How To Make Stone In Little Alchemy 2?

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Little Alchemy 2 is one of the best and easiest games that are available online. Irrespective of its simplicity, the game has the ability to get you hooked to it, and you can easily spend hours playing this.

The reason why I am saying this is because, recently, I have also been spending most of my free time playing Little Alchemy 2. In the game, your goal is to create different elements, things, items, life, and anything else you can think of.

It is simple to mix and match various items to find new and interesting things, but with some items, it can be challenging. One of the more challenging game items to obtain is stone.

But don’t be worried at all. Because today I will be telling you some easy and straightforward ways that you can use to obtain stone elements in Little Alchemy 2.

So stay with me till the end of the blog, and learn some tricks that will come in handy while playing Little Alchemy 2.

How To Make Stone In Little Alchemy 2?

Stone is one of those elements that you will be able to make at the early stage of the game, but you will be required to make some other elements before you can merge them to create the stone.

combinations of stone in little alchemy 2

There are many different ways that you can use to make the stone in Little Alchemy 2. Today I will tell you about 3 easy ways that you can use to make the stone element.

The first and the easiest method to producing stone in Little Alchemy 2 can be broken into two steps.

First, you need to mix the Earth element with the Fire element. Both of these elements can be found in the basic elements of the game. This way, you get lava.

The next step is to mix the Lava element with Air. Air can also be found in the basic starting elements of the game. And voila, you have made your Stone.

There are two more formulas that can be used to create Stone in addition to this one, but they are both difficult. But to obtain every possible Stone-making combination in the game, you still need them.

In order to create Stone for the first one, you must combine Pressure with Earth. Both of these elements can be found ago the basic elements of the game.

Finally, you can create Stone by combining Earth with Solid. Although this method may seem very easy at first, creating the Solid element itself is a very lengthy and complex process, thus, it makes making stone complex as well.

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How To Use Stone In Little Alchemy 2?

In the game, stone can be used to make a variety of useful items. For instance, creating Blade requires a combination of Stone and Metal. The Gargoyle, Moon, Coal, Moss, Boulder, Fossil, and Meteoroid can also be produced.

Some other elements that you can create using Stone are as follows:

  • axe
  • blade
  • boulder
  • brick
  • castle
  • chimney
  • clay
  • coal
  • excalibur
  • flour
  • fossil
  • gargoyle
  • granite
  • gravestone
  • hammer
  • hill
  • juice
  • land
  • lizard
  • metal
  • meteoroid
  • mineral
  • moon
  • moss
  • oil
  • ore
  • pebble
  • philosopher’s stone
  • pyramid
  • sand
  • sandstone
  • snowball
  • sphinx
  • statue
  • tool
  • wall
  • wheel

Why Is Stone A Necessity In Little Alchemy 2?

Stone is a very basic element that you will need in this game in order to create many new elements. This will help in producing things such as bricks, mountains, homes, and more.

All these new elements that you will be making using stone will then be used to later in the game to produce more new elements.

How To Make A Philosopher’s Stone In Little Alchemy 2?

Making a Philosopher’s stone is not very simple. For making this stone, you will need a special element that can only be found in a particular character pack, which is the Myths and Monsters pack.

You will need an immortality element that can be obtained from the Myths and Monsters pack. Once you have acquired that, you can merge it with either stone or rock to make the Philosopher’s Stone.

How To Make A Philosopher's Stone

There is one more way of creating the Philosopher’s stone, but that is a little lengthy and hard. You can also combine immortality with an alchemist to create the Philosopher’s Stone.

Once you have made the Philosopher’s stone, you can use it to make deity, elixir of life, and gold, among many other things.

How To Make An Immortality In Little Alchemy 2?

In the real world, achieving immortality is impossible, but when we talk about the world of Little Alchemy 2, that is not the case. I will tell you what you need to do in order to get your hands on immortality.

The first thing that you need to do is buy the Myths and Monsters pack. In that, you will find 4 basic elements, and one of those elements is immortality.

You can now use this to make 15 more elements such as Achilles, Baast, Book of the dead, and many more by combining different elements.

Final Verdict:

And with this, I will conclude today’s blog. I hope you liked everything that I had for you today. Making stone and other elements linked with this element is not very hard to make.

For some, you will need some special elements that can only be found in some specific character packs, but the rest are easy to make.

I hope you enjoyed the blog and use the tips and tricks that I found for you guys.

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