How To Get Goblin Eggs In Hypixel Skyblock?

How To Get Goblin Eggs In Hypixel Skyblock Cover

I wouldn’t ask you a silly question like do you know what Minecraft is? It’s like asking do you drink water? Minecraft is an iconic survival sandbox video game that is globally loved.

From kids to many adults, it’s such an unforgettable experience. Endless possibilities, and huge crafting mechanics.

It’s just a good old experience with friends. And not long ago, Hypixel Skyblock was released. Hypixel is a Minecraft minigame server platform created by Simon hypixel.

Skyblock is a minigame that is very similar to Minecraft, but as you play it, you will see how much it expands on the original game to the point that both games start to feel very different despite being similar at the same time.

It’s confusing, but overall it’s the same fun experience but bigger. In this very guide, I will show you how to acquire an item that is only found in Hypixel Skyblock and is very much nonexistent in the original Minecraft. The Goblin eggs.

How To Get Goblin Eggs In Hypixel Skyblock?

First, answer my question, please ‘What came first, the Goblin or the egg?”

The lore behind the eggs is quite concise and straight to the point, and just like their name suggests, they can obtain/dropped by goblins which are found in the Dwarven mines.

inside the dwarven mines in hypixel skyblocks
Inside Dwarven Mines Credits Hypixel

A rarity can range from being uncommon to being rare. It is an item that can be bought or sold, albeit the sale price is less than the buying price primarily due to a change of ownership.

This item is also traded, but it isn’t capable to be auctioned to a bidder and cannot be stored in a museum either. They come in different color variants of dissimilar rarity.

How Can I Get Enough Goblin Eggs For The Golden Goblin Quest?

It’s unfortunate that there is no secret to quickly accumulating such a huge number of Goblin eggs. Now we need a huge number of eggs so that the odds play in our favor because there’s only a slim chance of golden Goblin spawning from one egg throw. The more of them, the better.

The golden goblin in hypixel skyblocks

The secret ingredient, my friend, is time. The more hours you put in, the more eggs, you’ll have, and the better your chances. Time but with your wits included. Keep yourself from dying, and always use a bow.

What Are The Chances Of Getting A Golden Goblin From A Goblin Egg?

Golden goblins are rare creatures, and they run at first sight of any player. The chances of acquiring them are even rarer.

There are different statistics, some say that the spawn rate is only 2 out of 100, but others are generous at 1 out of 8. The experiments, however, favor the latter, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

If killing is not your thing, you could find goblin eggs in the chest at the painstakingly high cost of time, and if even still you have more time to squander, try mining in the Dwarven mines, and once every thousand blocks, you’ll get what you need.

Final Verdict:

Goblin eggs are pretty rare, and you can craft them for specific purposes. Like if you have 3 goblin eggs, you can acquire a king scent potion from King Yolkar and then use that to craft amber crystal. So if you really want to go and farm them, do it at an easy pace.

Hypixel Skyblock offers a lot of creative choices for players to go hunt, craft, and use in a fight, so I am not surprised that Goblin eggs can be used for something.

Oh, also, you can create a goblin omelet. It sounds gross, but you can use it to enhance the drill mining capability because the goblin omelet applies 50+ fortune on the drill. Have fun grinding these eggs.

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