How To Use Upgrade Fabricator In Slime Rancher 2

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Slime rancher 2 is a pretty exciting game, to say the very least. I played many hours in the original Slime Rancher, and the latest one amps up the ante despite being in early access.

However, with the new game, I have also had a lot of questions from my friends about certain game mechanics.

I have been up to my nose about people not knowing where they can find the upgrade fabricator and how they can use it.

For some reason, the Tutorial does not explain how you should use the machine and create the items you will need or upgrade them as the need arises.

However, You should not worry, as, in this article, I will try to do a better job than the game itself to explain how to use the Upgrade Fabricator in Slime Rancher 2.

How To Use The Upgrade Fabricator In Slime Rancher 2

The Fabricator returns in the latest installment of Slime Rancher, which you can use to craft and upgrade your equipment.

However, many people are still confused about its location due to the game not doing a good job about explaining its location in the tutorial.

First up, I will discuss the Upgrade Fabricator’s location. When you first spawn into the conservatory, there are a lot of things you are going to see.

However, the upgrade fabricator gets mixed in translation as you need to progress a little further before you need to use it.

So, in the Conservatory, You are going to the left where you should see the Plort Market. Right next to it, you should find a stairway. Traverse down those stairs, and you should find a lab where you will find the refinery and the upgrade fabricator.

refinery and the fabricator Location

Now the next thing people have been asking is how to use the Upgrade Fabricator, which is not spelled out in the tutorial very well. People have reported having the right things needed to upgrade their equipment yet unable to do so.

Well, that is where the refinery and the fabricator are linked. So to use the upgrade fabricator, you will need to shoot the plorts or other things into the refinery so they are available to use in the fabricator.

Once you have shot the items into the refinery, they will be ready for fabrication and use in the upgrade fabricator.

However, do keep in mind that once you have fed something to the refinery, you cannot get it back, so be mindful of this when you commit something to it.

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feeding the refinery to use the fabricator

Here are a few things that you can get from the Upgrade Fabricator. First up is the Heart Module, which will net you 50% extra health in the beginning.

This is a must-have upgrade if you are going to traverse the game while you play with dangerous variants of slime.

Next up is the Tank Booster, which will allow you to increase the capacity of your tank. This will mean that you can carry additional plorts, slimes, or other items you want. Or, if you want extra room, get the tank from the Upgrade Fabricator.

The Dash boots are excellent to craft and equip using the upgrade fabricator, as this will allow you to consume less energy as you dash through the world. The water tank is also a helpful upgrade as you can use this to your advantage as you spray slimes in the face.

all the upgrades in fabricator

Another worthwhile upgrade to have to help you traverse the beautiful vistas of Rainbow Island is the jet pack. This will allow you to easily reach those out-of-reach ledges and areas, making it an excellent addition to the game and the player’s arsenal.

Finally, the last must-have upgrade you can have using the Upgrade Fabricator is the resource harvester, which is useful, especially if you want to unlock other late-game improvements.

With these Upgrades I have listed to you, it is safe to say that the Upgrade fabricator is a helpful addition to the game, and you should use it to unlock some good upgrades I mentioned above.

Final Verdict:

This sums up my discussion about using the upgrade fabricator in the game. The confusion arises from the need to deposit your resources into the refinery, which is poorly explained in the game.

However, once you get the hang of using this machine, you will be well on making those upgrades you will need to beat the game.

So, to sum up, all you need to do is shoot the resources in the refinery, which will make them available in the Upgrade Fabricator.

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