Is Dying Light 2 Cross Platform? (PS5, Xbox, PC, Switch)

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Dying Light 2 is an RPG game where you will survive against a genuinely stimulating environment and zombies. It’s an open-world experience and a story-driven game where a multiplayer option lets you play cooperatively with up to 4 players.

Techland recently released a gigantic update that has made many changes to the overall gameplay and improved various features.

Let me explain some of the changes they have made and why it’s important to you for the crossplay query.

The update immediately removed the Denuvo DRM and added multiplayer crossplay functionality.

They introduced the Nvidia DLSS 3 support as well, which means you players with RTX 4000 series graphics cards will finally feel the heat.

Likewise, more CPU and GPU optimization is made with the improved implementation of DirectX 12 and lastly, the crossplay support has been added for Xbox and PlayStation users.

But since the launch, the crossplay situation of Dying Light 2 could be clearer for the gamers, and they need to know whether the game supports the crossplay functionality or not.

If they have implemented the cross-platform feature, how can you enable it to play with your friends? 

All of these questions will be answered below in this in-depth guide, so follow up with me.

Is Dying Light 2 Cross-Platform?

The answer to this is no. As Dying Light 2 doesn’t support cross-platform functionality for the players. So, players playing from different platforms can’t share their gameplay with others. 

Dying Light 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. And it runs almost on all the major gaming platforms.

The good news for you is that you can play with your friends still as Dying Light 2 ensures the cross-gen feature, which means any friend of yours playing from PlayStation 4 can play with their buddies playing on PlayStation 5, and the same is for the Xbox as well.

Any player with Xbox One can play with the user playing on the new generation Xbox Series X and S.

image of friend list in dying light 2

The news was announced a couple of months ago in a Twitch Interview with Techland’s lead designer Tymon Smektala where he explained that the users would get the free cross-gen upgrades, but they will not get any crossplay co-op features.

As of writing today, the verdict is the same from the team of developers, and Dying Light 2 still requires the feature of cross-platform features.

The game likes Dying Light 2 is a survival RPG open-world game that is based on a post-apocalyptic world, and you play as an explorer who is exploring for a missing family member, but that’s about the story campaign. 

Games like this should have crossplay enabled at launch because these games are enjoyable to play with your boys.

You may ask me whether the game will get crossplay later. My answer will remain the same as I am writing today, and there has yet to be an official statement from the developers on getting the crossplay feature in the future.

We still hope there will be a lot of updates and content coming up in the future, as the game guarantees to expand the world for at least five years post-launch.

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How The Cross Progression Work In Dying Light 2

For making the choices in the story’s progression for Dying Light 2, all the players playing with the host can vote; although the host player has the final call to make the choices for the story, your votes still matter.

The items found in the game while playing and the player upgrades/progression will be kept with you when you decide to return to the game and play anything else.

Furthermore, all the missions you have completed and the open-world activities will also be available in the game’s co-op, including the end of Dying Light 2.

In short, items found in the game to all the missions you have played so far, even at the end of the game, everything will be available to you, and you keep the progress of the upgrades of the player as well.

Gamers need help with the cross-save feature. Dying Light 2 does support the cross-save element.

If you are playing from PS4 at a friend’s home and now returned to your home and decide to play from your PS5, then you need to log in to your PS5 and just start playing it right from where you left as the game saved itself automatically for the cross-save feature.

How To Play Dying Light 2 Crossplay With Friends?

To join the game session with your friends, you must ensure first that you are playing from the same family of consoles for PS5 you are playing from the PS4. Only this way can you play with your friends, and there is no other way to help you.

how to access online menu in dying light 2

Here is how you can play Dying Light 2 with your friends:

  1. Ensure you and your friends have updated the game to the latest version.
  2. If you just purchased the game, there will also be a day-one update for you to download and install first.
  3. You need to finish the prologue at least, and then you need to turn on the multiplayer manually from the settings.
  4. Enter the pause menu and then select the Online Menu.
  5. Now select the “Online Options.”
  6. You need to change the “Game Type” to Friends Only, or you can set it to public or private as well.
  7. You cannot turn off the game in-game voice chat. 
  8. Also, ensure you selected the Call for Help feature to be active.
  9. Now return to the Online Menu, and you will see the characters on the right side of your character. Click on them, and the option to invite your friends will be on the screen.
  10. That’s all

Final Verdict:

The possibility of playing the co-op mode with your friends on the same family console is still quite good, but your friends from different platforms will not like this as there is no way for them to join you. 

That’s a mix-up reaction from both sides of the gamers, but who knows what’s coming next in the considerable period of the content updates Dying Light 2 promised to have next.

Lastly, I hope that guide to playing with your friends helped you already, and now it’s my time to conclude the things for today. I will see you guys in the next one. Till then bye, bye!

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