How To Solve Stone Puzzles In Slime Rancher 2

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Despite early development, the latest Slime Rancher game has garnered a small yet loyal fandom that likes to explore the world and find hidden treasures which will enable them to upgrade their equipment.

I am one of these players who liked the game so much that I offered to write these guides for those who want quick and easy ways out of situations they may find themselves in during their gameplay.

One of these situations rears their heads when you notice blocked paths that do not allow you to enter them, which also consist of many sealed doors.

You may be thinking about whether or not these places are worth your while, as the game does not give you any specific instructions on how you will go on and open these doors.

So to make this easy for you, I will tell you how to solve stone puzzles in Slime Rancher 2. All you have to do is follow my instructions and be on your merry way as you go on and beat this game.

How To Solve Stone Puzzles In Slime Rancher 2

The plot goes something like this; You are walking around and see a door in your pathway. You try to open that door, but it is not budging. You look above the door, and there is this slime statue with glowing eyes.

You look at the statue more closely and discover a small opening in the slime statue’s chest that is meant to house a diamond.

Well, that’s going to be your cue for finding that one specific diamond for that doorway you are not going to find, and you end up googling how to open that door which leads you right to this article.

solution of stone puzzle in slime rancher 2

Well, that’s a good thing you ended up here, as opening these doors is very easy to achieve, and you do not need to go on a goose chase to open them.

All you need here is a diamond-shaped plort made of the same material that the statue is made up of. Install that plort in the chest, and Viola! The sealed door is going to open.

Tip: You need to find a “Batty Plort” for the statue that looks just like the “Batty Slime” and a “Phosphor Plort” for the statue that looks like “Phosphor Slime” and so on, you got the idea right?

What is a Plort, I hear you ask? No, it is not exactly what you are thinking about but somewhat related to it. A plort is the reward or the byproduct you obtain from a slime as you feed them using food like hens. These plorts can also be obtained from the market and gained as a reward.

However, you still need the same material of Plort that the statue is made of. Let’s say you find a door with a statue made up of cotton above it.

To unlock it, you will need the same material of plort, which in this case is going to be cotton. Put that plort by shooting it in the diamond-shaped hole in the slime statue’s chest, and the door will open.

Opening that pathway is going to reveal a lot of things which may include treasure pods. You may also find caves with many hidden things, like chicken, money, or slimes, which you can add to your inventory.

stone puzzle solved in slime rancher 2

There may be other uses for opening these pathways. For example, they can also be a teleporter, allowing you to move around the world faster.

Say you open a sealed doorway, which may be a teleporter to another part of the map. So it is worth it for you to open these worlds.

Apart from these Stone Puzzles, you might also find yourself looking at a Gordo blocking a certain pathway. These Gordos are, despite being somewhat harder to handle, good news as popping them is going to open a doorway to a cave where a lot of rewards are waiting for you.

slime rancher 2 feeding the pink gordo

To pop these Gordos, you will need a specific amount of food which may include a particular type of hen or chicken with an exact amount. Once they are packed to the brim, they are going to pop. At that point, you will vacuum them to add to your slime collection.

The doorway they were blocking is going to lead to a cave where you are going to find a lot of stuff that is going to be helpful to you in beating the game.

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Final Verdict:

This sums up my discussion on How to Solve Stone Puzzles in Slime Rancher 2. These stone puzzles are straightforward and only need you to get a certain plort made up of a specific material in the world. Once you get it, shoot the statue in the chest, and you will open it.

It would be best to look out for the Gordos blocking certain pathways. These can be somewhat hard to crack, and However, Once you have opened them up, they can reveal a lot more treasure than the stone puzzles ever will.

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