How To Sabotage In Among Us? (Full Guide)

Picture this – you’re the imposter in Among Us, and those pesky crewmates are being way too efficient at their tasks.

It’s time to cause some chaos and throw a wrench (or a few) into their plans. That’s where sabotage comes in, my sneaky friend.

As an imposter, you have an arsenal of sabotage options at your fingertips, ready to distract, deceive, and dominate.

So, let’s dive into the art of sabotage and learn how to master this essential imposter skill.

Trust me, with a little practice and a lot of mischief, you’ll be the sabotage king or queen in no time!

  • Use sabotage strategically to distract crewmates and create opportunities for kills.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different sabotage options on each map.
  • Coordinate sabotages with your fellow imposter for maximum chaos.
  • Fake tasks and blend in with crewmates to avoid suspicion while sabotaging.
  • Utilize critical sabotages like reactor meltdowns and O2 depletion to force crewmates to specific locations.
Sabotage In Among Us

What Is Sabotage In Among Us? What does Sabotage do?

It is an exclusive ability provided to impostors only. Just like the name suggests, the impostors can “Sabotage” other players’ objectives and manipulate them to stray away from their task so impostors can catch them off guard and kill them.

the sabotage icon in among us game

Depending on the size of the whole lobby, there could be 1-3 impostors, and everyone can sabotage the whole map.

Whether it’s cutting off lights or starting a nuclear meltdown (yup, this game is serious), you will have to stall your innocent, hardworking crewmates until you kill them off or accuse them of being the ones responsible for disasters and eject them off the map.

It is so fun, and you have to sabotage the whole crew while staying in the shadows. Don’t let anyone catch you.

There are few limits on your ability, and you cant use it freely as you would like to. After every sabotage, there is a cooldown that makes you useless for a few seconds, and you are forced to act like you are working to shake off any suspicious eyes until you are back in-game when your cooldowns end.

Sabotage Abilities

Sabotages come in different forms, just like there are various tasks assigned to crewmates, there are few ways to sabotage the whole map.

Consider this as an ability that only impostors can get. There are a few certain areas in-game that are accessible to sabotage, and they are enough to turn the tables upside down. Bringing the whole game to a halt.

#1 – Communications

This one is straightforward. There is a security room on each map for crewmates to observe the whole map through CCTV cameras. And being an impostor, if you are careless, you can get caught easily through these cameras.

Communication sabotage allows you to jam every signal on the map. The CCTV cameras will get disabled for a while, and crewmates won’t be able to see their tasks or access the heart monitor to check on everyone’s vitals.

You are making everyone paranoid, and when they are in trouble, it is best to shut them down into sleep forever

#2 – Lights

This one is my favorite of them all. It adds the thriller aspect to this game. So what happens is that if you sabotage lights, you are limiting the vision or sight to very little.

Crewmates will see very little in front of them, and they are blind in some way. However, impostors’ vision doesn’t get affected by this.

So if you are quick enough to kill someone, you can easily sabotage the lights and escape your way through vents. And with little to no vision, it is going to be hard for crewmates to find the body too. Adds a little suspense and tension to this game

#3 – Doors

Every room in this game has doors that connect them to other areas and rooms. So this option can be used on any door on the map, and this is a real slasher element right here.

You stay with your targeted crewmate to earn their trust, and when they are alone with you in some, You shut down the door and isolate them from everyone else.

They will know that you are the impostor, but what they are gonna do? Cry for help? It’s futile at that point. Just make it quick and vent.

#4 – O2

Oxygen, man, this is brutal if I were to be completely honest. By sabotaging the Oxygen, you are suffocating everyone to their unfortunate deaths. Of course, crewmates can prevent this sabotage in a few seconds.

It requires 2 crewmates to restore the oxygen but restoration points are in separate rooms. So you have got two innocent crewmates at your mercy, and if any one of them fails to restore the oxygen, the game ends in the victory of impostors.

So if you play your cards right, you can kill the crewmate before they even try to reach the oxygen room. No oxygen, no life. The game goes to you cunning impostors

#5 – Reactor

Not surprisingly, this is used quite frequently by many players. Maybe because of the severe nature of this sabotage. It is similar to oxygen sabotage, where two crewmates are required to stop the nuclear meltdown from happening.

However, in this case, they are in the same room, so you have to be careful if you want to make your move. If you play your cards right, you are looking at a complete nuclear wipeout. Impostors win again.

Why Should You Sabotage? Tips On How To Sabotage In Among Us

Just like every other player in your lobby, you are assigned the task. Crewmates have their own set of tasks, and impostors have a different set of objectives. It’s like yin and yang.

The polar opposite of each other. Crewmates try to do their work, and impostors intervene by ruining everything they have done, and the best way to do this is to Sabotage.

Without sabotaging, you are just giving crewmates a free pass to victory. You can’t just win the whole game by killing people. You have to set some traps, play mind games, and hope they fall into your prey.

gameplay image of among us

The first trick for successful sabotage is to stay together with other impostors. Depending on the settings by lobby leader, the impostors can be 1 to 3. And by any chance, if there are 2 impostors in the lobby and you are one of them.

It’s time to work together and pick up crewmates one by one. You will notice that most crewmates stick together because there is less chance of an impostor taking 2 people at once.

So your main goal is to split them and, when they are alone, corner them. Cutting off the lights from electrical is the best way to break apart their bond.

Half of the crewmates will run to the electrical to turn on lights, and the rest will cower here and there due to lack of vision. This makes them perfect prey for you and your fellow impostors.

Keep an eye on the security section of the map as there is always one player that neglects their duties as a crewmate and spends most of their time in security watching CCTV footage in hopes of catching the impostor in action.

among us sabotage the comms

Whenever you notice that this is the case, cut off comms and force them out of their comfort zone. Without comms, the CCTV cams are disabled, and they have to come out of the security sooner or later. Time your action right, or you will have a free kill in your hands.

Critical sabotages like oxygen depletion, or nuclear reactor meltdown should be left for the end. They work perfectly as finishers because if any crewmate fails to prevent the disaster, they all die, and the result is victory in favor of cunning impostors.

So after you have done most of your work and killed the majority of crewmates. Go for these critical sabotages; the fewer crewmates available, the better chances you have to stop them from fixing your sabotage.

You can play the double agent game, i.e., help fix and undo your own sabotage with your crewmates. You need to earn their trust before you make your ultimate move.

Shuffle between the roles of the impostor and fake crewmate without being too obvious. Hone your skills with these tricks, and in no time, you will be the ultimate killer whenever you get the chance to shine

Cooldown Starts After Sabotage Is Dealt With

There is one important thing that you need to keep in mind. After every attempt to sabotage, there will be a cooldown that will prevent you from sabotage.

This is a rule to stop impostors from spamming sabotages again and again. The cooldowns timer starts if your sabotage is fixed by crewmates.

Being familiar with the cooldown timers helps you to make decisions. You have to time your critical sabotage perfectly so that your crewmates have a higher chance of failing than success. Each map has a specific cooldown timer.

  • Skeld – 30 seconds
  • Mira HQ – 45 seconds
  • Polus – 60 seconds
  • Airship – 90 seconds

Final Verdict:

No one expected this game of tiny little astronauts killing each other would become a worldwide phenomenon, but here we are. This game was met with huge success and popularity that it has become a cultural icon, to which half of the credits go to memes, honestly.

To this day, the game has a large player base, and with crossplay available between PC and mobile, the player base is increasing.

And why wouldn’t it? Everyone loves to play as an impostor and sabotage their own crewmates without getting caught. The more you play, the better you become at being bad, and the faster you will clear out lobbies.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Difference Between Sabotage And Kill In Among Us?

Sabotage is an ability that allows impostors to ruin other crewmates’ tasks and help them gain an advantage over other non-impostor players.

Kill is another ability that will kill any crewmate once you are close enough to them. Kill distance can be set before making the lobby.

What Is The Best Among Us Sabotage?

There are various options available to sabotage all over the map. Cutting off the light and limiting everyone’s vision to a small radius is one of the best sabotage in the game, and it helps you gain an advantage over crewmates without getting in their point of view. No lights mean they will have a hard time finding dead bodies.

What Happens When The Reactor Melts Down In Among Us?

Reactor meltdown is one of the deadliest sabotages you can do in among us. Failure to stop the reactor meltdown will result in a complete wipeout, and the game will go in favor of impostors.

How Do You Sabotage Lights In Among Us?

When you press the sabotage button, you will be greeted with the whole map, and there you will see small white icons indicating that these are the sabotages you can use. Look for the electrical section of the map, and you will see an icon with the lightning symbol.

Clicking that icon will cut off lights for everyone on the map except the impostors, and while the lights are down, you have an overwhelming advantage against your crewmates.

What is the key to sabotage in Among Us?

Sabotages requires you to be stealthy and on your toe all the time. Once you have initiated your sabotage, you should be quick to follow up and take action before anyone else revert the changes done.

Electrical sabotage is annoying for your crewmates, and it helps you to stay in the shadows and get your work done. Always stay together and plan your sabotages with other impostors.

How to close doors among us?

When you are in the sabotage stage, you will notice various white icons on the map. Icons with cross or X indicate that the doors in these areas can be shut down just by clicking on them.

The whole section will be made inaccessible for other players, but these doors have a specific timer of 10 seconds.

After the timer ends, the doors will open immediately. If you play your cards right, you can trap an innocent, hardworking crewmate and finish them off swiftly without anyone else knowing.

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