How To Make Blade In Little Alchemy 2?

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The popular new game Little Alchemy 2 is a follow-up to Little Alchemy. It is a straightforward yet addictive entry point into the alchemical universe.

Discover new materials by transmuting various things and elements, then mix those materials with already-existent objects to make an infinite number of fascinating discoveries!

You have to combine items in the game to produce new creations. In order to finally unlock every object, additional elements must be combined. This article describes the combo path you must follow to create a blade.

In the game, creating Blade is rather simple. To create the thing, you will only need to create the base components and start putting them together. However, the correct recipe is a must because it is the secret to winning this game.

But if this is your first time playing, let me show you around. Players in Little Alchemy 2 must combine Earth, Air, Water, and Fire to find various objects. Let’s see how to make Blade in the game without further ado.

How To Make Blade In Little Alchemy 2?

In your world, the Blade element will be quite important. You will undoubtedly be able to find many more things relating to it. But first, I must make the essential components needed to get Blade.

The two essential elements of the Blade element are Stone and Metal. Also, don’t worry because combining a few simple elements will be enough to get the Blade element. With that said, let’s get started making the materials necessary for Blade.

First: Make A Stone

little alchemy 2 how to get stone

The Stone element is a crucial component of Blade in Little Alchemy 2, and it is required. Additionally, owning Stone could be helpful because it is one of the game’s most essential components. However, the following instructions will help you create the Stone element:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Air + Lava = Stone

One thing to note is that Little Alchemy 2 is only sometimes filled with thrills and excitement. Often all you require to construct basic items, as I just did, is a cup of tea or coffee. You’ll rest more soundly and be ready for your subsequent trip.

As a result, you’ll be able to use your creativity to investigate even more aspects.

Second: Make Metal

However, in the modern era, I use metals to make blades. Although ancestors may have used stones to make tools, they lack the accuracy and toughness of metals. In order to create Blade, Little Alchemy 2 gives priority to the Metal element.

In the actual world, there are numerous ways to acquire the metal. For instance, by smelting the ores of various metals that are embedded in rocks, the metals can be produced. That implies that in order to produce Metal, I must smelt the Stone element just produced.

To obtain the Metal element, follow the instructions. Metal is created when you combine stone and fire. In Little Alchemy 2, one of the essential elements is Metal, which is similar to Stone.

Metal in little alchemy 2

Therefore, using this advice and getting the Blade element will surely be beneficial. However, I am very near to obtaining the desired element. So let’s move forward without wasting any more time.

Third: Make A Blade

Metal + Stone = Blade

I will only spend a little time now that I have all the essential components needed to make Blade. You must combine stone and metal to create the blade:

little alchemy 2 combinations of blade

Step 1: Drag the stone onto the playing board after choosing it in the Elements section.

Step 2: From the Elements menu, choose metal and drop it on the STONE that you already placed on the game board in Step 1.

Salute yourself loudly! You obtained the Blade element by correctly following the instructions. Your voyage hasn’t ended yet, though, because there’s still more to come.

The Blade element actually enables you to make dozens of other elements, so I hope you’re ready. Since blades are typically used to make tools and weapons, it goes without saying that you will be able to make a variety of tools and weapons.

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Final Verdict:

Additionally, the game lets players discover the universe’s mysteries by dragging and clicking various objects.

A wide range of materials and objects, including Dogs, Farmer, Flower, Stone, Philosophy, Grass, Good, and others, are available in Little Alchemy 2. The list may go on indefinitely since Little Alchemy 2 contains all the ingredients you can think of; thus, it does not end here.

The blade is one of the over 700 objects in Little Alchemy 2 that you may combine to create other items. Given that obtaining it doesn’t require too many steps, this item can also be found quite early in the game.

In Little Alchemy 2, all you have to do to create Blade is that. Now in the game, you can combine Blade to create various objects. In order to create something new, keep combining.

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