the Maiden. After talking to the Monumental, you will level up your character.

3- What makes Demon Souls so much more fun than Dark Souls?

Both have their own charm. Demon’s Souls is the spiritual successor of Dark Souls. Demon’s Souls feature human enemies and have a much fascinating world than Dark Souls’ grim, gloomy and dark world.

The enemy design in Demon’s Souls is outclassing, as does in Dark Souls. Moreover, Demon Souls is more forgiving than Dark Souls.

4- Which is better, Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls?

When talking about overall feel, satisfaction, playtime, unique enemies, Dark Souls feels more superior than Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s Souls laid the foundation, and Dark Souls is the masterpiece on top of the foundation. In the end, the games you have the most fun in would be better.

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