How To Get Radiant Ore In Slime Rancher 2

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One of the most important and sought-after materials in Slime Rancher 2 is Radiant Ore. It has a square form and is multicolored. It is used in the Fabricator to improve and unlock particular skills, goods, or tools.

You can also improve your health, vitality, and many other things. The Jetpack is what matters most; you pass through it. One of the more difficult resources to get in Slime Rancher 2 is radiant ore, which you can only find by going a little further out of the road.

Even so, it’s well worth buying because it’s one of the materials required to make the Jetpack and will enable you to explore more places and find rarer slime pals. You may find obtaining it challenging because Radiant Ore needs a perilous voyage.

The struggle is not in vain, though, because you go across more and newer map sections. Radiant Ore can be difficult to get and requires more than one process. Here, I will provide you with straightforward instructions on how to locate them.

How To Get Radiant Ore In Slime Rancher 2

The game’s resources come in a variety of forms. Some can be obtained by simply picking them up off the ground, while others are tucked away in resource nodes and are only accessible by paying for a certain upgrade.

Since Radiant Ore is one of these resources, upgrading to the Resource Harvester is the first thing that needs to be done in order to obtain it. The player can access the Fabricator by traveling to the laboratory underneath the Observatory.

get the resource harvester in slime rancher 2

You can buy a Resource Harvester tool for 450 Newbucks and 10 Cotton Plort. Either one’s own Cotton Slimes or those found in the wild can be used to make Cotton Plort.

Finding the Pink Gordo, which is hidden on the northern side of the starting island now that you have the Resource Harvester, is your next task. Suppose the player has already engaged in some exploring.

In that case, it will be easy to return to where they were before after the Gordo has been located because the location on the map will be automatically marked.

The subsequent stage is to keep feeding the Gordo until it explodes since Gordos are a special kind of slime that catch fire when they are overfed.

where to find pink gordo in slime rancher 2

Even if the explosive binge may seem excessive for such a harmless game, it is at least handled cutely. The good news is that because this Gordo is pink, it will devour any fruit, meat, or vegetables that the player decides to throw at it.

A geyser will be discovered underneath the Pink Gordo once it explodes. Get on the geyser and travel there by riding the water’s spray once you have reached the ledge above. Once you’ve reached it, press the nearby button.

The player can teleport out of the ranch and into Ember Valley by performing this, which will cause a column of light to appear. As the player gets closer to finishing their objective, they learn that the valley contains Radiant Ore.

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location of radiant ore in slime rancher 2

Since its spawn locations are chosen at random, the player may need to search a little before they can locate it, and there may be some nasty slimes nearby.

The ore is in a resource node that looks like a gray rock with purple crystals organized in a rectangular pattern. Radiant Ore must be stored in an empty tank since the Resource Harvester will take it from the node when you utilize it.

The player must travel the world for numerous resource nodes to find enough Radiant Ore to complete the upgrade. Jetpacks can only be obtained once they have gathered 450 Newbucks, 10 Phosphor Plort, and 10 Radiant Ore.

The player can leave, stay at the Observatory for a bit, and wait for new resource nodes to appear if they are having problems finding the ore that is still there.

The player can also choose to go to Starlight Strand, which is accessible by speaking to a different Gordo on the first island and has the possibility of producing Radiant Ore. The only thing left to do after that is to go back and conduct some leisurely exploring.

Final Verdict:

The Jetpack in Slime Rancher 2 is one of the first Upgrades that players should be able to obtain from the Fabricator, however creating it will require Radiant Ore. Slime Plorts, mineral nodes, and liquid nodes can all be found in the starting area west of the Conservatory.

Furthermore, players will gradually understand that Radiant Ore is not present on this first island in Slime Rancher 2 as they discover the Rainbow Fields or other neighboring areas. This difficulty results from Ore’s nodes spawning in a different biome from the starting island.

Radiant Ore is one of the materials you must find in order to progress in the game. The preparation procedures that will get you to Ember Valley and Radiant Ore are detailed in the guide, so finding them will be easy.

You can find Radiant Ores in Ember Valley thanks to the abundance of rocks. This guide will make it simple for you to find radiant ores.

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