23 Best Bug Type Pokémon (Best Ones To Worst)

Best Bug Type Pokémon

There are nearly 18 different types in the Pokémon franchise, and among them, The Bug type may not rank first in popularity or usage or in general overall strength, but that doesn’t diminish its importance as a unique type.

Bug type Pokémon are useful in their own way, they have their special characteristics, which they don’t share with other types, and they play a unique role on a team.

Purely bug type Pokémon are rarer, but bug types form excellent combos with secondary typings. They may lack strength, but they still find extensive use in the competitive arena because they work efficiently as support Pokémon who can carry a time through tough times.

23 Best Bug Type Pokemon In 2024

Bug type Pokémon were very unpopular in generation 1 because their moveset consisted of only weak bug type moves, but ever since then, many improvements and the introduction of so many bug type Pokémon after each generation have made it quite difficult to select one, and that’s why we’ve made this list.

#23: Galvantula

Galvantula is an electric and bug type Pokémon from generation 5 or Unova. Its typing removes some of its weaknesses, and it has good stats, with the best attribute of all being its speed of 108.

23 Galvantula

It is closely followed by a 97 special attack, an HP of 70, but it’s weak on the defensive side. It has a great ability in compound eyes, which can increase the accuracy of moves. It allows Galvantula to use moves like thunder without any fear.

#22: Lokix

Lokix is one of the most recent additions to the bug type, being introduced only in generation 9. It is a dual dark and bug type Pokémon which has an excellent design.

22 Lokix

Stat-wise, Lokix has a base figure amounting to a decent 450; it is a Pokémon that relies on its high physical attack and speed to get the better of its opponents.

Its highest attribute is also its physical attack. Lokix lacks in the defense department and may not be able to take a lot of damage.

#21: Scolipede

Scolipede is a bug and poison type Pokémon that comes from the Unova region. It has great design and stat-wise, it had more or less the same distribution Lokix, but just that it is slightly better.

21 Scolipede

Scolipede has a base stat figure of 485, with its best attribute being its speed at 112. The stat which closely follows behind is its physical attack at 100. Scolipede has an offensive stat distribution, and its ability to poison points can come in very handy.

#20: Yanmega

Yanmega is a bug and flying type Pokémon who first debuted in the Sinnoh games. While Yanmega may have a weak defense and a lethal weakness to rock-type moves, it still has a lot going on.

20 Yanmega

It is a great addition to any team because of its great special attack and high speed, which can be further increased via its speed boost ability. Its tinted lens ability is also very useful. Yanmega is one bug whose bites can leave a very bad mark.

#19: Frosmoth

Frosmoth is a bug and ice type Pokémon, and this combination makes it unique and one of a kind because, to this day, there’s been no other bug and Ice type Pokémon.

19 Frosmoth

Frosmoth has a base stat total of 475, and it comes with a good special attack and great special defense. It has a diverse move pool with a lot of different options. It is a well-rounded Pokémon but has 4x weaknesses to rock and fire.

#18: Rabsca

Rabsca is also a fairly new addition to the Pokémon franchise, as it was introduced only recently in generation 9. It has a base stat total of 470, with the highlight of its attributes being its special attack of 115.

18 Rabsca

Rabsca’s special defense also follows closely behind with a value of 100. These are its only good stats, and because of the uneven distribution, the rest of its stats are below par and useless.

#17: Pinsir

Pinsir is one of the earliest bug type Pokémon ever and has been a part of the franchise ever since generation one in 1996. It is a single-stage Pokémon and a rare finding because there aren’t many monotype bug Pokémon.

17 Pinsir

Pinsir is a decent attacker and can be your choice of offense. Its special attack, HP, and special defense may not be that good, but it has a diverse moveset and can also mega-evolve.

#16: Vespiquen

Vespiquen is a bug and flying typing Pokémon which bears an uncanny resemblance to a Queen Bee of a hive, and interestingly enough, Vespiquen first appeared as a combination of Combees too.

16 Vespiquen

Vespiquen is a Pokémon that evolves from a female Combee, which has reached level 21. It has a base stat total of 474, and it comes with a pathetic speed stat, but to compensate for it, it has high defense and special defense.

#15: Escavalier

Escavalier is a bug and steel type Pokémon that has some very confusing modes of evolution. However, it still stands out because of its unique typing.

15 Escavalier

Its bug and steel typing combination gives it resistance to eight enemy types and immunity to poison, and its only considerable weakness is fire.

Escavalier also sports a very cool look and is an excellent Pokémon for defensive gameplay, which also comes with a very high physical attack stat. But that’s it. It has a terrible speed, and its other stats are nothing special to write about, either.

#14: Centiskorch

Battling Centiskorch is literally playing with fire because your Pokémon can literally get burned if it contacts Centiskorch with any physical move because of its flame body.

14 Centiskorch

Aside from its ability, Centiskorch also comes with decent stats and is a solid attacking choice. It has an extraordinary special attack value with great special defense too.

Its physical attack isn’t that far behind either, and the only drawback Centiskorch suffers from is its low speed.

#13: Golisopod

Exactly in contrast to Centiskorch, there’s Golisopod, who’s a bug and water type Pokémon. The Golisopod pod is incredibly stylish but is nothing short of scary when encountered competitively.

13 Golisopod

Golisopod is a Pokémon that excels in its physical attack and physical defense stats, and while its other stats may not be that great, it makes up for them with the diversity in its moveset.

Like Centiskorch, Golisopod is also terribly slow, but Golisopod has an ability called emergency exit, which helps it escape battle.

#12: Orbeetle

Orbeetle is also one of the newer bug type Pokémon in the franchise. It is a bug and psychic type Pokémon, to be specific, and its typing makes it resistant to 4 types but also gives 6 other types an upper hand over Orbeetle.

12 Orbeetle

Orbeetle has a base stat total of 505, and its defensive attributes stand out very well among its stats. It also has a more than needed special attack to retaliate, plus good speed to complement it.

#11: Araquanid

Araquanid is a Pokémon that may not look capable of delivering worthwhile performance, but that’s why looks are deceiving.

Araquanid is an incredibly tough Pokémon that comes with a decent stat total, a respectable amount of HP, and an extraordinary special defense stat of 132.

11 Araquanid

It can be the perfect utility Pokémon for your team as it doesn’t have much offensive power, but Araquanid can still retaliate.

Its ability to water bubble doubles the damage dealt by all water type moves & reduces the damage to Araquanid by half.

#10: Accelgor

Accelgor is perhaps one of the most badass-looking Pokémon ever to be a part of this franchise. It is a rare bug monotype that has a decent base stat figure and a lightning-fast speed of 145.

10 Accelgor

If you thought that was it, you were wrong, Accelgor’s ability, unburdened, also allows it to double its speed, and this makes Accelgor one of the fastest Pokémon out there.

In terms of offense, Accelgor is just average, so it would be best to let Accelgor hold an item like choice specs, etc.

#9: Beedrill

Beedrill is also one of the original bug type Pokémon who made their debut in generation 1 of the franchise. It is a bug and poison type Pokémon, and to be honest, nothing about it is out of the ordinary.

9 Beedrill

It is a mediocre Pokémon, and it remained so until it was given a mega evolution. Once mega evolved, Beedrill attains an attack of 150, and its speed reaches 145. This means Beedrill will most likely attack first and knock out the enemy with one hit in an ideal scenario.

#8: Ninjask

It may seem odd to rank Ninjask so high up on the list, but there’s a solid reason for that. Ninjask is a Pokémon who’s known for its speed.

8 Ninjask

Its speed of 160 is one of the fastest out there, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Its ability speed boost increases Ninjask’s speed every turn, so the longer it is in battle, the faster it gets.

But Ninjask is really important as a support Pokémon because it can pass its speed and make other attackers fast.

#7: Heracross

Heracross is a Pokémon that is never likely to shy away from a battle. It is a single stage Pokémon; single stage Pokémon are often just average, but Heracross is an exception.

7 Heracross

Starting off, it comes with a high physical attack stat of 125 which can be boosted further via its ability moxie every time it knocks out an opponent.

This attack stat reaches a monstrous value of 185 after mega-evolving Heracross and makes it a force to be feared.

#6: Scizor

Scizor is a steel and bug type Pokémon debuting for the first time in generation two. This shining knight in its red armor was and is considered one of the best bug-type Pokémon of all time.

6 Scizor

It has a base stat total of 500, and it evolves from scyther. Scizor is resistant to eight Pokémon types, and only fire can deal considerable damage to it. Scizor becomes even more powerful after it mega evolves.

#5: Volcarona

Next on the list is one of the most beloved and hard-to-train Pokémon of Generation 5, Volcarona. It is a fire and bug type and is the signature Pokémon of the Unova champion Alder.

5 Volcarona

Volcarona comes equipped with exceptional stats, with its special attack, special defense, and speed being highly notable in particular.

It is greatly weak against rock types, but it has a wide arsenal of moves and can learn enough counters to hold its own in battle.

#4: Pheromosa

Pheromosa is a bug, and fighting type extra-dimensional Pokémon, also known as an Ultra beast. It is the textbook definition of a glass canon.

4 Pheromosa

It is an attacking powerhouse with an attack and special attack stat of 137 each, plus there’s a massive 151 speed to complement the offense.

It all comes at the cost of defense because Pheromosa has a pathetic 37 in both defense stats, but it can’t stand more than a single attack.

#3: Buzzwole

Buzzwole is another ultra beast to make it onto this list. It is a bug and fighting type Pokémon. It is a bulky Pokémon with good HP and a high physical attack of 139.

3 Buzzwole

Its speed is below average at 79, but to compensate for it, it has a high defense of 139. It has four weaknesses and is quadruply weak to flying types, but it is a Pokémon that can take a few hits and hit even harder in return.

#2: Iron moth and/or Slither wing

Iron moth is the paradoxical version of Volcarona but is a fire and poison type. It has a base stat total of 570, and the highlight of its attributes is its 140 special attacks. In addition, it has great speed and can likely be the sweeper of your team.

2 Slither Wing or Iron Moth

Slither Wing is also a Pokémon that bears a striking resemblance to Volcarona but is a bug and fighting type with a great flying type weakness. Slither wing has a high physical instead of a special attack, which is a characteristic fighting character.

#1: Genesect

Genesect is our number one bug type and the only legendary to be a part of this list. It has the highest base total of all the Pokémon on this list with a value of 600, and it is a steel and bug type Pokémon.

1 Genesect

Like the other bug and steel type Pokémon on the list, Genesect is also quadruply weak to fire but also has resistance to eight types.

It is an offensive-focused Pokémon & Its ability Techno Blast makes it one of the most versatile Pokémon ever.

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Final Verdict:

As I said earlier, there are about a 100 different bug type Pokémon in the franchise right now, and it’s not necessary that all of them will be good, balanced Pokémon with as few flaws as possible.

In fact, that’s highly unlikely. Even if 10 of the 100 bug types are good, you can’t put all 10 on the team. All you need is a single good, versatile option to create balance, and that’s why we’ve ranked these Pokémon. Hope it helps!

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