How To Make Silk In Terraria?

Silk is an essential crafting material in Terraria that players need to create various items, from furniture to clothing and even weapons.

To make silk, you’ll need to gather cobwebs and craft a loom. With just a few simple steps, you can start producing silk in no time!

  • Collect cobwebs found in caves, valleys, and jungles.
  • Craft a loom at a sawmill using 12 wood.
  • Make a sawmill with 10 wood, 2 iron/lead bars, and 1 chain.
  • Use the loom to craft silk from 7 cobwebs per piece.
  • Silk is used for beds, banners, lanterns, and various clothing items.
how to make silk terraria

How To Make Silk In Terraria

In Terraria, silk is the raw material with which you can make many things like weapons, clothes, furniture, spawn hordes of enemies with silk, etc. It is also used in recipes like banners, Molotov cocktails, beds, etc. 

image of silk in terraria

However, you will need cobwebs and a ready-to-use loom to make it in the game.

 Materials required: 

  • Sawmill
  • Loom
  • Seven cobwebs

Every silk requires seven pieces of cobwebs. The cobwebs are easy to find, especially on the spelunking adventure. But, the more difficult thing is to have a loom crafting station for making silk. And a loom crafting station is made of 12 wood. 

Where To Get The Silk For A Bed

Now you might have a question like how to make silk in Terraria or how to get silk in Terraria.

There are two ways of getting silk in Terraria. You can either craft it with a loom crafting station with cobwebs or sawmill (you can find these things in the underground cabins). 

First, you need to collect cobwebs. Try to collect as much as you can to spin silk whenever you like. Cobwebs are easily available in underground places like jungles and valleys. You can use any weapon to retrieve cobwebs. 

Then you will need a sawmill to craft the loom. Sawmill requires ten wood, two lead bars, and chains for crafting. Once you have assembled ass this, you will be able to make your sawmill. 

Now, place your sawmill and stand next to it to craft your loom. The loom requires 12 wood. Once you are done, stand next to your loom to unlock the Terraria silk recipe.  Once the recipe is unlocked, you can craft your silk.

Another way to get silk is from the shop. The raw cobweb does not have any value, but one quantity of silk sells for two gold. So you can both buy it and sell it. 

Terraria Bed Resources

Creating a house in Terraria is an easy job, but creating a bed is pretty complicated compared to that. So before you can get to crafting beds, you will need to set up some crafting stations and gather some ingredients from different game places. 

But, there are no shortcuts to crafting a bed because you can’t buy it or retrieve it from some loot. You have to craft it. So, let us take a look at what you need to make silk Terraria beds:

  • Workbench (made with ten wood) 
  • A furnace (made with workbench + 20 stones + 3 torches + 5 woods) 
  • Iron ores ( smelt 15 iron bars to turn them into five iron bars)
  • Anvil 
  • Sawmill (made with 10 wood + 2 iron bars + 1 chain)
  • A loom ( made with 12 wood)
  • Silk ( made with 35 cobwebs and a sawmill)

How To Make A Bed In Terraria

Now that you know about the resources you need to make a bed in Terraria, it is time to learn how to craft a bed in the game. 

There is a long way to go before you can craft beds and use them to respawn. However, here is how to start with some simple steps: 

  1. First, you have to make a work bench with ten wood, press the ‘ESC’ key to open your craft menu, and search for the icon which has a workbench made on it.the work bench in terraria
  2. Once your bench is done, you need to make a furnace. Click on the workbench and combine three torches, 20 stones, and five woods to end up with a furnace. 
  3. Next, you need to get 15 iron ores because those iron ores will help make the anvil. Smelt your iron ore in the furnace to get five iron bars. 
  4. Click on your workbench to create an anvil by using iron bars.lead anvil in in terraria
  5. Next comes the sawmill. You will need ten wood, a chain, and two iron bars.sawmill in terraria
  6. Now make a loom with 12 wood at any sawmill that you crafted, and then use the loom to make silk with cobwebs. Thirty-five cobwebs will make five silk. how to make bed in terraria
  7. Finally, combine five silk and 15 wood at your sawmill to create a bed.

Once you craft your bed, you can take it to your house and use it as a respawn point or a resting point for your character.

How To Place A Bed In Terraria And Use It As A Spawn Point

Once your bed is made, you can take it to your house through your inventory. You will need a seven by five block space for placing the bed, and the walls of the house or room should be made of material other than dirt.

The player should build the place. You have to open your inventory and then click on the bed. After that, it will be placed in the correct place.

Terraria house
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Wherever you place your bed, that place will become your spawn point if you ever die in the game. But, if the bed is ever destroyed, then your spawn point will go back to the default setting. 

Once your bed is in place, you can also sleep in it, unless it is a blood moon when the time speeds up.

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How To Get A Loom And Sawmill

You cant get or buy a loom and sawmill in Terraria. Instead, you will have to craft them, and I will tell you how to craft both these things because they play an important part in crafting bed and silk. 


You need a sawmill that works as a crafting station to make a soft bed. It is also used to make different wood furniture. But, to make a sawmill, you will need the following resources:

  • Any ten wood
  • Any two iron bars
  • One chain 

We already discussed how you could get wood and iron bars, but you will need to take your iron bar to an anvil for getting a chain. Once you get a chain, combine it with other ingredients where you want to build a sawmill, and you will get it.


For crafting a loom, you first need a sawmill. Once you have a sawmill, you can take any kind of wood (12 quantities) to create the loom. Loom is important because you need it to craft silk and eventually craft the bed. 

The Final Verdict:

Hopefully, by now, you must have learned how do you make silk in Terraria and also know about a couple of other things like how to craft a sawmill and loom, etc. So, to make your home comfortable in the game, you need to first and foremost learn about how to craft silk in Terraria. 

Once you go through and follow my guide, you will be able to craft many essential things that will help you make your whole experience more wholesome. 

The best thing about keeping your bed in your house is that only you will be able to respawn there (if your house has walls).

Your house’s minimum requirement for you to spool is a 9×7 tile room with space above the bed for your character to spawn. Once you set the bed in the correct place, you will see the message that it has become your spawn point.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the easiest way to get silk in Terraria?

The easiest way to get silk is via the cobwebs; you can find cobwebs easily in almost every place of the game except the ocean, and the underworld, spider’s nest spawns cobwebs very quickly, so that is the ideal place to get them. Silk is an easy item to craft. You can craft one silk with seven cobwebs. 

Can you make a bed in Terraria?

Yes, you can. Beds can be crafted at the sawmill. If you have set up a sawmill, you will need five silks and 15 wood to craft a bed. The bed will serve as a respawn point for you. Every time you die, wherever you place it, you will be reborn in the place where your bed is.

How do you skip the night in Terraria?

The new version of Terraria (1.3 version) has a solution for skipping either day or night. It has an enchanted sundial which is a piece of furniture. It can skip the day or night cycle for you if you set the time of 4.30 AM on it. 

How do you get cobwebs in Terraria?

The easiest way to get cobwebs is to search for a cave full of spiders underground. These caves will have more than 100 cobwebs that grow back quickly. You can take them by any tool, running into them or spraying them with water or lava. Spider caves get the cobwebs quickest than any other place with cobwebs. 

What is silk useful for in Terraria?

Now that we have moved past the question of Terraria how to make silk, I will tell you what it is useful for. Silk is used in crafting many items like beds and fashionable clothing. But it is also used for decorating places like your home.

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