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Ever since I was a kid, I have always been very interested in playing video games. But over the last few years, I have been really busy with my work and studies and did not get time to play any games, and I missed out on some great video games.

Recently I have been trying to spend some time playing games and have been trying out some new games. I asked a friend of mine, who is a professional gamer, to suggest some good games. So he made me a list of some games that I should play.

So last weekend, I decided to start playing Last of Us Part 1. At first, I didn’t really like the game. It did not seem like the type of game I would usually play. I am more of a motorsports and wrestling games kind of person.

I was very hesitant about playing Last of Us, but my friend convinced me to give this a shot, and I can believe that I am saying this but listening to him was the best thing I did last week.

I fired up my PlayStation and spent my entire weekend playing Last of Us. I was so busy playing this game that I almost had a doctor’s appointment.

Anyways, I started playing this game, and I was in awe. The graphics were amazing. The gameplay was so smooth and mesmerizing. It was undoubtedly the best weekend ever.

But I did get stuck at some points during the game. Fortunately, I was able to get around those points, but after ending the game, I decided that I should make a guide about crafting in Last of Us so that other new players do not have to go through the same difficulties that I went through.

So stay with me till the end of this blog, as I will tell you about the things that you can craft in Last of Us and how you can craft them, and from where you can get material for them.

How To Craft In The Last Of Us Part 1

I won’t say that The Last of Us Part 1’s crafting is particularly difficult, but it’s effective enough to work well with the game and storyline. In the game’s crafting menu, you can create items by fusing various raw materials.

In The Last of Us Part 1, you gather raw materials from different sources and use them to create practical items. Finding these materials can be tricky sometimes.

There are also some upgrades available for these crafted items that you need to look out for throughout the game at various locations.

There are six main categories of items and materials that can be made in The Last of Us Part 1. Once created, these items can be further improved by locating various manuals buried throughout the game.

You can craft the following in The Last of Us Part 1:

  • Melee Weapon Upgrades
  • Shiv
  • Health Kits
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Nail Bomb
  • Smoke Bomb

Crafting To Upgrade Melee Weapon

Since it is a survivor horror, melee weapons of all kinds play a significant role. These weapons begin the game as basic tools, a wooden bar, for example, and after a few uses, they start to degrade.

On the other hand, when you arrive in Bill’s town, your initial modified melee weapon will be on the roof. It is an improved form of the fundamental melee weapon.

These newer weapons are more lethal and occasionally even capable of killing an infected person in a single blow.

These upgrades can be made and applied to the melee weapons that you carry.

Materials Needed: Blade, Binding, and Melee Weapon

Before moving on to the next area, make sure you scavenge every corner for the materials needed for any upgrades, which can be found scattered throughout the game. The following two manuals can help make these upgrades more effective:

Location of Upgrade Manual number one – Melee Knots

Image of training manual melee knots

It will give your melee weapon an extra hit. This means that your melee would be able to cause greater damage to the enemy and can become a lethal weapon for you in later stages of the game. It is on a table outside the ballroom at the Hotel Grand in Pittsburgh.

Location of Upgrade Manual Number Two – Melee Techniques

location of Melee Techniques manual

It can be found in the Abandoned Brick House in Chapter 6 (Suburbs). You can find it in the attic if you make Ellie climb up there.

Shiv Making

You will receive training in the use of shivs in the quarantine zone. These are essentially razor-sharp blades that can be used for sneak attacks or grab kills.

Although shivs do not prove to be as effective as the melee blade in the initial stage of the game, it becomes a very powerful tool later on.

how to craft shiv in last of us part 1

They are essential for eliminating beasts like Clickers because you can’t simply strangle them; instead, a shiv is needed to sever their neck.

Shivs lose their effectiveness after use, just like melee weapons. Each Shiv initially only allows you to use it once, but if you can locate the appropriate manuals (upgrades), you can extend the frequency with which you can use a single Shiv.

Now, the following supplies are needed to make a shiv:

Materials Needed: Blade and Binding

  • You can find upgrades for a Shiv in the following places:
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number one – Shiv Sharpening
  • Just after Bill saves Joel and Ellie, you can find it in Bill’s Town. In the bar, look for the manual.
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number Two – Shiv Reinforcement

Pittsburgh’s Hotel Gran Lobby Safe is where you can find it. To make it function, you will require a “Note to Staff” artifact. Shiv reinforcement will ensure that the shiv continues to be usable even after numerous applications.

Health Kits Crafting

Health kits are essential for your survival because the infected can often catch you off guard. Using these kits, you can recover your health.

how to craft health kit in last of us part 1

It is advised that you restore health while hiding in cover because it takes some time, and enemies can still attack even if you are wearing your backpack.

You will need the following to create a health kit:

Materials Needed: Rag and Alcohol

  • By locating the following manuals, you can increase the amount of health a kit restores:
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number one – Health Splinting
  • It can be found in Pittsburgh on the shelves on the left side of the second floor while you are in the garage (Hunter Camp).
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number two – Health Sterilization

Use the stairs on the other side of the building to cross the courtyard while you are inside the university. Climb out of the room and enter through the room to find this manual.

Molotov Cocktail Crafting

These are the standard explosives that you can employ to quickly eliminate numerous enemies. A molotov cocktail requires the following ingredients:

how to craft Molotov in last of us part 1

Required Needed: Rag and Alcohol

As long as the enemy is close by, a Molotov explosion will leave a burning area that will continue to deal damage. Molotovs can also be improved by locating manuals, just like other crafted materials:

  • Location of Upgrade Manual number one – Molotov Construction
  • It’s on a desk in the apartment right after you meet Sam and Henry at the Hunter City checkpoint. The molotov’s radius was increased by the upgrade.
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number two – Molotov Usage

Use the shiv to unlock a lecture room on the second floor of the science building after you arrive there. You can find this manual on the first table there.

Nail Bomb

Bill introduces you to the nail bomb, one of his artistic creations. It basically functions as an explosive booby trap that detonates upon contact with an enemy.

how to craft nail bomb in last of us part 1

Similar to the claymore. You can make it with the following supplies after Bill gives them to you:

Materials needed: a blade and explosives.

  • The locations listed below are where you can find its upgrades:
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number one – Nail Bomb Containment
  • While in the sewers, you can find it in the suburbs. You can find it on the shelves after having dealt with the sound alarm and getting a new handgun. The bomb’s range is extended by the upgrade.
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number two – Nail Bomb Sharpnel

It is located on top of a truck that is titled in the tunnel’s vertical direction in Bus Depot (underground tunnel). The nail bomb’s radius will increase thanks to the manual.

Smoke Bomb

It can be used to stun enemies in addition to breaking lines of sight. To make a smoke bomb, you’ll need the following supplies:

how to craft smoke bomb in last of us part 1

Materials Needed: Explosives and Sugar

  • You can find the following manuals to upgrade a smoke bomb:
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number one – Smoke Chemistry
  • It is located in Tommy’s Dam’s turbine control room. Around the panel, it is present.
  • Location of Upgrade Manual number two – Smoke Shaping

Make your way to the second building on the left side of the Lakeside Resort when Joel awakens. You should proceed to the back alley after the room. Open the shed there to find the manual.

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Final Verdict:

I hope that today’s blog proves to be beneficial to you all. I have tried to cover most of the points. Like I told you earlier, I haven’t been playing games for a very long time, so there might be some details that I might have missed out on, but I have tried to cover as much as I can.

Here’s to hoping you have as much fun playing “The Last of Us” as I did, and we talk again soon regarding my experience about another game.

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