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As a kid, I used to spend most of my time playing with DC and Marvel superhero action figures, watching their movies, playing any video game that had even a glimpse of those heroes, collecting comic books, and so much more.

As I grew older, I stopped spending so much time obsessing over these superheroes as I got busy with work and studies. Playing games and watching these movies became a once-a-month thing, and that too on special occasions with friends.

But recently, I started taking out time for playing games over the weekends and taking some time for things that I used to like as a kid. I’ve been spending my weekends exploring new games, and this is when I came across this new game called Gotham Knights.

The newest action role-playing game from DC, Gotham Knights, features a playable cast that includes four members of the Bat Family: Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin.

It makes sense that many fans are drawing comparisons between Gotham Knights and the Batman: Arkham series from Rocksteady Studios because both have many of the same characters and even some of the same settings.

So today, I will be telling you about some of the features of Gotham Knights and showing you some amazing hidden tools and weapons that you can find in the game and how to use them. So stay with me till the end of the blog.

How To Use Smoke Bombs In Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights provide players with a fantastic selection of tools to defeat foes, explore the globe, and engage with the environment.

One such tool that is made available to all playable heroes from the start of the game without the need for any upgrades or skill tree investments is smoke bombs.

In Gotham Knights, smoke bombs are a great way to avoid combat and set up ambushes. And today, I will tell you about how you can use them and where they can be found in the game.

All four of the playable heroes can benefit from using smoke bombs. To take a break and heal, return to stealth, or divert enemies while laying traps, they give players the ability to temporarily escape from battle and the presence of enemies.

Players can use a smoke bomb during combat by finding a grapple point and depressing the grapple button. Enemies will lose track of their location as the character grapples onto the grapple point and drops a smoke bomb.

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This can be done to take a break from particularly intense combat situations and to re-enter stealth if players need to do so to avoid the enemy’s gaze.

For instance, the smoke bombs can be used to re-enter camouflage after being discovered, making it much easier to perform more takedowns if one of the optional objectives for an encounter is to perform stealth knockouts or ambush takedowns.

Using a smoke bomb to buy some time to highlight targets with AR or take aim at explosive barrels or electrical panels is also a great way to set up traps, such as Robin’s sticky pellet explosives.

Smoke Bomb Escape in Gotham knights

Smoke bombs can also buy time for skills like Nightwing’s Assassin’s Mark and Batgirl’s Electrical Devices, which both require VR aiming.

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, I know how to use a smoke bomb, but I still don’t know how to use it, and where can I find one?” Well, don’t worry; now I will tell you where you can find a smoke bomb.

Getting access to the smoke bombs is not very hard. Finding a smoke bomb is even easier than using it. Now I will tell you some very easy ways of getting access to smoke bombs in Gotham Knights.

Players can access the smoke bomb training in the Basic Training menu after gaining access to the Belfry early in the game. Players will go over the controls for using smoke bombs with this.

It’s worthwhile to check in occasionally to stay up to date with the new topics as they emerge because, generally speaking, the Belfry’s Training Room has a ton of helpful training options to assist players in getting the hang of the gameplay and the combat system.

Final Verdict:

And now you know how to and in what situations you can use a smoke bomb, and from where you can use a smoke bomb for yourself. I hope you find this blog useful and enjoy playing the game as much as I do.

The game will surely bring back many fond childhood memories and will remind you of your favorite childhood superheroes.

It sure reminded me of the days when I used to spend all of my time playing with superhero action figures and superhero video games and collecting comics of my favorite heroes.

I hope you will be able to take some time out for yourself and play Gotham Knights and enjoy the amazing game and have some fun. This is it for today; see you next time with another interesting blog about another exciting video game.

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