How To Unlock MW2 Oni Operator And Blueprint?

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Modern warfare 2 is changing things a little bit this time, and it’s for the good. We got the revamped and improved Gunsmith 2.0, a new weapon platforms system that grants you a receiver and makes the grind less tedious.

But it’s still Call of Duty; there is that familiarity that keeps OG players in the game and even brings in new people. It feels nostalgic while, at the same time, the developers are adapting to modern multiplayer game structures.

Modern Warfare 2 campaign gave us a look at our favorite old characters that are iconic to the franchise. We saw our Ghost, Soap, and Price in the storyline, and these characters are playable in the multiplayer mode once you unlock them.

However, there are some new faces to be seen, such as a completely badass samurai operator named Oni. The way he looks is so menacing, and I love it.

And just like any other operator, he needs to be unlocked. Let’s look at what you need to do if you want to unlock Oni and the Oni bundle.

How To Unlock ONI Operator In Modern Warfare 2 And Warzone 2.0

Update: As of now, you can get a free Bundle from the in-game Call of Duty Store containing the Oni operator, “Combat Pack” this contains 7 items, including the Oni operator, 2x weapon blueprints, and some other stuff.

Warzone 2.0 Combat Pack Oni Operator

Modern Warfare offers a lot to the community in terms of great gameplay, fast gunfights, and amazing cosmetics. Just like any other competitive multiplayer, the battle pass is available for purchase and provides you with tons of stuff, skins, and weapon blueprints.

Clearly, they are adapting to the modern, or you can say typical, monetization structure in-game, and it’s been like this since Modern Warfare made its comeback in 2019.

Operators’ skins are not so different, and they have to be unlocked for you to equip them. Hiro Watanabe, hailing from Japan, Oni operator is a new addition to Modern Warfare 2, and he is one of the playable operators that is hopping into the battle royale Warzone 2.0 too.

Aside from the Operator himself, the Oni bundle includes a melee weapon, a dual-wielded Kodachis named Aomi, and a blueprint for an assault rifle M4 which is absolutely capable of shredding your enemy in milliseconds if they dare to oppose him on the battlefield. Oni, in Japanese, refers to the devil, and he certainly lives up to his name.

Oni Operator Pack Contents

These are not the only contents of the bundle. You receive a bunch of cosmetics items, calling cards, weapon charms, emblems, and whatnot. This is a whole package that could be bought for money, but I have got good news and bad news; which one do you wanna hear first?

Let’s start with the good news. The good news is that the Oni operator bundle is an exclusive item, and the process of acquiring this bundle is super easy. You just need to grab your credit card and pre-order the Modern warfare 2 digital edition in order to unlock the whole bundle.

But the bad news is that it is an exclusive item, and you can only unlock the Oni operator bundle if you pre-order your digital edition copy on a Playstation console.

Modern Warfare 2 Oni Operator Pack

This whole bundle is locked behind a paywall that is only available to a small portion of players. This is quite an ugly situation here.

You cannot add him to your skins collection if you are on PC and Xbox, only PlayStation players have this privilege, and you can blame this on Activision and their deal with Sony about exclusivity.

Such a cool-looking concept of an Operator, and most of the players cannot acquire him? I am pretty sure that despite cross-progression being a thing in this game, this item cannot be transferred to another platform because of this bundle’s exclusive nature.

But wait, don’t get the mood down. This is just cosmetic skin. Playstation players will not benefit from anything else. There are no buffs, special abilities, or weapons that will give them an extreme advantage over everyone.

Oni Operator in warzone 2

There is also a high chance that we might see this bundle in the future on the rest of the platforms. It’s just this exclusivity deal that is hurting the players, and if this deal continues, we might see more stuff like this locked and restricted to one platform.

Maybe Microsoft will also start copying this structure to capture the fanbase; who knows? But once this deal is off, you will see this Bundle soon in the store, available for everyone.

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Final Verdict:

Call of Duty has always been a hit-or-miss franchise. Modern Warfare 2019 was a huge hit, and on the other hand, Call of Duty Vanguard wasn’t that great, in my opinion.

But this time, it is hitting all the positive points in my book, and playing this game reminds me of why I love this franchise so much.

It’s like they are expanding and providing us with better, bigger content with every AAA release. Modern Warfare 2019 was fantastic, and this new sequel is hitting all the right boxes in this game.

But the exclusivity and locking things behind a paywall will always be a miss. Not just for me but for anyone playing this game.

Fans are already quite disappointed that one of the coolest-looking skins, along with a blueprint for arguably the best assault rifle in this game, is unavailable for the majority of the fanbase.

This needs to change as soon as possible, and I hope in the future, we see more unique and creative operator design in this game, ones that are available for everyone.

It is a good-looking game with some of the most iconic faces in video game franchises, so why not show some love to this huge community filled with die-hard fans?

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