How To Unlock Fast Travel In Gotham Knights

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Gotham Knights are the latest addition to DC’s roster of video games based on their Comic book property. It is an open-world action RPG game set in the fictional city of Gotham.

The setting of the game really sells the feel of classic Gotham city, where criminals are always rampant and causing trouble for civilians and law enforcement.

Developed by WB Games Montreal, you can choose between 4 characters in-game as you prepare your fight against Gotham’s corrupt scums.

This game is available in various editions that provide different rewards and exclusive benefits. Standard, deluxe, and collector edition is available for players on PC, Xbox S and PS5. a moment of silence for our friends who are using PS4 and Xbox one.

Robin, Batgirl, Red-Hood, and Nightwing, are all iconic superheroes ready at your service. And being an RPG title, fast travel is here, and it is necessary. But it requires you to unlock it first. How can you unlock the fast travel in Gotham knights? Let’s take a look at it first.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights are pretty bleak for a video game. The entire revolves around the death of our beloved caped crusader, the dark knight, Batman. Since there is no batman, there is no law and order.

There are no rules. The protector of Gotham city hiding in the shadows is no more. Criminals are pretty wild ever since the untimely death of Batman, and there is no stopping them. So everything falls upon our heroes.

Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin. They have to step up and take up the responsibility of being the next savior of this cursed city. Pretty cool setting and tone, right? I mean, they are no batman, but they have to do something about this city before evil devours it once and for all.

Gotham Knights image of all four knights

Gotham knights sets a pretty bleak tone right as it starts and without any second wasted. With each character possessing a certain set of skills and abilities, you are bound to have a good time with this game, especially with the cool bat cycle at your disposal for traveling and commuting purposes.

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But that alone won’t cut the cake. Bat-cycle is cool and all, but we need something even faster from going to one part of the city to another. Just riding a bat bike isn’t efficient enough to save time, especially when the streets are still filled with lowly goons.

This is where fast travel comes into play, and it is an iconic element of any RPG game. You have to unlock it first, which is going to take some effort.

To unlock the fast travel, first, you need to finish case 2.1 to open up fast travel challenges, this is where Lucius fox will approach you and call you.

Gotham Knights Lucius Fox challenge

You might remember this character from the Dark Knight movies or comics. He is a technician and gadget expert for Batman or was a gadget expert, but his love for Batman flows through the bat family.

So you will get a call from Lucius. He will provide you with one of his gadgets. A wingsuit that you will unlock it. Once you have the wingsuit, you will be ready to make the epic jump from a tall skyscraper, but before that, you need to take care of GCDP sky drones.

Gotham Knights fast travel wingsuit

These drones are hindrances and will spot you once you are in the sky. There are two types of drones that require a different approach to make them immobilized. Unshielded drones can be easily scanned by using AR mode.

These are no big deal and can be dealt with in no time. The part of this process that becomes tedious is when you have to face the shielded drones.

These drones require charging, so once they are charging on their docks. That’s where they are vulnerable and ready to be hacked. Follow the shielded drones with caution and wait for them to lock on to their docks.

Gotham Knights hacking drone

As soon as they begin their charging, hack them, scan them and fly away. This is going to be tough and tedious because, in every district, there is going to be a fast travel challenge. You have to clear each district’s GCDP drones.

Every district cleared will remain open for fast travel anytime. Once you have completed the starting quest, you will unlock the Southside and Financial district locations. There are currently 6 fast travel points that need to clear off drones.

  • Old Gotham Fast Travel Point (2 Drones)
  • Tricorner Island Fast Travel Point ( 2 Drones )
  • West End Fast Travel Point ( 3 Drones )
  • Otisberg Fast Travel Point ( 3 Drones )
  • Gotham Heights Fast Travel Point ( 2 Drones )
  • Bristol Fast Travel Point ( 3 Drones )

Once you are done with these locations, the skies are clear for your epic flight. You will unlock fast travel throughout the whole map making your gaming experience much better and smoother. After all, Fast travel is here for a reason, right?

My suggestion is that you should deal with these challenges as early as possible because saving time by cutting off unnecessary travel will make your gaming experience less tedious and more fun.

More time to fight crimes and focus on other missions, characters, and storylines. Or you can relax and ride your bat-cycle every time to the dark and wet streets of Gotham.

Final Verdict:

You can head anywhere, anytime, with these fast travel unlocks. You will notice a symbol on the map that in indicating fast travel in the area, you have already cleared.

Click on it, and you will be there in no time (it depends if you have SSD or not ). Nevertheless, this method is still the fastest one in any game, and I definitely make the best use of it.

Especially when you are littered with good old RPG side quests all over the place. Gotham Knights is a unique spin on the RPG genre, and it is certainly a blast to play when you include fan favorite Bat Family. Fast travel will definitely enhance that experience.

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