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Fairy types are a fairly recent addition to the Pokémon franchise when compared with the other types. Fairy types took the Pokémon world by storm and gathered for themselves a reputation of being “Dragon killers.”

Before the introduction of fairy types in generation six, Dragon types were Pokémon were considered virtually the strongest of all types, but fairies threw a twist in that balance by being completely immune and super effective on the most fearsome type Pokémon fans had ever seen.

But their introduction was some time ago, and now as we stand in the ninth generation of the franchise, enough fairy types have been introduced in the Pokémon world to cause indecisiveness in players regarding which fairy type to make a part of their team.

18 Best Fairy Type Pokemon In 2024

The sixth-generation games which brought with them the fairy type to the franchise did so in 2013, and now as we stand in 2024, ten years later, there are enough fairy-type Pokémon to cause a headache in selection. So here are the 18 best Pokémon fairies.

#18: Aromatisse

Aromatisse was one of the first fairy types to be introduced in generation six, and it is safe to say that the fairy types released later were definitely an improvement.

18 Aromatisse

Aromatisse is called the fragrance Pokémon and is not that bad of an option for the beginning of the game.

It has a combined base stat of 462, in which it’s well highlighted attributes are its health and special attack. Its other stats are below par, while its speed is completely pathetic at 29.

#17: Mawile

Mawile is a unique-looking Pokémon with an interesting steel and fairy-type combination. It is called The Deceiver Pokémon and boasts a low combined base stat figure of 380.

17 Mawile

Its best attributes are its attack and defense, with an average value of 85, while the rest of its stats are below average, with HP and speed being the worst at 50. It does have a mega evolution which improves its performance.

#16: Wigglytuff

Wigglytuff is a Pokémon that made its debut in the original generation as a normal type; it evolved from Jigglypuff after the use of a moonstone, but ever since generation six, the developers saw it best to give Wigglytuff a secondary fairy typing so that it is now a fairy and normal type Pokémon.

16 Wigglytuff

Wigglytuff has a base stat total of 435 and is not meant for the offense. It is best utilized as a support Pokémon so that its high HP of 140 can be brought into some use.

#15: Alolan Ninetales

Ninetales was originally introduced in the original generation as the final evolved form of vulpix and was a pure fire type.

15 Alolan Ninetails

In the Alola region, however, there’s an alternative form of Ninetales, aka The Alolan Ninetales, which is an ice and fairy-type Pokémon.

It has a decent stat value of 505, but its stat distribution makes it a pretty average Pokémon. It excels in nothing except for special defense and speed and is probably only good as a support Pokémon.

#14: Primarina

Primarina is the first fully evolved starter to feature on this list. Primarina evolves from the water type starter of generation 7, which is Popplio, and is a water and fairy type Pokémon known as the “Soloist” because of its voice.

14 Primarina

It has a good base stat total of 530, the distribution of which across the six attributes isn’t very even, but it does give Primarina an edge over other Pokémon in the special attack and the special defense department

#13: Tinkaton

Tinkaton is also a steel and fairy-type Pokémon like Mawile, but way better. Tinkaton has become even more popular than Mawile because it can resist attacks from 9 types, has immunity against dragon and poison types, has only two weaknesses to worry about, and has better stats.

13 Tinkaton

It also has a signature move called gigaton hammer which deals a monstrous amount of damage (160: with a complete 100% accuracy.

#12: Whimsicott

Whimsicott was originally a grass-type Pokémon from generation 5, which got fairy as a secondary typing after its introduction. Whimsicott has a base stat total of 480 and is meant to be used as a support Pokémon.

12 Whimsicott

The highlight of its attributes is its 116 speed which allows it to move first and inflict the enemy with status moves like poison and sleep. It can cause great trouble for the opponent Pokémon if utilized correctly.

#11: Hatterene

Hatterene is a quaint and suspicious-looking Pokémon first introduced in generation 8. It is a psychic and fairy type and is often called ‘The Forest Witch.’

11 Hatterene

Hatterene is an offense-focused Pokémon with a stat total of 510. It can hit hard physically and even harder with moves utilizing special attacks.

Special attack is the best of its attributes with a value of 136. The major drawbacks of Hatterene are that it has below average HP of 57 and a totally pathetic speed of 29.

#10: Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl is not a Pokémon which you would expect to be a fairy type upon first glance, but it is. It has the appearance of a dark type which breaks the fairy-type norms of pink and, in that way, makes it unique.

10 Grimmsnarl

It was introduced in sword and shield and turned out to be quite a popular Pokémon. It has that great fairy and steel typing, with its best stat being its physical attack of 120 which, when coupled with some strong steel type moves, can make it even more formidable.

#9: Togekiss

Togekiss was a very beloved Pokémon even before it got fairy as a secondary type but soared in popularity even more after becoming a fairy. Part of the reason behind its rising fame was its unique fairy and flying type combination and good stats.

9 Togekiss

It has a great special attack base stat of 120, followed closely by its special defense base stat of 115. It is quite a menace with moves like charm and dazzling gleam.

#8: Sylveon

Any list of Pokémon is incomplete without a mention of at least a single eevelution. With that statement in mind, Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Sylveon. Sylveon is the fairy type evolution of Eevee which was introduced in generation six.

8 Sylveon

It is one of the favorite eevelutions partly due to its great in-game performance and mostly due to its cute white and pink looks. It has a great ability in Pixilate which can give any normal type move a boost and STAB.

#7: Gardevoir

Gardevoir was originally a purely psychic type Pokémon which received a secondary fairy combination in Alpha ruby and Omega sapphire. It was a change that increased Gardevoir’s overall usefulness and made it all the more popular.

7 Gardevoir

It is a great offensive Pokémon with a special attack value of 125, utilizing which it can knock out most Pokémon with moves like Psyschock and moonblast. It lacks defense and may not survive more than a couple of hits.

#6: Tapu Fini

In Pokémon Sun & Moon, four guardian deities were introduced to the players, each having a fairy as a secondary type. One of the guardian entities is Tapu Fini which is a water and fairy-type guardian.

6 Tapu Fini

It is a go-to guardian if you are looking for Pokémon who is good in its defense. Tapu Fini has the highest defense stats of all the guardians and is practically a wall that can stand between the opponent and your Pokemon on the battlefield.

#5: Clefable

Clefable is also a Pokémon which rose in popularity after it was given a secondary fairy typing which increased its usefulness.

5 Clefable

Clefable also has a great ability called magic guard which allows it to hold the life orb without taking damage and makes it immune to all damage from status moves like poison and leech seed.

Clefable has an extensive list of options for its moveset, which range from flamethrower to ice beam and psychic.

#4: Magearna

Magearna is another mythical Pokémon ranked on this list and is perhaps one of the most sought-after Pokémon to be used in competitive duels due to its fairy and steel typing.

4 Magearna

Fairy plus steel is an excellent combination as it makes the Pokémon resistant against nine types of attack and immunizes it against poison and dragon-type moves, leaving only two weaknesses to look out for. Magearna is a Pokémon with a high special attack that could be utilized very well offensively.

#3: Diancie

Diancie is one of the strongest fairy-type Pokémon in the entire franchise and was introduced in generation six. It has a combined base stat figure of 600 and is a defensive Pokémon.

3 Diancie

Both of its defensive stats have a base value of 150, which is the highest of any Fairy-type Pokémon, but Diancie can also retaliate very well with good attack and a special attack of a neat 100, which make it a thorny wall.

It suffers a bit because of its typing. Being a fairy and rock type Pokémon means it has 4 weaknesses and a 4x weakness to steel-type moves.

#2: Xerneas

Xerneas was one of the mascots of generation six games and was the first ever fairy-type legendary to be introduced in the franchise. The immediate popularity of fairy types can be deeply associated with Xerneas and its high usefulness.

2 Xerneas

It lives up to its reputation by being one of the best fairy types and a great legendary Pokémon too. It has a high special attack, but what’s special is its signature move named geomancy which can increase its special attack and other stats even more.

#1: Zacian

The strongest fairy type in all of Pokémon is undoubtedly Zacian. It has a standard form with a base stat total of 670 which makes it a great choice already.

But once it has been given a rusted sword to hold, it becomes a fairy and steel type and changes state to its “Crowned Sword” form in which it has a whopping 720 base stat and an absurdly high attack of 170.

1 Zacian

If you thought that was it, then you probably didn’t know that Zacian’s ability, “Intrepid Sword,” boosts its attack by one stage when it is into battle, making it a nightmare at close-quarters combat.

Final Verdict:

It is an undeniable fact that fairy-type Pokémon are just as strong as they are cute and make great combinations when paired with secondary types.

In a dragon-dominated franchise, nowadays, it is essential to have a fairy-type beast in your arsenal to counter them and defeat them.

Fairies may not be as fearsome or as cool as the dragons, but they can kill them, and that is what matters at the end of the day.

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