How To Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2?

How To Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2 Cover

Little Alchemy 2 is a fun game that can keep you busy for hours as you mix and match elements to create Life in the game. This combination of ingredients creates other ingredients, which in turn create more elements that give the game a feel that entertains and educates.

However, if you keep mixing for way too long, you might create supernatural beings. But I will keep it basic today as the element I will be exploring today is Grass, also called natures carpet.

Despite Grass being fundamental, you will still need to do a lot to get it in your game for the first time, as this will give Life to other species which are essential for the earth as we know it today.

So without further ado, let us get right into how to make grass in Little Alchemy 2. This will be a step-by-step guide, so you should follow along with me.

How To Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2

The recipe for Grass is pretty straightforward, and there are only two combinations that you need to remember. The first combination is Plant+Land, while the second combination is Plant+Earth. Get any of the two together, and you will get Grass.

two combinations of grass in little alchemy 2

However, you should realize that you do not have any of these in your ingredients from the get-go. So here is how you can get them.

First off, you are going to create some Rain.

  • You will mix Water and Water, which will create a puddle.
  • Next, you will mix two puddles to form a pond.
  • You are then going to combine two ponds, which will give you a lake.
  • Next, mix two Earths from your ingredients to form land.
  • Mix two Lands together to form a continent.
  • Combining the two continents will result in the birth of a planet.
  • Mix the planet with Air to get an Atmosphere.
  • Combine Water and atmosphere to get clouds.
  • Finally, blending together Clouds and Water is going to result in Rain.

Now you have Rain, let us get some soil.

  1. You are first going to mix two fires to disperse some energy.
  2. Mix that energy with the clouds you formed earlier to create Lightning.
  3. Combine Lightning with the Lake to bring Life.
  4. Combining Life with Land will net you two new elements, Animals and Soil.

Now to make some Grass.

  1. Mix the newly created soil with Rain which is going to create Plants.
  2. Combine Plants and Land, which is going to create Grass.

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Final Verdict:

Now that you created Grass, you have access to a huge variety of things you can create by combining them with other elements.

From Ants to Cows, to farmers, to oxygen, and so many other elements, you will need Grass to create all of them. I hope you have found my tutorial useful for making Grass in Little Alchemy 2.

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