How To Get The Secret Badge In Find The Markers?

How To Get The Secret Badge In Find The Markers Cover

Roblox is an entirely different beast. No, I am serious; Roblox is a gaming platform, but what I am trying to say is that it is totally bizarre, hilarious, ridiculous, and filled with unique games.

It’s so over the top that I can’t help but enjoy it. Nothing like you have ever seen before. It’s mainly popular with kids, but you can’t stop adults from having fun, right?

One of the games you can play on this platform is Find the Markers. The name is pretty self-explanatory. You need to find the markers hidden across different biomes. That’s all.

Sounds boring? But it is far from boring. What makes this game interesting is the puzzles and the process of finding those markers.

There are a few hundred markers, but you can only collect 6 badges. One of them is a secret badge. And this is what we are going to see in this guide on how you can get the secret badge in find the markers.

What Is The Secret Badge In Find The Markers?

Think of badges as an achievement reward. That’s how they work in this game. The secret badge can be unlocked by doing some tasks, and it is one of the 6 badges you can obtain in Find the Markers.

And they are quite difficult to find because they are hidden throughout the biomes. You can go on a blind hunt to find this badge if you want, but it is called secret for a season, so you need some tips and hints on to locate this secret badge location.

How To Get The Secret Badge In Find The Markers?

Find the markers is a puzzle/adventure game developed by markers epic memers. It is a Roblox platform title, so you cannot expect anything less from it.

This game is unique and quite fun to play, especially when you are on a quest to find several markers hidden throughout various biomes.

Collecting these markers is the main objective of this game, and you can get achievements, too, upon reaching certain milestones.

These achievements are also badges that are rewarded in return. One of them is a secret badge that can be found in this game.

As the name suggests, it is a secret badge, so you need to search for it for quite a while. But let us guide you on how to acquire the secret badge easily, so you do not waste any time wandering cluelessly

First of all, open your game, and now you are going to walk toward the mountain biome. Keep in mind you need to reach the peak of the mountain while also avoiding or completing the obstacles.

You will notice a marker while you are climbing. The marker will be pink, and when you see it, that’s where you will know that you are on the right path.

Go near the pink marker and then walk along the wall located right beside it. You can switch your first-person perspective for a better viewing angle. After you are finished walking through the wall, you will see yourself standing in a dark room.

Exactly in that room. There will be a wall with glowing text written on it. You just need to go close and make contact with the text wall.

This is the final step because soon after this, you will instantly acquire the Secret Badge in-game. Nice and easy, also surprisingly simple.

And wait, there is also another route that you can take. Start with going towards the mountain again and climbing to the pinnacle. Now you don’t have to look for the pink marker but instead, a tilted tree.

That tree is also located beside a wall that you are going to walk past it. Again use first-person mode for ease of use. Once you are across the wall, turn left and keep walking to the end.

You will know you have reached the end because, like the other method, you will be in that same dark room with earthbound reference text. Touch the text wall, and you are finished with your task of finding the secret badge. Both methods work.

How Many Markers Are In Find The Markers?

The whole concept and gameplay of this game revolve around finding different markers throughout different biomes, so you can expect there are going to be a lot of them.

find the markers game cover art

And to be precise, there is a total of more than 200 markers in-game that players can hunt and scavenge.

The difficulty depends on your playtime. As soon as you enter the game for the first time, you can find some markers very easily, but the better ones are hard to find.

Some are even locked in secret areas and even in plain sight, which can easily fool any player.

Final Verdict:

This game does have an end, but it is also a fun ride to play with friends. Once you are fully aware of your surroundings, you can easily find all markers to reach the final one.

Difficulty chart markers. And don’t worry, you can select the difficulty setting of the game yourself without any worry of losing progress because of the checkpoint system.

It is an adventure title that I see myself returning to it occasionally whenever I want to feel relaxed or just have a chill time with friends. I hope this guide was useful, and you can now get ready for your quest on finding the secret market.

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