Is Forspoken Cross Platform? (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Is Forspoken Cross Platform Cover

Forspoken is a new JRPG game (Japanese Roll Play Game) that is being created by Square Enix (the same platform that produced Tomb Raider).

The game will be the perfect epitome of open world game with an expansive magical system and fast traversal.

The game will also feature a significant representation of Unreal Engine 5. So, we have a good chance of learning about what this engine is capable of.

The game was initially introduced as ‘Project Athia’ in June 2020. But now that it is about to be released, we learned that the game’s actual name is ‘Forspoken.’

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the game to come out to see how the gameplay system will work. Because there are high hopes for this game. As the release date nears, the excitement levels are going up.

The game was supposed to release on October 11th, but now the date has been postponed to January 24th. Hopefully, the date won’t be pushed anymore.

The details we have about Forspoken currently tell us that the game begins by giving you some tools to explore the world of Forspoken with a comprehensive magic system.

You will also be able to leap around environments with fluid movements to enjoy the narrative-driven adventure.

The trailer of Forspoken showed us Frey Holland, the protagonist of the game is, running around in an arena as a dragon comes and swipes her.

She is also seen summoning a flame sword to fight the enemies, trapping some monsters in water orbs, setting magical traps, and even conjuring shifty platforms under herself to get elevated; pretty cool, right?

But that is not all; the best feature of Frey is that she can launch magic projectiles from her palms like a missile launcher.

The game is currently only coming out for PS5 and PC; it will be single-player. There are high hopes among game fans that after its release, it will also be available on other gaming systems like Xbox and PS4.

The game is about to be released, but before it comes out, there is an important question that we all need an answer to; and that is…

Is Forspoken Cross Platform?

We already know that Forspoken is currently only coming for PS5 and PC, but we are still determining whether the game will allow us to play on different systems with our friends, cross-gen play, or cross platform play.

The answer is no. Forspoken doesn’t have any such facilities. It doesn’t allow split-screen co-op, online co-op, multiplayer, cross-generation play, or cross platform multiplayer; because it is only for single-player story mode.

Forspoken in game image

This narrative game is something that you are going to experience yourself (alone). You won’t be able to enjoy it with your friends. Sad but true.

The game is yet to come to other platforms, but until there is no announcement regarding the game being available on other platforms, or cross platform coming to any system, we have to make do with what we have.

This news indeed made you as sad as it made me, but there is actually nothing we can do unless there is no announcement about the updates from Square Enix.

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Final Verdict:

Now that we know many things about Forspoken, we will wait for it to come out and then play the game in solitude and enjoy the amazing storyline and the whole ambiance of the game alone.

The game has just released its initial trailers and demos; the information is making all the fans anxious because it seems freaking amazing!

However, the fact that the game isn’t cross platform, cross- play has disappointed me a little, but we can’t always get what we want, right?

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