How To Make Garden In Little Alchemy 2?

How To Make Garden In Little Alchemy 2 Cover

Gardens are fantastic to have in real life. You can sit back and relax over there, looking at your neatly manicured lawn, and have the time of your life just by looking at it.

Even though houses nowadays are becoming hard to own by themselves, I always appreciate a garden wherever I go, and I aspire to one day have one of my own.

Personal bickering aside, there is one Garden that you can quickly get, and that is the one in Little Alchemy 2. Do you want to know how to make a Garden In Little Alchemy 2? Follow along as I tell you how to make one in this straightforward step-by-step guide.

So without further ado, let us get right into it.

How To Make A Garden In Little Alchemy 2?

little alchemy 2 all possible combinations to make garden

There are a few combinations that you can use to get a garden. They are as follows.

  • Plant and Grass makes a Garden.
  • Plant and House makes a Garden.
  • Plants and lawns make a Garden.
  • Flower and Container makes a Garden.
  • Flower and Flower makes a Garden.
  • Flower and Grass make a Garden.
  • Flower and House makes a Garden.
  • Flower and lawns make a Garden.
  • Flower and Plant makes a Garden.

I will use the Flower and Flower combination in my step-by-step guide on making a garden in Little Alchemy 2.

  1. First, you will combine water and water to make a Puddle.
  2. Two Puddles combine to make a Pond.
  3. Pond and Pond combine to manufacture a lake.
  4. Earth combined with Earth will make Land.
  5. Land and Land are going to make a Continent.
  6. A continent combined with a continent will make a Planet.
  7. Air and Planet will make the Atmosphere.
  8. Water and the Atmosphere is going to make a Cloud.
  9. Water and Cloud will make Rain.
  10. Fire and Fire combine together to release Energy.
  11. Energy and Cloud are going to make Lightning.
  12. Lightening combined with Lake makes life.
  13. Life and Land combine to make Soil and animals.
  14. Soil and Rain will combine to make a Plant.
  15. Cloud and Air make Sky.
  16. Fire combined with Sky makes the Sun.
  17. Water combined with the Sun is going to make a Rainbow.
  18. Combine Cloud with Water to get Rain.
  19. Now combine Rain with Soil to get Plant.
  20. Rainbow and Plant combine to make a Flower.
  21. Flowers and Flower combine to make a Garden.

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Final Verdict:

This sums up my tutorial on How to make a Garden in Little Alchemy 2. Many other things can be created with the Garden.

These things include BBQ, Bee, Butterfly, Carrot, Fence, Flower, Gardener, Gnome, Greenhouse, Hedge, Hummingbird, Park, and Panic.

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