Is Street Fighter 6 Cross Platform? (PS5, Xbox, PC)

Is Street Fighter 6 Cross Platform Cover

Street Fighter 6 is a brilliant addition to the franchise, which is saying something because these particular multiplayer brawler games are exceptional and immensely popular among gamers worldwide.

Street Fighter 6 is pulling no punches when it comes to delivering exciting gameplay and new mechanics.

This time we see brand new features such as a 3D city landscape, cool outfits, and the same old fistfights that made this franchise famous.

Right now, the question that comes to mind is whether Street Fighters support cross play. In other words, cross-play seems necessary in a game that allows players to go against each other in hardcore fistfights and brawls.

And with friends, this becomes such an exciting and memorable moment it is hard to miss on cross-play. Let’s take a look and see what’s in it for us.

Is Street Fighter 6 Cross Platform?

Street Fighter 6 does indeed support crossplay, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Bawler multiplayer games like these benefits the most from cross-platform availability because of their gameplay structure.

You are pitting two players against each other in an arena, and those players are fighting for the victory.

In this scenario, you will queue with anyone on any gaming platform, which could significantly decrease the matchmaking queues, and each match will feel like a breeze to play.

Chun Li vs Ryu Street Fighter 6

Cross-play should be a norm in multiplayer gaming, especially in 2024. Everyone has friends, and not everyone owns the same gaming console.

If a developer is reasoning their game on multiple platforms, there should be a way to interact with each other.

Street Fighter 6 has some of the best online functionality I have seen in a multiplayer game recently, so cross-play being a part of this makes me glad that developers are listening to fans and taking care of this game.

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Does Street Fighter 6 have cross-progression?

Street Fighter 6 does service the fans with a cross-play option, but sadly, cross-progression is unavailable. If you are new to this game, choose carefully which platform to purchase Street Fighter 6.

No cross-progression means you cannot transfer your progress between gaming consoles. You are stuck on one platform and must start all over again if you want to switch from PC to Xbox or Playstation to PC. You get my point.

How to enable crossplay in Street Fighter 6?

Since cross-play is available, developers also give players a clear choice of whether they want to play in cross-play lobbies.

Since both have different input methods, console players may hesitate to queue against PC players. It could be balanced better.

How to enable crossplay in Street Fighter 6

And cross-play is not enabled by default, so if you are willing to play with other platform users. You have to toggle the cross-play manually. To allow the cross-play, go to the menu option in-game and look for a cross-play option.

Toggle in On. That it. It’s that easy.

What platforms is Street Fighter 6 on?

Street Fighter 6 is being released on multiple platforms at launch, giving players many options and variety to choose their medium and purchase the game’s copy.

Currently, the confirmed platforms are PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and 5. I said Right now, because this game is in open beta.

So developers may release this game on other remaining consoles such as Nintendo Switch or Xbox One.

Final Verdict:

The thing about cross-play is that it provides a lot of satisfaction and benefit to users, but at some times, it can feel overwhelming for some players.

The skill level on consoles is similar and on par with each other, but throw in a PC, and you will shatter the equal playing grounds to pieces.

PC players can efficiently pump up huge frames per second, which can improve latency and reaction, thus giving them an unfair advantage over consoles.

Fortunately, you can turn off the cross-play option to counter these issues, which may come at the cost of high queueing times.

Street Fighter 6 is a solid addition to this fighting franchise, and it continues to amaze me with its performances and exceptional cosmetics.

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