Is Elite Dangerous Cross Platform? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Elite Dangerous Cross Platform

Multiplayer gaming has seen so many changes throughout the years. Whether it’s an fps shooter or world-building MMORPG, there are people who enjoy every kind of game, and in the last decade, we have seen a massive increase in multiplayer gaming. Elite Dangerous offers a unique experience for multiplayer fans.

Set in space, you take the helm of your spaceship as the pilot and explore the milky way galaxy. It is an open-world game with endless gameplay.

You start with nothing, gradually gather resources and wealth, and climb your way up the rank. Elite Dangerous was released back in 2014 on PC only, but a year later, PS4 and Xbox one were added to its Roster.

Newer players would ask this question before buying this game. Is Elite Dangerous crossplay? Because everyone wants to play with their friends, and if a game is a multiplatform title, then it is a valid reason for fans to ask for crossplay if the game does not have it in the first place. What about Elite Dangerous? Let’s find out

Is Elite Dangerous Cross Platform In 2024?

Cross Platform is becoming a necessity nowadays, and more studios should consider adding this feature when they are releasing new games.

Everyone has access to one or more gaming devices these days. Crossplay contributes to the game in positive ways. Lesser Queue times and more options for players to purchase games on different platforms.

Crossplay can enhance a game’s lifespan. Most games become dead when players stop playing or switch to another game. There are numerous examples out there. Elite Dangerous is not one of them. People still play this game, but unfortunately, it does not include cross-platform play.

If you are on PC and your friends are playing on Xbox One or PS4, you are most likely stuck with PC players. Your friends can’t join you on your adventure.

gameplay of elite dangerous

Quite disappointing that a game with such a massive scale and an open world does not include any sort of crossplay. Being a player, you are not wrong for expecting crossplay, but you have to be considerate.

Adding crossplay is not a single-day task. Developers need resources and extra time to dedicate to creating a unified server where anyone can join freely. Technical aspects in-game can ruin anyone’s experience.

An unstable server can cause game crashes and high ping and latency issues that are enough to make anyone mad. It is true that crossplay benefits the game overall.

You get to meet new friends, Players from every platform can gather and create a strong community; newer players will have freedom of choice for purchasing the game on any console. Even existing players can enjoy the game with their friends without having to worry about different gaming devices.

Sometimes there are technical and financial factors that can discourage devs from taking any step towards development, but There are political sides of things that are never discussed. Gaming Giants like Sony charge licensing fees from developers if they are willing to introduce crossplay.

This is because some gaming brands want exclusivity for their audience so they can capture their audience. Maybe they want to introduce some sort of cosmetic item, weapon, or even a character that is only available for a specific console.

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Final Verdict:

As I am concluding this article, I have to say that crossplay is rightfully demanded by many gaming fans for all the good reasons.

It can be a saving grace for many studios, you can introduce crossplay, and more people will be willing to play the game because now they have an option to pair up with other people or friends.

For newcomers, it can be quite encouraging and welcoming as they are now allowed to choose their platform of purchase.

I have to say that despite not having crossplay, Elite Dangerous is an exciting and fun adventure you can have with your friends. Who cares if there is no crossplay? It doesn’t change or take anything away from the game itself.

It is a major plus point, no doubt, but no cross-platform play doesn’t ruin the gameplay or take away the fun. You can still join with other players on your same platform, find friends and grow together on your journey. And in the meantime, hope that developers have something in store for us in the future.

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