Is Monopoly Plus Cross Platform In 2024? (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox)

Monopoly Plus Cross Platform

Monopoly Plus is a digital version of the beloved board game that everyone knows and must have played once in their lifetime. It has almost become a household name, and now you can play the same version but in an online format.

It also features cool animations which are, of course missing from the physical version. It’s either Monopoly Plus or UNO day whenever there is a friend or family gathering but for a physical board game, it can be hard to play daily with friends and family. Luckily, the online version can be played wherever you want, in your own comfort.

Right now, it is available for download on PC, Consoles ( Xbox One and PS4), Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. The main objective of the game is simple and straightforward, be the rich one standing and force everyone else to quit or go bankrupt.

You are the sole entrepreneur and your job is to acquire businesses, make as much profit as you can and establish your monopoly in the end.

You can also bait your opponents into making bets with you and if you played your cards right, you can trick them easily. Make profits, be rich, move to other countries and just live your life with style.

Pure mind games and trickery are involved but beware, there is also an element of getting caught and put behind bars. It’s a fun concept and I should tell you that the entire course of the game can turn from 0-to 100 in a matter of seconds.

Friendly skirmishes can turn into a tournament of life and death ( figuratively speaking ). After all, there is money involved!!

It’s the multiplayer online version of Monopoly plus, but does Monopoly plus have cross platform support or not? If this is what you are wondering, I will answer your question moving forward.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross Platform In 2024?

Monopoly Plus is available on multiple platforms and I am glad that it is easier to play with other people as now you can purchase a digital version and play at your own ease but, unfortunately, crossplay is missing.

Monopoly Plus does not support crossplay even though it’s on a few platforms. And not only that, this game doesn’t even require a beefy setup to run. Anyone who owns any sort of graphic card can play this game.

Monopoly Plus gameplay

It’s a shame that crossplay is not available in a game that has been played over the years and has become a household name. The theme of this game is that you have to crush your opponents and be the one who takes hold of every market. But how can you play if there are no players, to begin with?

Crossplay is a feature that is becoming popular and more in demand as the gaming industry is seeing technological advancements.

More people are willing to try multiplayer games with friends but if you are friends who own a different platform, you can’t join them without crossplay

Crossplay is a welcoming feature for new players and it gives a lot of freedom to people as they have multiple options in front of them to purchase the game. Crossplay can be a daunting task for developers to introduce.

gameplay image of Monopoly Plus

Every console utilizes its software engine differently so it can be difficult for them to provide a dedicated one where everyone is one equal footing.

Even if they somehow manage to create a unified server, They have to make sure that it is stable enough for everyone and not filled with bugs, and glitches.

Here I am hoping that in the future developers do consider updating the game to nowadays standards and give some updates on cross platform availability.

At the very least, Devs might see healthy growth in the player base and more engagements in their community. A positive change can spark furthermore with good communication between Fans and Developers.

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Final Verdict:

I can imagine your disappointment right now but it is what it is. Monopoly plus is an addictive game but it’s a shame that you have to make adjustments for playing with friends before thinking of purchasing it. But if you think of this from a different point of view, the situation is not really different from the original board game.

you have to physically gather at one place with everyone to play on a single board. The situation with the online version is similar right now. Everyone should have the same type of console if they are looking forward to playing together.

Cross-play is an absolute necessity in most multiplayer games nowadays but even if there is no crossplay you can still enjoy and have fun with the existing version on your gaming device.

Sure you won’t have any friends to play with but you can always find and play with other people, and make new friends along the way.

Crossplay is a benefit and major selling point but if there is no crossplay, it doesn’t affect the gameplay that much. You can still enjoy the game like everyone does and in the meanwhile, stay positive and hope for the best. Maybe once developers have enough resources, they might open up to the idea of crossplay.

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