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The critically acclaimed A Plague Tale: Innocence has a sequel called A Plague Tale: Requiem. It follows Amicia and Hugo, two siblings, as they flee their home country and seek refuge in the deep south, visiting diverse, energetic cities and areas.

Hugo’s curse, however, reawakens, and the siblings are forced to flee in the face of impending destruction in order to look for a mysterious island that might hold the solution to freeing Hugo from his curse.

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, figuring out the Bell Symbol puzzle is essential to meeting Magister Vaudin.

The plot of A Plague Tale: Requiem revolves around family relationships and how they must work together to confront all incoming threats and aid one another in times of need.

Amicia and Lucas set out on their own in one of the chapters to look for Magister Vaudin, who appears to have spent centuries learning about the Prima Macula. Unfortunately, the Magister is shielded from the soldiers patrolling the area’s prying eyes by a tall tower.

How To Solve The Bell Symbol Puzzle In A Plague Tale: Requiem

The entrance to the Magister study appears to be blocked by a Bell Symbol puzzle that must be solved in order to get to him.

Without using any decent methods, Amicia must sneak past several soldiers to get to Vaudin’s tower. Requiem armor is not yet available, according to A Plague Tale.

You will eventually reach Magister Vaudin’s tower after eluding a swarm of rats and sneaking past the guards manning the Vaudin’s tower gate.

You must overcome one more barrier to get to Magister Vaudin’s quarters, though, before you can meet him and ask him for help with Hugo’s condition.

The bell symbol is the challenge; by arranging all the symbols in the proper sequence, you can open the door to his quarters. So without further ado, let’s talk about how to solve the Bell puzzle from A Plague Tale Requiem.

  • You must resolve the bell puzzle outside Magister Vaudin’s room to gain access to his quarters.
  • The symbols on the bells must be arranged in the proper order in order to solve the puzzle.
  • Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are the symbols in the order from left to right, respectively.
  • Four bells can be seen once inside the tower, two pairs of which are located on either side of the left wall.

The door to Magister Vaudin’s quarters can be unlocked by changing the default symbols on each of these bells to the appropriate ones. By using your sling to shoot the bells, you can alter the symbols.

Lucas will also confirm that you have the appropriate symbol on each bell when you have it. Starting with our guide, we’ll move from left to right.

Bell 1: The correct symbol for the first bell is the Jupiter symbol, which resembles a “5” or a “3,” despite what Lucas claims about it resembling a “Z” for Zeus.

Bell 2: Mar’s Symbol, which resembles a shield and a spear crossed, is the appropriate emblem for the second bell. Mars will be represented by a circle with a horizontal line cutting it in half.

Solved Bell Symbol Puzzle Left Two Bells

Bell 3: The Venus symbol, which resembles a necklace, is the appropriate representation of the third bell. The symbol will consist of a circle with a downward-pointing line.

Bell 4: The Mercury Symbol is the appropriate representation for the final bell. Mercury will be represented by an intersecting circle with a downward-pointing line, or, in Lucas’s words, “a staff with two snakes intertwined.”

Bell Symbol Puzzle Right Two Bells

The door to Magister Vaudin’s quarters will open once you arrange the symbols in the proper sequence. On the right-hand corner of the hallway, there is a door.

Entering the quarters will start a cutscene that will conclude Chapter 2. This will also be the final bell puzzle guide for “A Plague Tale Requiem.”

Final Verdict:

So this is how you will be able to solve the symbol puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem. I will give a quick recap so that you revise all the points that I have mentioned in the blog above.

As Lucas points out that the bells are not in the proper order, follow his instructions to use the sling to strike the four bells in the proper sequence. This will solve the puzzle.

Use the sling to aim carefully at the bells and strike them from left to right.

The first thing that you need to do is ring the opening bell once. After this, the next step is to ring the second bell twice. Similarly, when we move towards the third bell, this needs to be rung twice as well. Finally, in order to finish the puzzle, the last step is to ring the fourth bell twice,

Don’t worry too much about losing concentration while trying to solve the puzzle because Amicia responds to the bells when they are struck in the right order automatically.

The Sun is in the center, surrounded by the bells. Starting from the Sun’s left, we have

The next symbol represents Jupiter, which is shaped like a Z-shaped Mars. A line runs horizontally through the center of the circle to represent Jupiter.

Venus, the third bell, is also identified by a circle. The line that runs through its center, though, is vertical. The final bell, Mercury, is represented by a symbol that resembles a circle but has an X on top.

I’m done now! Once the puzzle has been solved, a hidden door to the left will be revealed, allowing Lucas and Amicia to see Magister Vaudin.

I hope you like today’s blog. Have fun playing A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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