How To Make Bee In Little Alchemy 2?

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I have been having a lot of fun with Little Alchemy 2, and it has become my go-to game, especially when traveling on the Subway or just waiting for something. This game has me making combinations of different things for hours, and I can not stop playing it for my Life.

This game hooked me, especially with more than 700 items that can be created using different combinations.

These items can sometimes be effortless with one or two combinations, or you may have some work cut out to get others. Whichever category they might fall into, making a new thing in this game never gets old.

The topic at hand in this article is How to Make Bee In Little Alchemy 2. Bees are a little bit difficult to get in this game as it requires you to follow several steps.

But I will make it easy for you with this step-by-step tutorial. So without further ado, let us get right into creating some bees.

What Can You Make With Bee In Little Alchemy 2?

Before I go into how exactly you will go on and create some bees. First, I want to discuss what you can make with Bees in little alchemy 2. These are Beehive, Beekeeper, Butterfly Net, Egg, Honey, Hummingbird, Seed, Small, and Wax.

This list may not be as extensive as some of the other elements in the game; however, the things you create with bees can lead to many more things, which makes having this element in your arsenal worthwhile.

How To Make Bee In Little Alchemy 2?

There are two combinations to keep in mind to make Bee in Little Alchemy 2. The first combination is Animal and Flower, while the second is Animal combined with the garden. I am going to be using the first combination.

combinations to get bee in little alchemy 2

The first thing I am going to do is create an Animal.

  1. Water and Water combine to form a Puddle.
  2. Puddle and Puddle combine to make a Lake.
  3. Earth and Earth combine to make Land.
  4. Land and Land make a continent.
  5. The continent combines with the continent to make a Planet.
  6. Air combines with the Planet to make an Atmosphere.
  7. Water and the Atmosphere make a Cloud.
  8. Fire and Fire are going to release Energy.
  9. Energy and the Cloud combine to form lightning.
  10. Lightning combined with Lake makes Life.
  11. Land and Life combined will give you Soil and animals.

The next step is to make a flower using the following steps.

  1. First, you will combine Clouds and Water to make Rain.
  2. Next, you will mix Soil and Rain, which will result in a Plant.
  3. Cloud is then combined with Air to make Sky.
  4. Fire and Sky combined will give you the Sun.
  5. Combine Cloud and the Sun to get a Rainbow.
  6. Finally, combine a Rainbow with Plant, giving you a Flower.

With this, you are now all set to make a Bee. All you have to do is combine Flowers and animals to create a Bee.

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Final Verdict:

This sums up everything you need to know about making a Bee in Little Alchemy 2. There are a lot of steps involved in making a bee, but if you follow my tutorial, you will be able to make a bee from scratch.

I hope that you have found it helpful.

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