How To Get Plague Keewar Warframe? (Easy Guide)

How To Get Plague Keewar In Warframe

I wouldn’t be lying if I said that this game was way ahead of its time when it was released back in 2013. This is such a beloved multiplayer RPG looter shooter that I cannot get enough of it.

It’s fast, fantastical, and features some sick-looking costumes. In space, you are a ninja, not just any ninja but a space ninja. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Open world space battles featuring PVP mode, underwater zones, and pets.

This game is a sci-fi masterpiece filled with superb items and over 50 warframes to choose from. A huge world that feels lively and filled with amazing cosmic mysteries.

Being a ninja, you should have your own melee weapon, and I know how to get one so powerful it might shock you and your enemies.

Plague Keewar is a melee weapon, obtainable, of course, that can be used in pretty broken builds. Cannot miss that, can we? Let’s take a look at how can we acquire this devastating melee weapon.

Is Plague Keewar Tradable?

The trading system is among the most unique and beneficial aspects of Warframe. Anyone should know how to do it because, through trading, you can advance all the quicker and increase your combat powers.

The Plague Keewar Weapon in warframe
Credits: Warframe

Just like in many massively multiplayer online games, trading in Warframe includes exchanging at least one item for another.

You can trade via any clan dojo. Now coming to the Plague Keewar, parts to be used with zaws aren’t eligible for trading, and even infested ones like the Plague Keewar are no exception.

How To Get Plague Keewar In Warframe?

Warframe is a free-action role-playing, multiplayer third-person online shooter game released and published by digital extremes.

It was first released for windows and then for other platforms. It is in perpetual open beta. It had about fifty million registered players by 2019.

A very popular and highly addicting game indeed. This game features such amazing weapons, but for now, let’s talk about the Plague Keewar and how to acquire it.

The Plague Keewar was introduced in update 22.3 back in 2017. It is a scythe or a staff head type weapon, pronged and ragged in appearance.

It is of soot black color without the slightest hint of gleam. The game description defines it as ‘An infested scythe or staff head strike that also deals Viral damage. Its heavy weight provides an increase in damage at the cost of speed.

This particular item is an infested strike for module melee weapons and provides viral damage. For acquisition of The Plague Keewar, it can only be obtained via the limited-time event “The Plague Star.”

When the Plague star event starts, the blueprints for the Plague Keewar can be purchased from Nakak. Nakak’s price is 2000 Standing plus 3500 credits.

The Plague event in warframe
Credits: Warframe

Certain other requirements include that you be of Rank 3 (Champion) and operational supply. Operational.

Supply is an event-exclusive syndicate run by Nakak. The Plague Keewar is fierce. Its stats include

  • 29% Impact
  • 18% Puncture
  • 30% Slash
  • 23% Viral

From the above Data, it’s clear its primary damage is Slash. This Strike also has a +4% status effect chance. Once again, it’s only compatible with Scythe and Staff-type weapons.

It occupies the melee slot and has an attack speed of 0.88x the animation speed. Its range in-game is a meter, while the sweep range is a quarter of that. Above, it has a 2.0x crit multiplier. Super deadly but slow. It’s a fair exchange, in my opinion.

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Final Verdict:

It’s up to you how you see this particular weapon if we talk about building it. You can pretty much build around speed, damage, or both.

One of the best links you can build with Plague Keewar is Vargeet Jai II. so hop on into the game, and wait for your chance to get plague keewar.

A plague war event is the only way you can acquire it, but once you have it in your hands. You can go ham and just go on to slaughter enemies. Start piling them.

I hope this guide was helpful and informative. Warframe is a great experience and a great game that still stands its ground after nearly 10 years since it was released. They just don’t make it like these anymore.

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