Is Trove Cross Platform In 2024? (Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Is Trove CrossPlay

Trove is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or an MMO RPG developed and published way back in 2015 by Trion worlds and Gamigo USA Inc. Originally only for PC and Mac but re-released two years later for Xbox and PlayStation and only recently for Nintendo switch.

As for the specifics of the game itself, its sandbox nature reminds one of another game of the particular genre; Minecraft. Just like in Minecraft, you can unleash your creativity to the fullest in Trove.

It is a fairly interactive and an infinite experience as the open-world nature of this game allows you the freedom to do whatever you want. It may remind you of Minecraft, but Trove is a unique experience of its own, and on top of that, it is voxel-based.

For those of you who are unaware, voxels are three-dimensional pixels, and rendering a game with a voxel engine looks quite different from the polygonal look we are used to. For example, Terrain in Roblox is based on a voxel system.

Trove doesn’t lack entertainment considering you can play it forever. You can choose your character from a very wide variety of classes and a feature of the game which keeps you busy is the collection which plays such an integral part.

Trove is a multiplayer game so bonding with other players is necessary. You can collect any item you want there is no limit, the exploration seems endless. So to the question that you are wondering right now.

Is Trove Cross platform? Because it seems that Trove is multiplayer exclusive. So cross platform is going to be integral if you are looking forward to making a clan with your friends. What if your friends are on different platforms? Can they join you? Let’s dig a little further, shall we?

Is Trove Cross Platform In 2024?

Unfortunately, Trove is not a cross platform title. Cross platform is a vital part of multiplayer gaming and considering that Trove is strictly multiplayer, Cross platform mode would have done wonders to this game.

Trove is available for PC PS4, PS5 Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Despite being available on many platforms, developers never introduced crossplay.

Imagine how much potential this open-world game would have if it had crossplay. Developers are pretty active and they are releasing content now and then, keeping this game fresh but it seems like they don’t care about crossplay.

No one can deny the benefits and positive effects of crossplay. Crossplay exists to make any game more user-friendly and convenient for new players.

Trove gameplay flying on dragon

You own the game, and you want to introduce your friend to this game but he doesn’t own the same type of gaming device. Can he still play with you? Of course, he can if crossplay is active. And in this case, it is missing.

There are so many factors of crossplay that improves the game overall and makes it healthier to play. Increase the longevity of a title, as more players start coming in. you have got fewer queueing times now.

Before you were only matchmaking with PC players but now it’s different, console players have joined the race so you will experience quick loading times. Community gets stronger and veterans of the game often volunteer to teach new players.

As the player base increases, More sales and transactions will occur so financially developers will be in a good place. Developers often face unusual issues so they can get hesitant about creating crossplay.

Trove gameplay killing a monster

It can be a lack of financial resources or technical handicaps. because as a developer, you are accommodating PCs and consoles in a single server.

Two entirely different gaming consoles queueing up together, Things could get pretty unstable and especially, the input lag, latency issues, player skill gap, a lot of factors that can simply ruin anyone’s gaming experience.

Trove being a multiplatform title needs crossplay and hopefully, in the future, we get some kind of official update addressing this issue.

Final Verdict:

Trove is an exciting MMO but it is plagued by the no crossplay curse which defeats the purpose of multiplayer overall. You have got a multi-platformer and it doesnt support crossplay?

It’s baffling to me but in the defense of developers, crossplay isn’t something you can insert in any game in one day. Lots of hard work is required along with money and then there are licensing issues.

But even if there is no crossplay, you can still make the most out of the game on your own. It’s a multiplayer game, right? Why not enjoy and find friends on your same platform? Crossplay is a just feature that allows players to freely join each other in a single lobby but it doesnt affect gameplay by any means.

You are still playing the same game as you were before. Just chill out and make friends in your own world. And stay optimistic because developers can roll out the update anytime soon. There is no official announcement but we can only hope so much right.

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