Is UFC 4 Cross Platform In 2024? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Is UFC 4 CrossPlay

If you are a fan of fighting movies, you must have seen characters engaging in brutal combat, doing stylized moves to counter any incoming barrage of attacks.

Every movement and punch is followed by another one in quick succession. It is exciting and thrilling to watch a well-choreographed combat scene.

UFC 4 is a fighting game that features the same style of combat known as Mixed Martial arts. Players face their opponents in the ring and when the bell rings, it’s time for a beatdown.

UFC 4 is exclusive to consoles right now, there is no PC version available. But that doesn’t stop this game from being entertaining, upon release it was met with praise despite being riddled with bugs and glitches.

You can see the hard work developers did when creating combat mechanics that mirror realistic movements. And you can choose from more than 200+ playable characters that are based on real-life UFc fighters. So for a hardcore UFC fan, it is going to be really easy choosing your main.

You can support your favorite fighter in real life and even play him/her in-game. But being a multiplayer title, does UFC 4 have crossplay? it is going to be fun going against a friend. But if he is on a different platform, crossplay is needed here pretty much.

Is UFC 4 Cross Platform In 2024?

UFC 4 or The Ultimate Fighting Championship 4 is a fighting/martial arts game developed by Electronic Arts Vancouver.

It is the fourth installment in the Electronic Arts’ Ultimate fighting championship series which kicked off in June of 2014 almost eight years ago with the first UFC game and after it in quick sessions of 2 years 3 more installments were released with the latest being UFC 4 being released in 2020.

As for the Cross Platform gaming part, it’s just a big brick wall which is very surprising, to be honest. As of now, there is no crossplay option in UFC 4 which is shocking considering EA has made its money-making intentions known far and wide to every corner of the world.

This goes without saying that as of yet you cannot play this game with another player who is not using the same console.

UFC 4 Gameplay snaps

Cross platform gaming is an online multiplayer feature that allows players utilizing different platforms to play the same games together.

While playing games, you will only encounter opponents who are playing on the same console or platform as you are but with the cross platform feature you can be playing on a ps4 while your teammates or opponents are playing with you using a PC or an Xbox, hell even a Nintendo switch.

It is a growing need of the community. We are all aware of this PS4, Xbox, and PC divide among gamers, and needless to say how bad the condition of frustration is when one is stuck to one single option.

You may prefer a PlayStation, and your friends might lean a little more towards Xbox but what is the use of fun in gaming when you are just simply not able to do it with the ones close to you.

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What Platforms Are UFC 4 Available For?

As of, now the game is only available for Ps4 and Xbox One. Which is not a very broad gaming base. By making it a console exclusive EA deliberately narrowed its base, something which doesn’t make sense but they must have their reasons behind such a choice.

why else would a company like EA deny itself a broader base of users which could easily translate enormous profit from the higher sales it would have made if it was available for each platform it is what it is.

In conclusion, as of now Sports Simulation game; Ultimate Fighting Championship 4 is both a Single and Multiplayer game exclusive only to PlayStation and Xbox and one which lacks a cross platform gaming option as of yet in 2024.

It may or may not be added in the future but it is impossible to say something for certain while keeping in view the current situation of events.

Final Verdict:

UFC 4 checks all boxes for hardcore action and fighting fans, and even for real-life UFC viewers there is a lot of stuff inside this game that could sell them instantly. However, no crossplay is hurting for this game despite only being available on selected gaming platforms.

No PC support is already terrible and then there is no crossplay that allows console players to merge and join in a single lobby. It is undeniable that crossplay is a major plus point of any multiplayer. You are giving players a convenient platform to hang on to without any worry about platform barriers.

New players benefit a lot from this as it makes them easier to choose their platform of choice but overall, crossplay is a matchmaking feature.

Even if your favorite game is missing crossplay, you can still enjoy the gameplay itself. Crossplay doesnt change or affect any of that in any way. Gameplay is fun and it is going to be fun.

Yes, it does hurts your chances of playing with your friends but nothing you can do about it except wait and be hopeful for future changes. You can always find new people and make friends on your platform. There is that option too.

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