How To Get Blaze Ashes In Hypixel SkyBlock?

How To Get Blaze Ashes In Hypixel SkyBlock Cover

You might get confused about this game because, at first, this does look like Minecraft, and technically it is, but this game is way different than the original. And it does things way differently than the original.

So for players who love Minecraft, this could be an entirely new experience. Like blaze ashes for example. You have blaze rods in Minecraft that are found in the Nether realm.

Here you have blaze ashes, an entirely new thing with different uses. You can craft blaze belts, mycelium dust, etc, etc. these items can be further used at the blacksmith for upgrades and whatnot.

So it’s a pretty useful item and you might wanna know how to acquire it in this game. Well, that’s what I am here for. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Even if it’s something you don’t want to use right now, it can undoubtedly unlock some other possibilities and upscale your skills in the game unintentionally for your own good. Who knows?

Where Can I Find Blaze Ashes In Hypixel?

Blaze ashes are not really rare or elite-tier items in-game. They are of uncommon rarity, which means you will have no trouble looking for them or acquiring them.

Hypixel SkyBlock Blaze Minion
Credits: Skyblocks

Blazes are hostile mobs that can be found in the crimson isles. They are pretty distinctive looking and one of the few mobs in this game that are creatively designed.

Blazes are floating mobs with hot yellow rods, so you will know one when you see one. Blaze ashes are loot drops on killing a blaze. You can get Blaze Rods easily, but there is a slightly lower chance that Blaze ashes will also drop upon the kill.

How To Get Blaze Ashes In Hypixel SkyBlock?

Hypixel Skyblock, or as it is commonly called, ‘Skyblock,’ is a mini-game released on the Hypixel network. It is one of the most popular games on the Hypixel network; it can be played solo or with friends, where in-game, you can build your own private islands and collect all the items.

Unlike Minecraft, there is no specific goal or end rather, you can strive to be the best by collecting the toughest armor and the strongest weapons, and by maxing out all the skills.

A very fundamental part of Skyblock is the locations; these are the places where the player can find items for collection, interact with NPCs and grind skills, and more.

One of these locations is Crimson Isle. Each location has certain requirements which you need to fulfill to access that location. The requirement to access The Crimson is Combat Level 24.

image of crimson isle Hypixel SkyBlock
Credits: Skyblocks

You must have a combat level of 24 or higher if you want to set foot on the crimson aisle. The Crimson isle is a battle location, and it replaced the blazing fortress.

It is supposed to be even harder than the end, and the mobs on crimson Island have several million health. It is a tough battle location, and as mentioned earlier, you have to be combat level 24 to access it.

Once you have the required skill levels, you can travel to the Crimson isle via a Launchpad found in the back of the Spider’s den.

The Crimson Isle is based on the Vanilla Nether dimension. The name of Island is likely named after the Vanilla Crimson Forest Nether biome. There are many mobs and NPCs on the crimson aisle, and one of them is the Blazes.

Blazes on the crimson isle drop Blaze Ashes whenever they die. Blaze Ashes are an item of uncommon rarity dropped by blazes on the crimson isle.

blazing behemoth IV in hypixel skyblocks
Credits: Skyblocks

The lore behind the details, ‘Blazes are ephemeral creatures, constantly consuming themselves. Their ashes are said to bring good fortune.’

Blaze Ashes can be sold for fifty coins, but you can’t trade them, auction them, or put them in a museum. As mentioned before, they are an uncommon item, and blazes have a ten percent chance to drop them on the crimson aisle.

As an uncommon item, they have their uses; in appearance, the Ashes are a blocky item characteristic of Minecraft, of soot black coloring around flaming cubes of yellow.

Quests are an important part of Skyblock, and you need Blaze Ashes to complete Elle’s quest in the stronghold. Blaze Ashes can also be used to craft.

  • The Blaze Belt
  • Hot Bait
  • Mycelium Dust

In short, to get Blaze Ashes in Hypixel Skyblock, you need to travel to the crimson aisle via the Launchpad in the spider’s den.

On the crimson aisle, blazes have a 10 percent chance to drop Blaze Ashes. So go there and kill ten blazes; at least one of them should drop the Ashes you need.

How Much Combat Xp Does Blaze Give?

Fighting a blaze is no joke; they are pretty sturdy and healthy mobs with upto 1000 health, especially in higher dungeon rooms.

So being one of the tougher mobs to deal with, they drop 120 Combat XP points, which makes it one of the best mobs to spawn farm XP with.

You can use Blaze Minion to spawn and farm Blazes, but this only works on private islands. Blazes are also easily countered by using fire talismans and bows because of their floating nature. Bows make the best long-range weapon to combat blazes.

Final Verdict:

Hypixel Skyblock is an amazing adventure that really excels and improves over its original form, i.e., Minecraft. Blazes are just hostile mobs in Minecraft, but here, they are very much useful in crafting multiple items because their loot drops are not just limited to blaze rods anymore.

You can get blaze ashes and use them to craft various items, such as hot bait, which increases the chance of catching trophy fish by 5%. Mycelium dust is a bonemeal but on steroids and can grow crops on a 3×3 square area.

So much to improve on a simple thing from its original, this game is something else and also somewhat complex, but that’s okay. You will eventually play it enough to learn it.

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