All Gordo Slime Locations In Slime Rancher 2

All Gordo Slime Locations In Slime Rancher 2 Cover

Slime Rancher 2 is a lot of fun; just when we thought that the original could not be topped over, we have a sequel that is bigger and better in every way, and we are taking our time to enjoy it.

The game has a to of exploration that needs to be done, including Gordos. These are giant slimes that you will have to find around the world of Slime Rancher 2.

Now, these are not as common as the standard-sized specimen; this means that you will have to work harder to find these Gordo Slimes in the game. Worry not, as we are going to guide you about all Gordo slime locations in Slime Rancher 2.

We have made sure that if you are looking to play the games on your terms, you at least have access to all the best offerings without any confusion coming in the way. So, let’s not waste time and start exploring, shall we?

All Gordo Slime Locations In Slime Rancher 2

Now, the thing about finding Gordo Slimes in Slime Rancher 2 is that coming across them or finding them is only part of the puzzle.

This means that you cannot just venture onto their location and be done with it, as you have to make haste and do some other tasks involved, too.

For starters, once you do find these Gordo Slimes, you will have to get them out of the way by feeding them and then making them explode into smaller slimes.

I know it does sound sinister but trust me, this game has nothing sinister about it, and everything is more or less friendly.

Since we are on the topic of getting a Gordo Slime to explode is no easy task, as it can take a lot of food.

However, the shortcut to it is that if you go ahead and give the slime its favorite food, it will speed up the process. Thankfully, you will know that they are eating their favorite food if you see hearts around them.

With that said, let’s look at all the locations below, so you do not have to worry about getting things right. There are a total of 13 Gordo Slimes in the game, and we are listing every single one.

#1: Rainbow Fields Gordo Locations.

Rainbow Fields is one of the best areas that you can explore while playing Slime Rancher 2, and now, we are going to take a look at all the Gordo Slimes that can be found in this area. There are 3 found in the Rainbow Fields, and you can look at them below.

Pink Gordo Slime: This one can be found in the northwestern area of the Rainbow Fields. You will need to head through a small opening that you can see on the right when you first reach the area with the Tabby Slime.

Slime rancher 2 Location of the pink Gordo slime
Pink Gordo Location

The good thing about Gordo Pink Slime is that it has no favorite food and will eat anything, and when it is fully fed, it will burst into several smaller pink slimes and reveal a water jet.

By using the water jet, you can then reach the higher ground. From there, just walk along the path up there until you reach the teleporter that will take you to the Ember Valley once activated.

Cotton Gordo Slime: Next up, we have the Gordo Cotton Slime. For those who are looking for this one, you can find this one in the southern area of the Rainbow Fields.

You will have to go ahead and look for a small incline that will take you to a hidden area. Now, when you come across this Cotton Slime, you have to feed it veggies and specifically Water Lettuce.

Slime rancher 2 Location of the cotton Gordo slime
Cotton Gordo Location

Make sure that you are stocking on these resources. When it is full, it’ll explode, creating a lot of Cotton Slimes, and aside from that, it will also open a cave.

Inside the cave, you will find another device that you can activate to make the teleporter come online. This is a straight way to the Starlight Strand.

Phosphor Gordo Slime: For this Gordo, you will need to head over to the south from the Conservatory and keep going until you see the dock; move past that. You will see a crack that is formed by two pieces of a cliff leaning against each other.

Then head through there and look back to the right so you can find a cave with Gordo Phosphor Slime inside. This slime loves Cuberry; make sure you have a lot of fruit on you.

Slime rancher 2 Location of the phosphor Gordo slime
Phosphor Gordo Location

Once it explodes, it opens the cave area behind, which should give you access to some really good resources as well as a gate that you can open.

You can shoot the slime statue with a Tabby plort, and this will open a gate that will allow you to traverse across the Rainbow Fields.

#2: Ember Valley Gordo Locations.

When you are looking at the Ember Valley, you are going to find five Gordo Slimes there, we are going to take a look at each of them and list them all below.

Boom Gordo Slime: This slime is something that you will find all the way in the west of Ember Valley; it loves to eat meat, specifically Briar Hen.

Location of the boom gordo slime
Boom Gordo Location

Once you feed it, it will explode with several Boom Slimes and will open a new cave area where you can find collectible pods and some plot secrets, too.

Batty Gordo Slime: This slime can be found in the cave area of the Ember Valley. The entrance can be found where the yellow and brown areas are joining each other, just to the side of the warning sign about the danger.

Location of batty gordo slime
Batty Gordo Location

The diet is fruit, with the favorite food being Pomegranite. It will turn into several Batty Slimes once fed properly and will open a new entrance to this cave, which will make it easier to traverse the Ember Valley.

Rock Gordo Slime: Next up, we have the Gordo Rock Slime. This one is found in a hollow that is between a circle of cliffs towards the east of Ember Valley.

You can ascend these cliffs using a jetpack and then fall down on top of it, but don’t fall too far as the Gordo Slime itself is on a pillar that is too tall for you to reach from the bottom.

Location of the rock gordo slime
Rock Gordo Location

This slime loves veggies, especially Heart Beet. Make sure you have plenty of them with you, and once it explodes, it will let out a lot of Rock Slimes, and you will also get access to a water jet which will make the whole getting out of the area much easier.

Crystal Gordo Slime: The Gordo Crystal Slime can be found towards the north in Ember Valley, in an area where there are a lot of cliffs and waterfalls. It loves to eat veggies, especially Odd Onions.

Location of the Crystal Gordo slime
Crystal Gordo Location

Once you feed it to the brim, it explodes into Crystal Slimes and opens a water jet which is helpful if you want to explore this area.

Tabby Gordo Slime: You can find this slime in the far north of the Ember Valley on a small island that you will be able to reach using a jetpack. The easiest way there is by heading north from the Crystal Slime, especially if you already have the water jet unlocked.

Location of the Tabby Gordo slime
Tabby Gordo Location

This Gordo Tabby Slime eats meat and loves Stony hen, and when you have fed it enough, it will explode into several smaller Tabby slimes, and opens a teleportation link to Rainbow Fields.

#3: Starlight Strand Gordo locations.

The last five Gordo Slimes will be available in the Starlight Strand. Let’s look at how you can find them.

Hunter Gordo Slime: The first one is the Gordo Hunter Slime, and this one can be found blocking a cave in a small beach area towards the south of the purple area that is found in Starlight Strand.

Location of the Hunter Gordo slime
Hunter Gordo Location

You will have to access this slime through the north, and it loves eating Roostero. Once fed, it breaks into smaller Hunter Slimes, and the cave will open; you will then access an area with a collectible pod and a lot of other resources.

Honey Gordo Slime: Next up, we have the Gordo Honey slime, this can be found near the center of Starlight Strand, a lot closer to where the beach area meets the pink area.

It is on a bridge that overlooks the area where other honey slime can be found, which means that you will have to look up and use the jetpack.

Location of the honey Gordo slime
Honey Gordo Location

This slime loves eating Mint Mango and explodes into a lot of smaller Honey Slimes. It also opens a brand new area behind it that you can explore.

Ringtail Gordo Slime: For this slime, you will need to head to the south of the Starlight Strand. The easiest way is through the west, through the place where you find Flutter Slime.

Location of the ringtail Gordo slime
Ringtail Gordo Location

Now, this slime needs to be accessed at night because it turns to stone during the daylight. It eats almost everything and does not have a preference.

After exploding into several ringtail slimes, it opens a new teleportation point which takes you back to the south of Rainbow Island.

Angler Gordo Slime: The Gordo Angler Slime can be yours in a cave towards the southeast of Starlight Strand. It loves to eat Sea Hen, and upon breaking, it lets out a lot of smaller Angler Slimes. You can find a water jet behind it.

Location of the angler Gordo slime
Angler Gordo Location

Flutter Gordo Slime: The Gordo Flutter Slime can be yours in the far south of the Starlight Strand. Its diet is only nectar, a rare resource that can only be found at night. Thankfully, you will not need a lot.

Location of the flutter Gordo slime
Flutter Gordo Location

Once you fully feed it, the slime will open an underground area with a lot of flutter slime, a message droid, and a pod that will have the recipe for the teleporter that will take you to Starlight Strand.

In order to get out, you will need to find a passage in the wall about half the way up.

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Final Verdict:

There you have it, folks. If you are playing Slime Rancher 2 and are taking the approach of a completionist, then this post is for you as we make sure that we are looking at every single Gordo Slime that you can find in the game.

With this guide, you will not have any issues that might come in your way, and you will be done with it in absolutely no time. So, if you have been looking for the best way possible, this is what you should be going with.

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