How To Make Sword In Little Alchemy 2?

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Little alchemy 2 does everything right. It is a masterful game that offers realistic combinations of elements and items to create things.

It leaves everything to the player’s knowledge and imagination which acts as the key factor in unlocking various combinations. And the best thing is you start with 4 basic elements.

Earth, fire, water, and air. And as you go mix them up with each other, you create more complex formulas and unlock combinations such as internet, life, car, or even immortality.

Start from little, and go big. Simple ideology executed perfectly. Just as with other things, you can also create a sword.

What do you need a sword for, except for slashing and killing? Well, you will be surprised how much you can do with a sword once you have crafted it in-game.

How To Make Sword In Little Alchemy 2?

Alchemy 2, just like alchemy, is a combination game where you work your way through different fusions using two different or the same things to make something new.

three combinations of making sword in little alchemy 2

The initial steps for making a sword in little alchemy 2 start with the basic elements like everything else, and then you build up on new combinations.

In case you were wondering, the basic elements refer to the four fundamentals of nature; Fire, water, air, and earth. Below are the steps that you’ll need to follow to make a sword in little alchemy 2:

Starting with the basics, combine the fundamentals, which are fire and earth. Fire and earth, upon fusion, will end up forming lava.

Once you have got lava, you need to fuse it with another fundamental, which is air. Lava will cool off upon its combination with air to form a stone.

And now you have acquired the stone, you need to put it back on the heat and combine it with fire. What this will do is give you the metal for the sword.

You have metal, but that still needs to be worked into a blade. To work the metal into the sword blade, you will need to combine metal with stone.

When you have the blade, all you need is to combine metal with blade to make a sword. To acquire more metal, you just have to follow the same procedure above and work your way through lava and stone. Combine it with the blade, and that’s how you will have a sword.

What Can You Make With A Sword In Little Alchemy 2?

There are numerous combinations to unlock once you get your hands on the sword so let me list them down in a bullet fashion.

  • Combine it with animals to get meat.
  • Do it with an ambulance to get a scalpel
  • Use it to get wax from a beehive.
  • Add even more blades to get scissors.
  • Use to cut the chicken into the meat.
  • A cook will turn it into a knife.
  • Can extract coconut milk from a coconut.
  • Electricity or energy will turn it into a light sword.
  • Sword fused with fabric will make a bandage.
  • Excalibur will be obtained if fusion is carried out with a Fairy tale.
  • Fish will turn it into a swordfish.
  • Leather can be procured by using a sword on a cow.
  • Pair it with grass to get a scythe.
  • Lake and legend, in combination, will also turn the sword into Excalibur.
  • Holy water will make it a Durandal
  • A ninja will make it a katana.

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Final Verdict:

And that’s how you can craft a sword and further use it to unlock different combinations. It’s an amazing game to burn time, and I just love how it feels like how the smallest things in the world can be crucial for survival and for the environment.

Those things benefit others in a way that you cannot believe. Sword, despite being notorious for being a deadly weapon, is actually quite useful in many situations in reality.

Even in little alchemy 2, you can use the sword to further explore and unlock combinations, which can prove to be quite useful, just like this guide.

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