How To Slide Cancel In Modern Warfare 2 – All You Need to Know

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If you are someone who has been playing the Call of Duty franchise actively, then it is safe to say that you are familiar with what slide canceling is, in the first place.

For those who do not know, slide canceling happens to be a momentum-based maneuver that has the player sprint, double crouch into a side, then jump right before the slide animation slows your momentum.

This is done to change your hitbox and make you a difficult target, and at the same time, it also helps you keep your momentum going forward.

If you are wondering how to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2, this post is for you as we are going to look into the details that will allow you to slide cancel with ease.

Is Slide Canceling Exist In Modern Warfare 2?

When Modern Warfare 2 initially came out, a lot of people were under the impression that slide cancelling is not present in the game.

However, after some time, players started discovering that the method does exist in the game. You just have to look into how you can properly pull it off.

After all, you can’t just reuse the same methods over and over again and hope that they won’t get changed.
So, now that we know that slide cancelling does exist in Modern Warfare 2, we are going to spend some time looking at how you can make that happen.

Something that is very, very important, to be honest.

Important Settings For Slide Canceling In Modern Warfare 2

Ever since slide cancelling hit the mainstream and ended up becoming one of the most famous settings there is, a lot of people have been asking us about the important settings for slide cancelling.

Honestly, there are no specific settings that you can use to get the job done.

You can also turn off the settings to make things better.

  • Grounded Mantle – Off
  • Automatic Ground Mantle – Off
  • Weapon Mount Activation – Double-Tap ADS

However, the main goal here is to hit the jump button to end your slide just before your momentum is dropping.

This will allow you to continue sprinting and even begin another slide cancel.

Just the moment after you ended the last one, making you an extremely hard-to-hit target, something that we always like, especially when we are playing a fast-paced game such as Call of Duty.

How To Slide Cancel On Consoles In Modern Warfare 2?

If you are playing Modern Warfare 2 on console or a controller, for that matter. Don’t worry as we are going to teach you how you can pull off a successful slide cancel.

All you have to do is move forward while activating Tac Sprint, followed by pressing the Slide button while tapping the ADS button twice and then jump to complete the Slide Cancel.

Sliding in MW2

The only trick that you should be focusing on here is the last two options, pressing the ADS button twice and then jump will complete the Slide Cancel for you.

Surely, the method here is different than it used to be but it has become different in Modern Warfare 2 but that’s fine as we are going to make sure that you are fully aware of how it can be done without any issues.

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How To Slide Cancel On Pc In Modern Warfare 2?

If you believe PC is the superior platform and you are trying to figure out how to slide cancel on it, then it is simple as it can get.

You have to start by activating tactical sprint, and once you are in that, press C to slide, then double tap the right mouse button to aim down the sights, and then press space to jump.

Repeating the process will allow you slide cancel as much as you want and make you a not so easy target to hit.

I do understand that it is going to take some time practicing but the good news is that you can easily get better at slide cancelling and if you have been waiting to get better at it, this is a great way to learn something that you might want to.

Is It Worth Slide Canceling In Modern Warfare 2?

For anyone who is trying to learn how to slide cancel, the good news is that slide cancelling is not at all impossible in Modern Warfare 2.

Although the method has changed just a little bit, the concept of slide cancelling still exists should you wish to go ahead and take part in.

Slide cancelling is good in almost every game in which you are playing competitively. The good news is that slide cancelling is going to help you a lot because you will be an absolute nightmare when it comes to being hit during the process.

Final Verdict:

Sure, people in the start were under the impression that slide cancelling is something that has been removed from the game but over the past couple of days since the launch, people have come to understanding that slide cancelling still does exist in the game.

Although the method of doing so is slightly different this time around. Well, nothing to worry about as we have looked into all the possibilities that you can use to slide cancel, and that too, with ease.

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