Is The Forest Cross Platform In 2024? (PC, Xbox, PS5, PS4)

The Forest Cross Platform

Forest is the ultimate test of courage and survivability. It is a first-person perspective horror survival game, featuring a forest setting where you are against odds with hungry cannibals. You have to survive, provide yourself food, and most important of all, build a fortress to defend yourself.

There are not many horror games that feature cooperative multiplayer, but the Forest is an underrated gem. Being multiplayer, The Forest is an absolute blast with friends.

I know it’s a horror game, but if you play with friends, you can get comfortable and shrug off the horror atmosphere that can give anyone chills.

Your character spawns in a broken, torn-in-half aircraft that has crash-landed in the middle of The Forest. The story starts from here and you already get to know what happened.

You are a survivor of an Airplane crash and I would say you were lucky that you survived but this is the forest that we are talking about.

You may have survived and lived to see another day but not for long, those man-eating hungry humanoid walkers are hiding in the shadows. It’s like Minecraft but a rather horror version.

Once you have spawned, you gather the loot from the dead passenger luggage, use their money as fuel for the fire, and if you get too hungry, you may have to resort to eating human meat.

This game is all kinds of messed up but with a group of buddies, you are in for a good time. At least I was loving it every second I was playing, and it felt weird laughing while playing a game like this but you know how it goes with friends.

it is a multiplayer game of course, and one of the most important aspects of multiplayer gaming is the cross platform mode. Is The Forest cross platform? Let’s find out.

Is The Forest Cross Platform In 2024?

This is going to be hard, me being a bearer of bad news that Crossplay is not available in The Forest. What is cross platform? Cross platform is a term used to describe anything that is compatible with different devices.

In this case, The Forest is missing the crossplay compatibility. The Forest was released back in 2018 and since then it is only available on Windows and PS4. These are the only platforms that have access to The Forest, for PS players have the option to upgrade their version on PS5.

The Forest Gameplay image

It’s not an old game by any means so the lack of crossplay is surprising to me. Crossplay is in high demand nowadays among gamers. It is popular and rightfully so, this feature is convenient for most players.

Not everyone has multiple console devices lying around. Some people prefer consoles and some are hardcore PC builders. Crossplay allows both parties to join each and queue in a single lobby.

This eliminates the worry about buying another copy of the same game on another platform just so you can play with your friends.

Since The Forest lacks crossplay support, your only option left is to shift to another platform if you are willing to play with friends. You are most likely stuck with players on your platform (which is not a bad thing) but playing with friends is another thing.

Crossplay development is a long, tedious, and painful task for developers. They have to consider a lot of factors before making a decision.

Regardless of the player’s demand, developers have to monitor the daily player base count. If players are regularly playing their game then crossplay can be implemented.

The Forest gameplay using Molotov

The other factors are technical and require a lot of resources. You have to acquire financial help and spend extra time while developing unified servers for players.

Not to mention the instability of servers, latency, and Console/PC incompatibility issues. Things like these can often discourage developers to take any step.

And if you look at the positive side, developers of The Forest are neck-deep in the production of the sequel Sons of the Forest it makes sense as to why developers aren’t focused on introducing crossplay.

We are getting a sequel to an already amazing game so maybe after the launch of the sequel, we might see some updates for The Forest. Fingers crossed.

Final Verdict:

You are now aware of the status of crossplay as I am concluding this article. It is sad that crossplay is not available in this beautiful and fun game but there is nothing we can do. However, developers are making a sequel to The Forest so maybe that’s why there aren’t paying attention to this game.

I hope that they come back and revisit The Forest later sometime and give us some update about the Cross platform status. In a game where everyone has to stick together and fight hordes of cannibals to stay alive, communication and teamwork are necessary.

Once crossplay arrives you will be dropping into the deadly forest with your friends in no time but till then, hold it tight. And survive the night.

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